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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCES

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Magic, 150:vision. In the life of the active disciple it produces those interludes which every disciple knows,Magic, 151:retention, when [151] properly carried forward, produces an interlude of intense concentration andMagic, 160:a body of desire (the impelling force which produces all objectivity) and is immersed in aMagic, 161:tied to the desired result and so their labor produces nothing. There are many other "conditions ofMagic, 163:into manifestation in such a manner that it produces those physical plane activities which causeMagic, 205:personal growth and for spiritual powers, for it produces, under these conditions only aMagic, 222:the potency of human desire and of world desire produces that constant "outpicturing" and formMagic, 249:effect of this is felt in the midway spot and produces a violent instability. This instability hasMagic, 268:and add to the potent energy of form-substance produces a tendency to the left [269] hand path andMagic, 278:the second concerns the building, and the third produces manifested existence. Let him deal firstMagic, 279:purpose is achieved, or when impotency of will produces failure of functioning in the cycle ofMagic, 282:between one animal body and another which produces the coming together of the sexes. It is anMagic, 307:through a period or a cycle of years, and produces conditions of profound depression and of mutualMagic, 312:of desire or of astral tendency among men. One produces much of that instinctual tendency toMagic, 312:the other has an effect upon the sex life and produces some of those tendencies to perversionsMagic, 332:energy in the various kingdoms of nature that produces form, shape, species, kind, type and theMagic, 332:manifests. It is the quality of the energy which produces the quantity of forms; it is the lightMagic, 332:of atoms can assume. This type of energy which produces the shapes and forms and coherent organismsMagic, 342:which we call dark, evil, and undesirable, it produces in those of you who are oriented towards theMagic, 344:condition in the etheric vehicle. It often produces headache, congestion of the liver and otherMagic, 351:a realization of the points to be attained. This produces in his mind a formulation of what liesMagic, 361:note that just as the Monad, impelled by desire, produces that form of life which we call theMagic, 361:out through the Universal Mind, in its turn produces that manifestation which we call aMagic, 362:the cosmic astral plane comes the impulse which produces form existence and concrete expression -Magic, 362:comes the will-to-be in time and space, which produces the seven groups of egoic lives and theMagic, 374:and experience - should ever be linked, for each produces the other. As one is subjected toMagic, 374:is carried forward. As that unfoldment produces constant changes in realization and a consequentMagic, 375:of balance, wherein neither preponderates. This produces in the man a state of apparent negativityMagic, 385:of the mental world. Work on the mental plane produces realization of duality. The disciple seeksMagic, 392:form is self-consciousness. Their fusion produces that sense of individuality, which justifies theMagic, 408:which realizes the unity of the whole, and thus produces the determination that each must be forMagic, 422:center, so that the two vibrate in unison. This produces the establishment of three things: DirectMagic, 430:a formula of beliefs it may be, it inevitably produces exclusiveness. It bars some out. Fourth:Magic, 433:force, emanating from the physical sun. This produces definite results upon the objective forms,Magic, 435:for when it plays its part and is utilized, it produces harmony with the will of the soul duringMagic, 450:mysterious power lying concealed within it which produces movement, activity and change. This is ofMagic, 451:The cohesive vitalizing force is gone, and this produces that falling apart into its essentialMagic, 452:the same purpose in the universe and [452] produces that coherent, living, vital ensemble which weMagic, 452:quality which makes each man different, which produces that complex manifestation of moods,Magic, 452:sets the rate of vibratory activity of his body, produces his particular type of form, isMagic, 460:of the inner and spiritual reality which produces the outer and visible form. This is the keynoteMagic, 464:vibration of physical and astral forms) which produces the [465] characteristics and tendenciesMagic, 476:must be enunciated which effects a salvation and produces a liberation of a dual kind, - aMagic, 478:and expedites all thought-forms, and so produces successful enterprise. It is interesting to noteMagic, 479:of reincarnation. It is desire for form which produces the use of form and causes cyclic andMagic, 501:of the life energy beating against the web produces eventually a puncturing or opening. Out of thisMagic, 517:these two soul interludes - one of which produces effects upon the mind, and the other upon theMagic, 517:divine thought in form, impresses the brain and produces action through the medium of the physicalMagic, 533:of the love-wisdom of innate divinity, for it produces that sequence of the states of consciousnessMagic, 533:states of consciousness which we term Time. This produces therefore in the world field of awarenessMagic, 