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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCES

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Astrology, 30:moment of contact in your morning meditation produces an effect upon the atom or cell in the littleAstrology, 51:influence, plus inherited karmic conditions, produces those environing states and thoseAstrology, 57:life. Goal: Identification with the Monad. Produces responsiveness to the three constellations. II.Astrology, 58:life. [58] Goal: Identification with the Soul. Produces responsiveness to the twelve zodiacalAstrology, 58:life. Goal: Identification with the Personality. Produces responsiveness to the planetaryAstrology, 100:Gods. This mediatorship, in the first instance, produces an inevitable opposition between the pairsAstrology, 107:of Cancer, combined with that of Aries, produces the pull into incarnation upon the physical plane.Astrology, 107:the Fixed Cross, playing upon the Mutable Cross, produces those interior changes which eventuallyAstrology, 117:service, the lesson is finally learned which produces the world Savior in Pisces. Hence my constantAstrology, 125:is the interplay of these dual potencies which: Produces the duality of this sign. Brings about theAstrology, 130:which is governed esoterically by Mother Earth, produces those conditions whereby the Path itselfAstrology, 138:a leader. He brings about desired changes and produces those new conditions which will help theAstrology, 139:under the influence of that energy which produces harmony through conflict. I would here call yourAstrology, 139:gives innate spontaneous activity and this produces evolutionary development - both natural andAstrology, 149:more advanced aspects of form. The energy which produces opportunity, illumination, and brotherlyAstrology, 155:and the ability of the initiate to depict it produces an inflow of force which would not beAstrology, 162:Gemini, and to each other through Scorpio. This produces in them the capacity to respond to test,Astrology, 191:which falls." Neither the valley nor the heights produces any demonstrable effect. Mercury, whichAstrology, 224:in the life of the disciple - in its turn produces an understanding of the causes of things as theyAstrology, 224:order and the old orientation into the new. This produces the reversal of the wheel. This can beAstrology, 224:conclusion, the influence of Uranus finally produces an unfolded spiritual consciousness inAstrology, 234:and thereby they learn; for all action produces results and the judicial mind weighs cause andAstrology, 244:know, the creator aspect and the energy which produces the outer tangible plane of manifestation -Astrology, 267:of Affinity. It is this law of affinity which produces the magnetic pull and the dynamic responseAstrology, 273:aspect which, at a high stage of development, produces the manifestation of the Christ principle orAstrology, 276:and initiates. This is in reality that which produces the destruction of the veil of illusion andAstrology, 277:and to Pisces. This is an exoteric impact but produces a constant stimulation of the life of theAstrology, 300:thought) that the Sun, as it veils Neptune, produces a potent effect upon the personality,Astrology, 301:of the kundalini fire. This, in its turn, produces fusion with the higher forces. When this takesAstrology, 302:and, as we saw when studying the sign Libra, produces eventually a balance between the pairs ofAstrology, 302:It is the attainment of this balance which produces the reversal of the mode of passing around theAstrology, 306:focuses and transmits them with intensity. This produces the following developments: The sun - FullAstrology, 306:of the physical Sun and the "heart of the Sun" - produces awareness of the relation of the higherAstrology, 306:or that intelligent, fusing condition which produces the scientific at-one-ment of the two factors,Astrology, 329:affects the form as evolution proceeds and produces sequentially the revelation of that form, andAstrology, 330:which clears the way to the mountain top, and produces transfiguration, thus revealing the risingAstrology, 342:Saturn is in the home of its detriment and thus produces those difficult conditions and situationsAstrology, 345:Mutable Cross: Gemini - This is the force which produces the changes needed for the evolution ofAstrology, 351:it is subjective energy we must consider as it produces objective effects. This sign controlsAstrology, 354:the sign of the messenger, and this sign produces many of the messengers of God as they appear downAstrology, 357:coordinated - are focused upon our planet. This produces strain, action and reaction, and thatAstrology, 357:characteristic of our planetary life, but which produces eventually the awakening of humanity toAstrology, 358:pull between the pairs of opposites; in Virgo it produces that interior struggle between theAstrology, 360:It is this which, in the Scorpio experience, produces the terrific experience of the disciple andAstrology, 362:aided and influenced by Mercury and Venus, produces the somewhat unusual situation in our planet. Astrology, 362:the Earth is one of the rulers of Gemini) produces the "desperate conflict of the imprisoned soulAstrology, 363:it is the aid they give to our Earth which produces the appearance in form of the dual energies ofAstrology, 364:upon the physical plane. The seventh ray produces fixation upon the exoteric level of experienceAstrology, 365:are of real significance. The conflict which produces these stages in consciousness is fostered byAstrology, 