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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCING

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Magic, 38:response of all forms in the animal kingdom, producing their distinctions, species and nature.Magic, 45:of all forms, coordinating and linking, and producing an essential unity. Within that unity isMagic, 65:the realm of light, love and service and [65] producing a cyclic response from each one! May thereMagic, 99:of energy in all these forms will wax stronger, producing radiation, for instance, increasingly inMagic, 108:light issues. It enters into the Greater Being, producing a living fire. The Bull of God sees theMagic, 130:see it, the unrest and difficulty everywhere is producing a good which far outweighs the seemingMagic, 142:bear testimony to the efficacy of sound in producing all that is tangible and visible. The HindusMagic, 157:upon by the force generated in meditation, thus producing the building of the form, and itsMagic, 172:as demonstrating failure on their part, and producing, therefore, regret that they have had to takeMagic, 198:many factors, but primarily to a long heredity, producing a degeneracy of the physical body, or toMagic, 266:there accomplish his purpose in generating and producing those thought-forms which mould the mindsMagic, 307:unit, otherwise free from individual conditions producing depression, into the depths of a worldMagic, 311:space are there varying states of consciousness, producing differing outer effects. The energy ofMagic, 332:as: The soul is the form-building principle, producing attraction and cohesion. This soul is anMagic, 335:sounds into every home and into street life are producing effects upon the bodies of men and uponMagic, 408:political, also played their parts, the one producing the Renaissance and the other bringing aboutMagic, 425:building and vitalizing an organization, and so producing all the mechanism which goes with such aMagic, 435:when duly consummated, might be regarded as producing the sattvic, or harmony aspect of his life,Magic, 439:are several [439] undiscovered planets which are producing pulls and shifts and focusing streams ofMagic, 439:has always been revolving around our sun and producing its effects. It governs however the death orMagic, 448:He can then create thought-forms, capable of producing outward manifesting results and tangibleMagic, 496:from the head of these two streams of energy, producing consequently, complete loss ofMagic, 503:there are other objectives than just the one of producing soul and body at-one-ment. No emphasis,Magic, 619:A.D. 1640) has been gaining in potency and is producing two effects: it is breaking down theMagic, 626:A dual process is therefore carried forward, producing a genuine manifestation of the qualities ofMeditation, 141:of bringing about union with the divine, and of producing that at-one-ment between the higher andMeditation, 186:- and which work there in a twofold manner, producing an increased capacity to think, wield orMeditation, 300:and their subjective emphasis, when they are producing scholars and workers, politicians andMeditation, 330:Work on the subtler bodies with the view to producing continuity of consciousness. Study of magic.Patanjali, 39:and of the physical senses. The energies producing concretion and the motive power of thought as itPatanjali, 96:or solar), which gave rise to the sound, thus producing the form. In creative work, the adeptPatanjali, 98:and is the result of the subtler elements producing its manifestation. The grosser elements producePatanjali, 109:and the lower bodies are aligned upon it, producing a direct channel of communication with thePatanjali, 112:obstructions. 3. These are the difficulty producing hindrances: avidya (ignorance) the sense ofPatanjali, 112:of the gunas. These activities are threefold, producing consequences, anxieties and subliminalPatanjali, 112:are one and the same is the cause (of the pain-producing effects) which must be warded off. 18.Patanjali, 126:capable of propagation and becomes unfertile, producing no growth, so the seeds of the obstructionsPatanjali, 126:These seeds are found in three groups, each producing a large crop of hindrances or obstructions onPatanjali, 126:- the seeds latent in the physical body, those producing the obstructions of the astral body, andPatanjali, 127:- The Steps to Union 3. These are the difficulty producing hindrances: avidya (ignorance), and thePatanjali, 140:known as the seeds which produce the "obstacle-producing forms," then they can be exterminated inPatanjali, 140:resulting in the setting up of the liberty-producing means. Ignorance (avidya) must be supplantedPatanjali, 144:with effects and centers his attention on their producing causes. In relation to himself, he comesPatanjali, 147:of the gunas. These activities are threefold, producing consequences, anxieties and subliminalPatanjali, 150:will be set in motion along the line of pain-producing effects. This dual inference will cause inPatanjali, 151:by the non-attached yogi. Nor will further pain-producing causes be allowed to be set in motion. Patanjali, 151:are one and the same, is the cause (of the pain-producing effects) which must be warded off. ThisPatanjali, 151:is their interplay which produces all the form-producing modifications or activities on the variousPatanjali, 189:not entail a settling down and an acquiescence producing inertia, but a recognition of presentPatanjali, 216:astral light is thrown into objectivity by two producing factors, and the astral body of a man isPatanjali, 234:touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producing intuitional knowledge. 