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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCES

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Rays, 406:of the World, and proceed - as Their training produces the desired capabilities - with greaterRays, 412:human being and his ability to contact his soul produces incredible changes in the personality andRays, 423:triangle is therefore unique and apparent; it produces relation between our system, our planets andRays, 423:serve." The inflow of extra-solar energy is what produces the seven cosmic Paths. There is no suchRays, 436:The dual life which all disciples lead produces also a rapidity of mental interpretation which isRays, 449:or the phenomenal appearance. It is the life. It produces the individual process and theRays, 449:first differentiation in time and space; this produces something different, which only emerges as aRays, 457:in this early stage, via the sutratma and produces inevitably the awakening of the head center.Rays, 478:unfolded and man becomes a mental creature. This produces the full activity of the mental unit, theRays, 489:with the point of tension; it there and then produces effects in mental substance. The tension isRays, 490:reservoir of force upon the mental plane - it produces an interior activity and an organization ofRays, 510:on and up. When correctly uttered, this Word produces three effects: It keeps the channel for theRays, 519:the light - which is innate in all forms, which produces interplay and relationship, and which isRays, 520:as he can grasp it. This reciprocal interplay produces the mutability of form and the immutabilityRays, 540:Triad. The meeting of the two focused energies produces a point of tension. Disciples should notRays, 541:becomes possible, and it [541] is that which produces those points of tension which we callRays, 541:will of the disciple which is active and which produces, first of all, a fusion and (as aRays, 541:attainment. This invocative-evocative activity produces a point of tension but not - as yet - aRays, 541:process dictates all the desired fusions and produces those points of tension which are the secretRays, 545:or group he contacts. The impression he makes produces stimulation - a stimulation which the personRays, 549:life of ashramic contacts. Rightly followed, it produces the possibility with which our third pointRays, 551:close cooperation with the two above factors; it produces also the lessening of the power of theRays, 551:(forget not my words, "initiatory process") produces an entire reorganization of all the energiesRays, 552:This progressive "creative raising" necessarily produces a cycle of tremendous difficulty in theRays, 562:love in the truly esoteric sense automatically produces changes and a basic refocusing in the lifeRays, 569:the three worlds. This incoming of a ray always produces an intensified period of initiatoryRays, 575:(on the mental plane) it is this influence which produces creativity, the organizing of the life,Rays, 581:energy of the astral plane itself; this again produces a vortex of force which is invocative ofRays, 583:of sixth ray energy: The energy of the sixth ray produces two major results: An embryonicRays, 583:to the individual initiate, the sixth ray produces: An acute situation wherein a vortex of force isRays, 592:impacts of varying energies, synthesizes them, produces order out of the many ceaseless impacts andRays, 598:of the third degree made possible. This produces impelling and new contacts. It should here beRays, 599:of what has been called the astral body. This produces complete freedom from glamor and theRays, 601:type of spiritual energy. The fifth ray energy produces three major areas of thought, or threeRays, 607:latent in every atom of substance, which produces, first of all, conflict, then renunciation, andRays, 607:renunciation, and finally emancipation; which produces war in some form or another, then rejection,Rays, 607:which the conflict between soul and personality produces. Conflict is always present prior toRays, 618:The harmony (which the Principle of Conflict produces) causes an alignment, so that the love -Rays, 627:to resolve. It is ever the mind aspect which produces all the separativeness, the cleavages and theRays, 629:energy (at the present stage of unfoldment) produces an idealism which requires transmuting andRays, 633:is to raise more than to bridge. This leveling produces serious conflict and one that is littleRays, 639:is the agent of the Principle of Harmony and produces the strains and the stresses which will lead,Rays, 639:liberation into harmony and peace. Conflict produces: War - Renunciation - Liberation. Humanity isRays, 639:to the emergence of the New Age. Conflict produces points of crisis, then a point of tension, andRays, 645:I said above - the combination of these forces produces the Ascension; this is an exceeding greatRays, 653:holds the Hierarchy together, and that which produces a coherent Ashram, is the revelation,Rays, 675:The occult "application of fire to water" produces certain most serious and devastating results.Rays, 683:dedication to a particular national set-up and produces the glamors which lead to world difficulty.Rays, 683:This activity is induced by dedication and produces glamor inevitably. The violent energies of theRays, 688:The fifth Ray of Science. This inflowing energy produces its major effects upon the mind, or uponRays, 688:time from the highest plane, the logoic plane) produces in a [689] mysterious way an effect on theRays, 723:preparatory sensitivity in the disciple which produces true perception at all the variousReappearance, 11:to express some divine idea and this in time produces a civilization with its accompanying culture,Reappearance, 83:above mentioned, He influences, enlightens, and produces right relations in the masses of men. InReappearance, 89:who, by his acts and words, employs energy, produces effects which are energy effects and acts as aReappearance, 91:creative in nature and carries the "life which produces the birth of forms." It poured into theReappearance, 91:which makes men think, plan and take action; it produces neither bad nor good results but simplyReappearance, 110:the sword of the Spirit; it is that sword which produces cleavage between a true spirituality andSoul, 35:between the apparatus and the environment produces conduct and behavior, that feeling and thoughtSoul, 47:and, when over-functioning in adult years, produces the irresponsible man or woman, and the amoralSoul, 99:demonstrates as the energy of the form, as it produces cohesion, animation and sensitivity,Soul, 109:is the life principle and energizes matter and produces form. The vital body also embodies thatSoul, 136:the mind upon the soul and its concerns. This produces radical changes in the organism andSoul, 136:knowledge and energy. This activity of the soul produces what has been called illumination: itSoul, 142:glands is that the interplay between the two produces the shining forth of a light. There is muchTelepathy, 5:The second law is: The interplay of many minds produces a unity of thought which is powerful enoughTelepathy, 6:with them. The understanding of the first law produces results in the mind or mental body. TheTelepathy, 6:mental body. The understanding of the second law produces results in a lesser receiving station,Telepathy, 25:transmitter and the recipient, and which also produces the coherency of that which is transmitted.Telepathy, 53:Each of them acts as an invocative agent and produces evocation. All act as recipients and asTelepathy, 72:disciples and initiates of lesser degree produces certain changes within the brain, withTelepathy, 99:the mental vehicle increases its potency and produces, finally, a mental radiation which is soTelepathy, 120:the highest aspect of the Will - with that which produces the highest synthesis, the finalTelepathy, 133:these three major planetary centers; this produces a constant inflow of energies from severalTelepathy, 146:seven centers upon the physical body in due time produces a condensation or a [147] state of whatTelepathy, 161:can go forward. This, as you may well imagine, produces conflict; the personality etheric bodyTelepathy, 162:to humanity. This approach most surely also produces conflict and the personality fights the soul.Telepathy, 170:many aeons of experience, as well as that which produces experiment, leading to eventual experienceTelepathy, 182:life. The fusion of life with living substance produces another aspect of expression: that of
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