366:It is the understanding of this law which produces in the initiate the condition of controlledAstrology, 370:after the reorientation preceding discipleship - produces changes and opportunity for the disciple.Astrology, 371:results, with the unhappy effects which desire produces when persistent and unenlightened. It wasAstrology, 376:Bear) the planet, Pluto, and our Earth. This produces much of the present world difficulty and oneAstrology, 376:Shamballa. Its effect is necessarily twofold. It produces in [377] certain nations, races andAstrology, 377:personality aspect of integrated selfhood. It produces - though less readily - a stimulation of theAstrology, 377:will and the concept of the superstate. This produces the imprisonment of the mind and theAstrology, 377:secret of right human relations. One reaction produces the onward rush of the materialistic systemsAstrology, 390:That which is fluid and changeable in Gemini produces the great shift in consciousness whichAstrology, 394:of its producing a struggle for unity, it produces often a set and static depression. He will beAstrology, 409:A welling up of magnetic force on Sirius, which produces effects upon our solar system andAstrology, 410:and this necessarily affects the Earth and produces terrestrial results. Astrology, 412:be remembered that this triple group of energies produces differing effects according to the typeAstrology, 429:sacral center. This triangle when functioning produces a subsidiary triangle of force which isAstrology, 437:of Mercury. This combination of energies produces a triplicity of activity of supreme importanceAstrology, 446:of Uranus, pouring upon and into humanity, produces the urge to better conditions to provide betterAstrology, 461:or the highest point of the major triangle. This produces: The completion of the two triangles -Astrology, 462:The over-shadowing triangle is the factor which produces by its flow into and out of the secondaryAstrology, 463:One point of energy (the magnetic point) produces involution and outgoing during the process ofAstrology, 470:fosters the "ahamkara" or egoistic principle; it produces the emphasis upon the "I am" attitudeAstrology, 470:the genius and uniqueness of Virgo is that it produces the form as well as stimulates the lifeAstrology, 475:establishing of a certain objective rhythm which produces a crisis; it is the emergence of aAstrology, 483:now to another triangle, the activity of which produces the manifestation of Hierarchy - theAstrology, 487:of the three constellations involved invariably produces crisis. These three are Leo, Libra andAstrology, 488:as the illumined consciousness. Leo - produces the truly Self-conscious man. Aquarius - is the manAstrology, 490:the New Age. Ray II - Virgo: This constellation produces the increased activity of the ChristAstrology, 490:the world disciple. Ray V - Leo: This sign produces the growth of individualism and ofAstrology, 490:a world scale. Ray VI - Sagittarius: This sign produces the focused one-pointed effort of the worldAstrology, 490:Ray VII - Capricorn: This Capricornian energy produces initiation and the overcoming ofAstrology, 496:process under these three constellations produces finally the identification with that which isAstrology, 506:- microcosmic and macrocosmic - this fusion produces Transfiguration, the third initiation. TheAstrology, 540:upon the outer sphere of manifestation, and produces the precipitation of Karma, which, in thisAstrology, 547:The interplay of the energy and the vehicle then produces consciousness of some kind. This is aAstrology, 568:This sound goes up from each of the Crosses and produces a result and a response from some source.Astrology, 570:which is taking place in the human family. This produces the present dire crisis. The two stagesAstrology, 573:individual disciple and through the Hierarchy, produces likewise three emerging conditions: ThereAstrology, 598:humanity (because man is self-conscious), which 'produces inevitably and unavoidably the struggleAstrology, 599:its highest." Basically this is the will which produces concretion and yet at the same timeAstrology, 605:concerned as: Ray I - That which incites to and produces initiation. Ray II - That which is theAstrology, 606:surmise. It is that synthetic something which produces cohesion and results in fruition orAstrology, 622:may so express it) is related to the will which produces inevitable union, at-one-ment andAstrology, 624:arise and seek with ceaseless urge, that which produces completion, round out my circle whole,Atom, 24:or pure self-centeredness and self-interest. It produces the [25] materialistic point of view, andAtom, 157:Bear. Perhaps the union of these two is what produces our solar system. Perhaps these two types ofBethlehem, 21:tasks which lead to his understanding, and produces an inclusiveness and wisdom which meet hisBethlehem, 118:It is this glamor which colors all our lives and produces false values, wrong desires, needlessBethlehem, 127:instrument of power, the personal lower self, produces what we call a personality. That personalityBethlehem, 147:is carried forward is greatly accentuated. This produces a transformation of the outer man of greatBethlehem, 147:The life of the indwelling Christ produces the transformation of the physical body, but deeperBethlehem, 148:the agency of fire, the will or spirit of God) produces the transformation of the physical body.Bethlehem, 148:activity of this form of God's spirit eventually produces that radiance (as a result of
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