551:govern the potencies; they deal with that which produces the objective form, which is qualified byMagic, 568:nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces the coordination of the vital airs andMagic, 584:voices. This again brings loneliness and produces that aloofness which all less evolved souls feelMagic, 586:should be. Perhaps after all the quality which produces the greatest number of failures amongMagic, 591:nervous system and because it so underlies it produces sensitivity and awareness. It is the causeMagic, 593:usually undue activity in a center, which produces destructive results upon the protectiveMagic, 611:fires are esoterically one fire but this fire produces, according to the witnessing consciousnessMagic, 615:growing into fuller radiance this itself produces the illusion. Because of this illusion, theMagic, 624:Others are breaking up emotionally and this produces two effects according to the point ofMagic, 631:separative and tends to eliminate harmony, and produces a lack of brotherly love and understanding,Magic, 634:real, of his fellow disciples. The sense of time produces glamor and disappointment, whereas theMeditation, 222:under those seven great influences, and so produces an ordered beauty in his manifestation of thePatanjali, 31:evolutionary process when carried to its climax produces not only the freeing of the soul from thePatanjali, 39:concretion and the motive power of thought as it produces effects on the physical plane arePatanjali, 48:the result to be attained. Thus nothing he does produces evil results and no karma is therebyPatanjali, 49:deals with causes, and the effects He [49] produces, through the wielding of the law, do not limitPatanjali, 57:the scientific use of this great sound He produces a certain stimulation and vitalization in thePatanjali, 68:faculty of the mental body and the factor which produces the seeing of colors, of geometricalPatanjali, 95:the internal state of that form, to that which produces externality (being force of some kind),Patanjali, 95:of the objective form. The word The sound which produces form. The object The form produced by thePatanjali, 104:Maya and passed behind it into the light which produces it and for him mistake is in the futurePatanjali, 105:Time which connects the three, Space which produces the three, Evolution, the process ofPatanjali, 112:elements and the sense organs. The use of these produces experience and eventual liberation. 19.Patanjali, 112:and thus with that which the mind perceives, produces an understanding of the nature of that whichPatanjali, 112:rebirth. 40. Internal and external purification produces aversion for form, both one's own and allPatanjali, 134:it makes. It is this use of the mind which produces primarily the sense of personality which beginsPatanjali, 136:negates unity, causes barriers to be built and produces those causes which lead to crystallization,Patanjali, 144:nature, for desire is potent in its effects and produces the physical vehicle in its two aspects.Patanjali, 150:for ourselves and others, and this in its turn produces pain. Patanjali, 151:spirit and matter. It is their interplay which produces all the form-producing modifications orPatanjali, 153:elements and the sense organs. The use of these produces experience and eventual liberation. ThisPatanjali, 158:and intangible, and with the force display which produces the specific forms. Technically these arePatanjali, 158:They are: The element of hearing, or that which produces the ear, - the rudiment of hearing, ThePatanjali, 158:of hearing, The element of touch or that which produces the mechanism of touch, the skin, etc., -Patanjali, 158:of touch, The element of sight, or that which produces the eye, The element of taste, or that whichPatanjali, 158:the eye, The element of taste, or that which produces the mechanism of taste. The element of smell,Patanjali, 158:of taste. The element of smell, or that which produces the mechanism of smell. Back of these fivePatanjali, 158:the ahamkara principle. It is this which produces the sense of personal reality and of one's beingPatanjali, 166:and thus with that which the mind perceives, produces an understanding of the nature of that whichPatanjali, 172:only the form but the subjective Reality which produces or causes the existence of the forms. ThenPatanjali, 173:inherent capacity for "bliss" or happiness which produces that restlessness and urge to changePatanjali, 175:become more rapid, fear and that which it produces begin to demonstrate. This is not thePatanjali, 178:This steadfast application to the twofold work produces two corresponding results, each dependentPatanjali, 184:which the soul knows, sees and understands. This produces full illumination. Patanjali, 189:A shadow cast upon food by [189] a foreigner produces impure conditions; this is based upon thePatanjali, 189:life and primarily the law of karma. It produces a state of mind wherein all conditions arePatanjali, 195:He deals, therefore, with the cause which produces enmity towards him and others. The naturalPatanjali, 201:to Union 40. Internal and external purification produces aversion for form, both one's own and allPatanjali, 201:runs "internal and external purification produces hatred for one's own body and non-intercoursePatanjali, 203:aspirant in the laws of the spiritual life. This produces a realization of the nature of the psyche
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