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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCES

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Healing, 329:the three above mentioned methods, and produces the pouring into and through the mechanism of theHealing, 329:power to heal mentally is on the increase and produces relatively permanent effects. But astralHealing, 340:of ordinary physical plane illumination. This produces over-sensitivity. The work done by theHealing, 341:place, has His cyclic point of contact. This produces the pouring in of radiance and the enteringHealing, 347:be functioning. There it creates situations and produces difficulties which are closely connectedHealing, 347:influences of the body atoms and cells. It produces the tendency to withdraw and finally toHealing, 355:It is the creative use of the imagination which produces an integrated group etheric body and whichHealing, 359:it sweeps through the vehicles and definitely produces effects. Thus cures are brought about inHealing, 418:by one of extreme movement. This middle period produces incidentally (as the true note and rate areHealing, 422:in the New Age, Vol. I: All severing of links produces severe reactions. Yet if you could butHealing, 424:principle of death with the principle of life produces the basic activity of creation. TheHealing, 434:governs the coherent integrative process which produces forms - the second aspect. It brings aboutHealing, 434:the first divine aspect. Integration eventually produces synthesis. The many cyclic integrationsHealing, 455:of the life energy beating against the web produces eventually a [456] puncturing or opening. OutHealing, 502:form, as of all forms in nature. This tendency produces subsequent death, through the stages ofHealing, 506:nature of the soul on its own plane. This produces eventually the integration of the three lowerHealing, 514:esotericists call "a process of reversal." This produces a great interest in its reflection in theHealing, 533:characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces, within the substance of its sheaths, a pointHealing, 534:great mountain top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily painHealing, 544:which leads to non-action, but one which produces a sense of responsibility for right action. ThisHealing, 564:characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces - within the substance of its sheaths - a pointHealing, 565:that because man is divine, the urge to divinity produces resistance in the vehicles of expression;Healing, 565:a point of friction; this friction, in its turn, produces a condition or an area of inflammation.Healing, 566:people, aspirants and disciples. This "friction" produces then a secondary reaction and leads toHealing, 567:can conceive, in his clearest and best moments, produces [568] inevitably a point of friction, evenHealing, 569:the throat Center. This relation, when lacking, produces friction. There will be no real expressionHealing, 569:characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within the substance of its sheaths a point ofHealing, 582:great mountain top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily painHealing, 583:the conflict between the energies and the forces produces within the physical body. The forces areHealing, 589:then makes its own contribution. Its reaction produces what we call the higher mind, which is of soHealing, 589:with Being (as identity and not as a quality), produces the egoic lotus, the vehicle of thatHealing, 595:of the tests for initiation; it is this which produces so many physical ills among those who haveHealing, 595:and Applied The fight between the forces produces all disease, all ills and bodily pains which seekHealing, 596:to a bitter fight in a particular area - produces so much friction that there is no hope anywhere,Healing, 617:the impact of subjective energies, in its turn produces a "structure for transmission" andHealing, 617:this field, and until he recognizes that which produces the endocrine glands he will remain totallyHealing, 620:is a technique of the mind which eventually produces correct, unimpeded relationship; this isHealing, 631:and the patient - occultly and occasionally produces sufficient energy stimulation to bring about aHealing, 635:the etheric bodies of all forms, which produces coherency or a synthetic holding-together and whichHealing, 641:and the consequent withdrawal of the solar life produces disease; or - putting it another way - theHealing, 641:ensues when the lunar lords are not compliant produces disease. Yet death is not indicative of aHealing, 657:some area of the patient's physical body. This produces a tremendous effect upon the diseased area,Healing, 697:agent; the lesser triangle is the one which produces the effect upon the patient and through whichHercules, 21:discipleship, seeking to express itself, which produces the condition of turmoil and theHercules, 42:through which God, or the soul, manifests. It produces the stability which demonstrates in theHercules, 89:Jesus, being arbitrarily set by the priests, produces a serious discrepancy, as we are told he wasHercules, 102:meet in the individual and their union produces that conscious entity which we call the soul or theHercules, 146:become beneficent powers? Can the energy that produces thought be utilized as the power ofHercules, 225:of attraction, is that, as we shall see, which produces the great illusion, but which can,Initiation, 15:performed, which (acting on a particular center) produces a result on some one body. It keys theInitiation, 20:of self-consciousness in all beings. This it produces primarily in man through its initial work ofInitiation, 43:conducted within the head center, and produces his results through his perfect realization of thatInitiation, 76:bodies, and centers himself in the Ego, it produces a temporary separation. This must be enduredInitiation, 79:him from the higher planes and his own inner God produces at times peculiar results upon hisInitiation, 95:the differentiated force of the planetary type, produces results of varying nature and degree. TheInitiation, 108:important in connection with the egoic body, and produces its complete dissipation, whereas theInitiation, 118:has to precede all other revelations. It produces within the mind of the initiate the followingInitiation, 121:consolidation of group relations proceeds, it produces on the physical plane that concerted actionInitiation, 124:schemes and evolutions in the solar system. This produces in him the resolve to work off karma, andInitiation, 150:lies the value of meditation, for meditation produces eventually that inner dynamic purpose andInitiation, 152:of the many tiny notes of each human being produces a great united sound which can be heard in theInitiation, 152:animal kingdom. It is one of the factors which produces animal forms, both for human and animalInitiation, 155:of consciousness in some degree, and each produces an effect. What the initiate is learning to doInitiation, 164:him to be identical with that which necessarily produces some particular planetary manifestation,Initiation, 178:to man, is being utilized in such a way that it produces that specific stimulation whichInitiation, 180:vitalization, such as a cosmic initiation produces. These outside effects naturally [181] produceInitiation, 183:through the organization which lower mind produces, and a type of meditation of which intenseInitiation, 187:of the fifth ray is one of the factors which produces this. These monads work with Fohat, and must,Initiation, 194:to that which lies the other side of the door produces its opening, an when the key of theInitiation, 198:realms wherein every sound and every word spoken produces powerful results in matter of some kind,Intellect, 39:an inner awareness of a new state of being. It produces at length a rapid reaction andIntellect, 67:Prayer, plus disciplined unselfishness, produces the Mystic. Meditation, plus organized disciplinedIntellect, 67:Meditation, plus organized disciplined service, produces the Knower. The mystic, as we have earlierIntellect, 151:system whereby illumination can be gained, and produces for our consideration an ordered processIntellect, 158:head and heart; of love and the intellect. This produces what, in the Orient, is called the YogiIntellect, 183:and, finally, when it can be drawn upon at will, produces eventually the life of inspiration. IfMagicknown. It is this state of realization which produces changes in form and environment commensurateMagic, 8:central universal energy. Life in manifestation produces existence and being. It is the root cause,Magic, 8:that the one Life, manifesting through matter, produces a third factor which is consciousness. ThisMagic, 11:apparently with an unavoidable pressure and thus produces group results, at the expense of theMagic, 12:conjunction with the energy of matter and self, produces all forms. The effect of this junction isMagic, 12:a latent sentiency and responsiveness that produces that subjective something we call the animalMagic, 12:sentient matter in the human kingdom and which produces a psychic center which we call the soul ofMagic, 19:This entire sensory apparatus is that which produces the organized awareness and coordinatedMagic, 28:power (lying concealed within it) which produces movement, activity and change. This is of courseMagic, 30:The cohesive vitalizing force is gone and this produces a falling apart into its essential elementsMagic, 30:- performs the same purpose in the universe and produces that coherent, living, vital ensembleMagic, 30:quality which makes each man different, which produces that complex manifestation of moods,Magic, 31:the [31] rate of vibratory activity of his body, produces his particular type of form, isMagic, 33:to the solar system of the astronomer, which produces the undeniable intelligent activity which allMagic, 36:that which in the vegetable world, for instance, produces [37] response to the sun's rays, and theMagic, 46:and peculiar effects. The type of energy which produces the concretion of ideas on the physicalMagic, 49:the body the life principle, the energy which produces activity. This it does through the medium ofMagic, 81:Finally, mind disrupts and destroys whilst love produces coherence and heals. [82] Magic, 103:the outer appearance) see the inner cause which produces the conditions noted in the outer life,Magic, 106:into the region of the pineal gland; there it produces an irradiation of the ethers of the head, ofMagic, 106:the ethers of the head, of the vital airs; this produces a stimulation of the atoms of the brain soMagic, 107:and then dismissed) the consequent stimulation produces a reaction of the physical body. TheMagic, 144:known by what is revealed. The absence of light produces the fading away, into apparentMagic, 146:of subjectivity in response to sound and light) produces response in matter, and therefore attracts
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