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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCES

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Patanjali, 206:the things of the world, and of the flesh. This produces an interlude of great difficulty in thePatanjali, 210:be translated as "the reading of symbols produces contact with the soul." A symbol is a form ofPatanjali, 223:the etheric breath and rhythm. This inevitably produces the "external control of the lifePatanjali, 226:emanating from the inner spiritual man which produces certain definite effects in the three sheathsPatanjali, 234:upon the five forms which every element takes, produces mastery over every element. These fivePatanjali, 252:not his. This is, however, a very high stage and produces in the physical man astounding effectsPatanjali, 266:self, through the medium of the lower self, produces the revelation of the divine or spiritualPatanjali, 285:carried out with complete detachment. He then produces the effect desired in accordance with thePatanjali, 288:and effects; the other is free from desire, produces "identification with" and has no bindingPatanjali, 290:the second aspect, the Christ force. This produces the perfect at-one-ment, or union between soulPatanjali, 296:more until the perfect day." It is that which produces the halo or circle of light seen around thePatanjali, 309:that it is his emotional or astral body which produces the greater part of the trouble in his lowerPatanjali, 321:that line of activity or attitude of mind which produces in us pleasure or pain, is because we failPatanjali, 327:in response to this idea and simultaneously produces a corresponding reaction in the kamic, desirePatanjali, 328:which brings into activity the sense-organs and produces the outward-going life of the man; itsPatanjali, 330:nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces the coordination of the vital airs andPatanjali, 341:upon the five forms which every element takes, produces mastery over every element. These fivePatanjali, 344:atomic substance of any one element. That which produces its phenomenal effect. It is that whichPatanjali, 365:forms to their environment, esoteric and unseen, produces the varying characteristics plus thePatanjali, 368:to all conditions of these objects. Moreover it produces knowledge of all things simultaneously,Patanjali, 369:is enjoyed. 5. Consciousness is one, yet produces the varied forms of the many. 6. Among the formsPatanjali, 382:state from a low objective to a high one produces a flow of energy of a vibratory qualityPatanjali, 382:quality equivalent to the higher objective. This produces a change or a mutation in the vestures ofPatanjali, 386:4 - Illumination 5. Consciousness is one, yet produces the varied forms of the many. Here PatanjaliPatanjali, 387:is the cause of the heterogeneous, unity produces diversity, the One is responsible for the many.Patanjali, 388:will or life aspect of the spiritual man. Desire produces effects, and the organs of sentientPatanjali, 388:having no relation to aught in the three worlds, produces no outward-going vibration, relates to noPatanjali, 390:is no longer known. Where dense materiality produces what we call wrong action, the gradualPatanjali, 412:itself as a source of light and as that which produces revelation. We know it as an instrumentProblems, 59:of the soul in man as the interior factor which produces the good, the true and the beautiful.Problems, 87:of superior and inferior nations and races; it produces economic selfishness and leads to theProblems, 94:find themselves; they know that the use of force produces results which are not truly effectiveProblems, 132:a narrow theology which teaches nothing new but produces fresh quarreling around some doctrines orPsychology1, 17:between, Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter produces eventually a third, which is the Son, or thePsychology1, 18:to that essential dynamic electric Fire which produces all that is, and is the sustaining,Psychology1, 18:relation of spirit and matter. This interplay produces that psychological Entity which we call thePsychology1, 24:not revealed, but the activity emanating from it produces that combination of sounds, colors andPsychology1, 27:Below the human, the combination of these three produces conscious response to the environment,Psychology1, 41:of intelligent [41] love, - a love which produces an appearance through the nature of mind and thusPsychology1, 41:The soul also, through the quality of love, produces the fusion of appearance and of quality, ofPsychology1, 45:which lies behind all creative work and which produces the emergence into the light ofPsychology1, 47:experience, examination and exaltation which produces a final exit. Words such as these arePsychology1, 48:power. Ray II - Love, magnetically functioning, produces wisdom. Ray III - Intelligence,Psychology1, 49:Ray of Harmony gives to all forms that which produces beauty and works towards the harmonizing ofPsychology1, 51:- when active, as it was in Lemurian times, - produces individualization, which is literally thePsychology1, 51:close to the soul. The developed personality produces the [52] clear distinctions of the dominantPsychology1, 53:immersed in substance, is simply sentiency, it produces through its evolutionary interplay anPsychology1, 55:and when combined with the lower aspect produces the self-consciousness of the human being. WhenPsychology1, 59:to grasp that which cannot be expressed in words produces a downpouring of the abstract mind or ofPsychology1, 59:stimulates and develops the brain cells and produces a steady stabilization of