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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCES

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Discipleship2, 743:a group occult paradox - his outer effectiveness produces an inner effectiveness. You have all beenDiscipleship2, 743:for the most part) that inner effectiveness produces illumined and potent service. Now learn theEducation, 24:him distinctive among his fellows, and which produces the differences among human beings. If it isEducation, 27:or the phenomenal appearance. It is the life. It produces the individual process and theEducation, 27:first differentiation in time and space; this produces something different, which only emerges as aEducation, 28:consciousness of the mind, and this produces that inner integration which makes man eventually anEducation, 68:intensified. [68] All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination; it results in theEducation, 86:of the soul in man as the interior factor which produces the good, the true and the beautiful.Education, 97:is carried forward on mental and soul levels, it produces a corresponding activity in the personalEducation, 119:conditions and determines the body nature and produces finally certain physical characteristics.Education, 145:- when blended and fused with the etheric body - produces the manifestation of divinity upon earthExternalisationthese forces, characteristic of the two signs, produces in the atoms of the human body aExternalisation, 32:positive and their positive mental orientation produces the culture of their time, or their race orExternalisation, 32:type of desire which we call aspiration. This produces those exponents of the spiritual nature whoExternalisation, 46:and viewing them as constituting one unit, produces a synthetic endeavor in the three worlds, andExternalisation, 49:subjective program and purpose. This eventually produces civilization by the inflow of the light ofExternalisation, 60:energy. [60] This direction of force produces concretization, and the work is then in the field ofExternalisation, 99:vision, which is evocative in its influence and produces amazing results. Ponder on this. The basicExternalisation, 104:and in wrong relation with each other, and this produces the present chaos. The new order will beExternalisation, 132:Shamballa force is active in all of them, for it produces federation and synthesis. Its first greatExternalisation, 141:To explain clearly to all people the cause which produces the opportunity and which is dedicated toExternalisation, 152:body with resultant physical reactions. This produces an intensification, retrospection andExternalisation, 165:as the expression of the will of Shamballa produces balance, equilibrium, synthesis andExternalisation, 267:that of a Lord of Liberation) towards humanity produces a corresponding shift or move on the partExternalisation, 292:as it expresses a divine idea, and this in time produces a civilization, with its accompanyingExternalisation, 294:intent of the disciple or of humanity which produces the manifestation. In other lives, theExternalisation, 307:shell. Of this, Hitler is a case in point. This produces greater potency [308] on the physicalExternalisation, 552:Reaction of the Hierarchy to Shamballa. Reasons Produces a direct channel. Conditions the inflow ofExternalisation, 552:Relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity. Reasons Produces (in the near future) the externalization ofExternalisation, 579:mental, emotional and physical), and all that produces phenomena is energy in relation to forces,Externalisation, 646:goodwill should demonstrate. 4. The energy which produces order. This is the energy of the seventhExternalisation, 648:for which He has been long preparing Himself), produces cohesion, a drawing together and a tendencyExternalisation, 655:with a powerful inflow of the energy of prana, produces and stimulates every aspect of the animalExternalisation, 655:when combined with the energy of mind, it produces a magnetic personality, and this in both theExternalisation, 657:of human existence. This at first necessarily produces conflict, and its first major conflict isExternalisation, 679:inclination and an inspired intention which produces a similarity in the [680] livingness of theFire, xii:aspects through the influence of a third, and produces the manifestation which we call a form,Fire, 52:lower planes. In terms of Buddhistic theology it produces annihilation; this involves, not loss ofFire, 52:be applied in this sense. Each of these effects produces a [53] different class of phenomena.Fire, 53:Man of the Heavens. Latent or interior fire produces the internal heat which makes the solar systemFire, 110:the planet, and the system and have seen what produces temporary disorders, and the devitalizationFire, 123:be brought out later) in certain effects. It produces a quickening of the normal vibration of theFire, 124:is also carried on. The fire of kundalini produces the heat of the center, and its intense radianceFire, 124:and brilliance, while the pranic emanatory fire produces ever increasing activity and rotation. AsFire, 129:by one of extreme movement. This middle period produces incidentally (as the true note and rate isFire, 152:in the body macrocosmic rotates. This rotation produces certain effects, which effects might beFire, 157:the atom itself, by its own rotary movement produces the next quality. [158] 2. Mobility. TheFire, 158:of matter, the result of its dual heat, produces