37. These powers arePatanjali, 258:the result of the activity of the solar plexus producing awareness of the astral plane. This typePatanjali, 262:[262] An instantaneous control of mind at will, producing A still mind, free from thought forms, APatanjali, 286:of the freedom of his [286] aura from "death producing" effects. He knows there is nothing morePatanjali, 289:active, luminous, connected and coordinated. Producing a coordination between: The ego or soul onPatanjali, 294:here how this junction between head and heart, producing the luminosity of the central organ andPatanjali, 322:touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producing intuitional knowledge. Through meditationPatanjali, 328:there is adequate "weakening" of the cause producing the bondage. Patanjali, 346:growing out of the three above results, producing: Cessation of sorrow and toil. (Sutra 30)Patanjali, 369:of relation between memory and the effect-producing cause, even when separated by species, time andPatanjali, 369:form is due to the one-pointedness of the effect-producing cause (the unification of thePatanjali, 369:of the constantly active mind stuff, the effect-producing cause. 19. Because it can be seen orPatanjali, 380:is interesting to note here that the first cause producing the unfoldment of soul powers, whetherPatanjali, 386:which is essentially a unified whole or unity, producing the diversified many. [387] ThePatanjali, 388:from that aspect of karma which deals with the producing of effects. Temporarily, he is soPatanjali, 394:identity of relation between memory and effect producing cause, even when separated by species,Patanjali, 401:form is due to the one-pointedness of the effect-producing cause (the unification of thePatanjali, 409:of the constantly active mind stuff, the effect-producing cause. We have in this sutra a statementProblems, 114:a resultant new population; the world today is producing and will produce the results of theseProblems, 138:Oriental religions are taking an active lead in producing a new and better world. And stillProblems, 161:of all relationships. The force of the mind in producing telepathic rapport has already beenProblems, 161:capable of contact, of recognition and of producing a reciprocal activity. Prayer has alwaysProblems, 161:energy factor, proceeding from this to that and producing in many cases the desired response inPsychology1, 5:of its own weight, and produce (as it is already producing) problems, complexes and diseases of thePsychology1, 8:is the "word of the soul." It is the sound, producing an effect in matter, which a particular rayPsychology1, 18:by life and matter and their interplay, and producing change and constant mutation. I shall use thePsychology1, 19:and the result of this synthesis is sevenfold, producing seven types of qualified forms whichPsychology1, 37:a septenary aggregation of energies, each energy producing differing effects and appearances. ThisPsychology1, 42:should be regarded as in rapid revolution, thus producing a turning wheel, which is the wheel ofPsychology1, 42:of love, applied with intelligence and producing those "attractive" forms which will serve toPsychology1, 42:will, working through intelligent activity and producing a world of created forms which embody orPsychology1, 44:kingdom the second ray is peculiarly active, producing among other things the magneticPsychology1, 45:turn, peculiarly related to the animal kingdom, producing the tendency to intelligent activityPsychology1, 60:forms to the play of the life aspect, thus producing those qualities which will carry the will ofPsychology1, 60:cycling through every kingdom in nature and producing thus all states of consciousness in allPsychology1, 64:Form The Great Abstractor The Fiery Element, producing shattering The Crystallizer of the Form ThePsychology1, 107:As you know, the spiritualistic movement is producing a vast amount of this inspired orPsychology1, 113:is undertaken; correction of the hidden factors producing emotional conditions may be suggested;Psychology1, 134:consciousness aspect in the subhuman kingdoms, producing the response, therefore, of matter toPsychology1, 143:and ending with initiation, thus producing the perfect blending and expression ofPsychology1, 178:with the work of government and with the task of producing a new synthesis, and thus the force ofPsychology1, 181:and it is these thought patterns which are producing the present flood of governmental experimentsPsychology1, 193:medium of the Law of Attraction, with the aim of producing an ultimate synthesis in consciousness.Psychology1, 247:of ray influences, and the part they play in the producing of these factors, he will fail toPsychology1, 248:forces and the interchange of energies, and thus producing new effects, new forms of life, and newPsychology1, 251:Results: In the one case we find the third ray producing the emergence of instinct, which in itsPsychology1, 255:divine process of integrating the Plan and of producing an ordered and harmonious expression of thePsychology1, 266:pour through all forms in all kingdoms, producing specific effects, definite and different forms ofPsychology1, 267:the vegetable kingdom is to foster the perfume-producing faculty, and to adapt plant life to thePsychology1, 292:First, we shall have the activity of Saturn, producing a dividing of the ways and a proffering of
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