the power to standPsychology1, 60:within the solar system, and Their activity produces all forms; according to the nature of the formPsychology1, 64:not count with first ray types; their energy produces death to form, but ushers in great periods ofPsychology1, 67:of enunciating a word or sound, which produces a symbolic form, which in its turn, is capable ofPsychology1, 68:The Discriminating Essential Life The One Who produces Alliance The Three-sided Triangle ThePsychology1, 130:of the contact between spirit and matter) which produces sentient response and what we callPsychology1, 154:This blend of energies, working on substance, produces the forms, and each subjective form, in itsPsychology1, 154:forms, and each subjective form, in its turn, produces the outer appearance. It is not possible forPsychology1, 182:of active experience, and that energy which produces the interplay between the seen and the unseen;Psychology1, 210:of form, of the perfect sculptor, who sees and produces ideal beauty, of the designer of beautifulPsychology1, 236:upon the five forms which every element takes produces mastery over every element. These five formsPsychology1, 261:- emanating from a particular Master - which produces a reaction in himself, and which calls forthPsychology1, 262:its turn, and working under the ray influences, produces definite effects upon the three subhumanPsychology1, 280:in business, in religion and in politics. It produces an urge towards union, and among otherPsychology1, 309:man from the animal. It is this aspect which produces in humanity a consciousness of immortality, aPsychology1, 320:whole. This involves conflict and struggle, but produces eventually beauty, creative power in art,Psychology1, 326:this process, as it goes on in consciousness, produces (surely and inevitably) correspondingPsychology1, 326:and on the developed sense of awareness which produces an inner demand for improved equipment. ThePsychology1, 328:marks a crisis in the initiatory work, and produces a further synthesis experienced in the life ofPsychology1, 340:becomes potently attracted by his soul, and this produces a tremendous revolution in his entirePsychology1, 344:provides a triple line of directed energy. This produces the human manifestation on the fourthPsychology1, 350:beats upon the minds of men at this time and produces that stimulation which lies behind all thePsychology1, 355:the physical reaction to the ray forces produces a higher form of hatha yoga or physicalPsychology1, 372:fostered by the play of the seventh ray, which produces those initial reactions to organizedPsychology1, 373:There is an aspect of electrical phenomena which produces cohesion, just as there is an aspectPsychology1, 373:cohesion, just as there is an aspect which produces light. This has not yet been recognized. It isPsychology1, 373:fire which heats, which gives light, and which produces motion. This is in the physical sense ofPsychology1, 374:be the integrating power of electricity as it produces the cohesion within all forms and sustainsPsychology1, 374:during the cycle of manifested existence. It produces also the coming together of atoms and of thePsychology1, 375:plane entirely or centered in the soul. This produces the wonder and the difficulty of the presentPsychology1, 376:(divine and superhuman, as well as human) which produces the many differentiations. This process ofPsychology1, 391:the microcosm, so with the macrocosm. Every ray produces three major patterns which are imposedPsychology1, 414:is responsive to that type of energy which produces the phenomenon of water. The animal kingdom isPsychology1, 421:power. Ray II - Love, magnetically functioning, produces wisdom. Ray III - Intelligence,Psychology1, 425:upon the five forms which every element takes produces mastery over every element. These five formsPsychology2, 16:consummation, as far as humanity is concerned, produces the liberated Master of the Wisdom, freePsychology2, 19:as that energy pours forth upon the vehicles and produces reciprocal energy in the solar form. ThePsychology2, 19:of the atom, or of that living principle which produces self-perpetuation, reproduction, motion,Psychology2, 22:interplay and cultivated intercourse, which produces the at-one-ment between the soul and itsPsychology2, 56:between the pattern and the conditioned material produces the type of sheath which the soulPsychology2, 63:or point of development. [63] This, therefore, produces the type of brain, the conformation of thePsychology2, 67:of these two energies in the human mechanism produces what we call consciousness - at firstPsychology2, 86:the world today; hence the massed dualism which produces such bewilderment; hence the compromisesPsychology2, 92:a beauty that is achieved through struggle. This produces a livingness through death, a harmonyPsychology2, 97:of a "Divine Rebel." It is only rebellion that produces pain and sorrow, but this rebellion isPsychology2, 111:The basis of egoic recognition. The factor which produces reorientation in the three worlds. ThePsychology2, 126:deeply colored by personality, and it often produces much harm, for people seek to impose theirPsychology2, 134:strenuous push of the assertive force within him produces the stumbling of the "little ones" andPsychology2, 147:or rejection of the aspects of form life. It produces a discriminating contact which leadsPsychology2, 164:Angels, works in seven directions; that it produces effects upon seven different types of beingsPsychology2, 195:consciousness of the same type of energy which produces that aspect of cohesive action which
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