necessarily an effect upon other atoms in itsFire, 158:systemic or physical atom. Eventually this produces coherence of form; bodies, or aggregates ofFire, 158:equilibrium. This point of perfect balance then produces certain specific effects which might beFire, 160:of the mobility of the atom of matter, and produces the subsequent extension of the influence ofFire, 209:in much suffering to the initiate, but which produces a capacity to respond to contacts that farFire, 209:progression through the etheric web. This produces a resultant continuity of consciousness whichFire, 227:(mother). In terms of the physical, this union produces the objective solar system, the Son of theFire, 227:and the Mother. In terms of the subjective, it produces the Sun, as the sum total of [228] theFire, 240:Active intelligence at one with will or power produces that "Son of necessity" (as H. P. B.Fire, 240:the wheel of rebirth. That "fire by friction" produces heat and radiation and calls forth aFire, 241:or Spirit, united to fire by friction (heat) produces solar fire or light. Hence, when the cosmicFire, 242:Duality, and the interplay between the two produces: [243] Objectivity, or the manifested Son orFire, 247:all forms; it is the aggregation of atoms that produces form. Its responsiveness to outerFire, 263:Appropriation by the individual of a vehicle produces a display of energy of any particular plane.Fire, 268:is dual, mind-love, and the blending of the two produces consciousness. Spirit alone is unity, andFire, 275:The interplay of the two by the aid of mind produces that which we call environment orFire, 275:or circumstance. The general law, which produces cyclic effect, is the Law of Attraction andFire, 286:is transmuted into experience, and this produces eventually that which we call instinct, or theFire, 330:the Intelligence, with their synthesis, which produces the objective universe, whether solarFire, 332:or Mind and its Nature 3. Manas is that which produces Cohesion We come now to our thirdFire, 376:with care; I say not "acquires manas"; He but produces that which is inherent. It must beFire, 427:of color and of music and rhythm. When music produces warmth or stimulation, and when pictures, forFire, 436:and lies back of all evolution. It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; it builds and mouldsFire, 447:kingdoms and the group souls found therein, it produces facility in the transference of atoms. SoFire, 448:Existences as a mother builds and produces a conscious Son out of the matter of her own body,Fire, 449:The Ego, who - through sonorous utterance - produces a human being in the three worlds. The analogyFire, 449:brought into contact with the first aspect and produces that which we call the "Conscious Son" orFire, 465:development in one part of the [465] body logoic produces a corresponding advance in the whole. NoFire, 467:of this body it follows certain lines and produces definitely constructive results. ConstructiveFire, 479:to outer heat. Heat, playing on the form, produces exudation and the factor of moisture supervenes.Fire, 488:human, animal, vegetable or mineral) and produces results through the self-induced activities ofFire, 488:of force external to the sphere involved, and produces transmutation through the agency ofFire, 489:Postulate III. The devas are the life which produces form-cohesion. They are the third and secondFire, 491:through inner development and preparedness. It produces the evils of Hatha Yoga in India andFire, 491:works with the soul within the form and produces results that are intelligent, self-induced andFire, 491:reaction within the atom itself, which produces an intensification of the positive burning center,Fire, 493:radiation), the external heat or vibration which produces: The force which plays upon theFire, 493:of the atom. The response within the atom which produces radiation or the escape of volatileFire, 495:the note combinations, based on this key, which produces the great world cataclysms, wroughtFire, 497:The union of these two notes is that which produces distinctive vegetation, though it should beFire, 503:Monads are resolved back into their source it produces a gradual obscuration of the particularFire, 507:breath of the Monad, if you care so to term it) produces a vacuum, or something analogous to aFire, 508:steadily develops these potentialities, and produces certain definite results by the utilization ofFire, 516:for purposes of objectivity. The astral sound produces the microcosmic 'Son of Necessity,' and whenFire, 516:and when it reverberates on the physical plane produces physical incarnation, and the suddenFire, 537:four, or absorb their force or energy. This produces their eventual obscuration, or their passingFire, 545:the permanent atom, and that which animates and produces its activity, is the life of the thirdFire, 545:action the one upon the other; it is this which produces the consequent perfection of unfoldment.Fire, 562:under the law of Karma through the effect it produces. At this stage in the history of the system -Fire, 601:of the Fire that drives, propels, and produces the activity and organization of all forms. TheFire, 610:Energy (emanating from the logoic Ego) which produces the solar system, the physical vehicle of theFire, 611:manifests its life within the personal life, and produces a shining forth which "growth ever moreFire, 612:and it is their interaction and interplay which produces Light, or the manifested solar system.
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