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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCING

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Rays, 117:expression. Climaxing in the third initiation. Producing loving living. The third initiation. TheRays, 117:expression. Climaxing in the fifth initiation. Producing purposeful life. Consummation. Such areRays, 120:upon the human consciousness and directly producing results. The destroyer aspect of the first RayRays, 120:aspect of the first Ray of Will or Power is producing worldwide destruction through the use of theRays, 133:the consciousness of the masses and is there producing curiosity, relief and hope, speculation andRays, 143:solar crisis (for that is what it is, even when producing a planetary crisis) appears in time andRays, 144:revelation of evil, a radiance which is now producing the world unrest and which has brought aboutRays, 186:the energy of the Hierarchy as a whole, producing a slow, broad, though somewhat negativeRays, 195:and through the separating veiling forces, thus producing coordination eventually between soul andRays, 235:of the significance of inner causes, producing outer effects. Slowly, however, the Hierarchy isRays, 235:in the fourth kingdom and in the other kingdoms, producing rapidly changing orientation andRays, 289:which it is the divine intention to expend in producing a perfect expression of the divine Idea. ItRays, 336:atom, form, group and center upon our planet, producing effects upon the lowest forms of existenceRays, 403:a process, based on "reception, then direction, producing rejection and impact where the rejectingRays, 406:the related spiritual Identities is projected, producing that synthesis of effort which isRays, 451:egoic Lotus and the head and heart centers, thus producing a synthesis between consciousness, theRays, 470:is brought about by mutual invocation, producing a responsive process which is one of evocation. ItRays, 473:Humanity. These are now closely aligned, thus producing a fusion of energies which is causing anRays, 475:and the antahkarana is definitely built - thus producing perfect alignment between the Monad andRays, 486:physical plane living. It is a technique for producing the highest form of dualism and ofRays, 502:of focused tension which he has succeeded in producing and that three streams of energy haveRays, 503:to the point of definite projection: Intention, producing focusing and tension. Visualization,Rays, 534:each with its own mode of expression and each producing its own specific results, which implementRays, 538:periods of detachment, periods of revelation producing points of fusion, points of tension andRays, 540:not focus their attention upon the task of producing a point of tension. They should remember theRays, 542:fusions which must be achieved by the disciple, producing consequently in his life a point orRays, 548:life which the disciple must also lead, producing an intense activity in the three worlds - anRays, 565:is a streaming downward of the energies, producing effects in that which is thus stimulated; in theRays, 580:time, made direct contact with Humanity, is producing an emotional vortex in which old ideals andRays, 582:of the disciple can only be described as producing a condition wherein he is definitelyRays, 583:within the astral plane itself which is producing points of crisis and a point of tension. InRays, 604:each stage of man's evolution depicted, but producing a climaxing point which is indicative of theRays, 609:at Shamballa. A planned synthesis thus appears, producing [610] immutability, inevitability andRays, 610:aspirant and conditions his whole life, producing crises and tensions, sometimes almost pastRays, 611:the masses in every land, which is still producing physical conflict, emotional strain andRays, 619:effectiveness of the Principle of Conflict in producing liberation is generally recognized. ThusRays, 626:and is undermining and destroying old forms and producing intense national friction in all groupsRays, 633:certain of them have ever been prime agents for producing conflict. This is largely owing to theirRays, 655:the attainment of scientific achievement, producing the activity of the fifth plane of mind, hasRays, 658:phases affects all the four kingdoms in nature, producing a higher stage of sensitivity in eachRays, 669:creative act into the creative process of producing the good, [670] the beautiful and the true.Rays, 673:the confusion and the attending difficulties, producing vortices of uncontrolled energies, glamorRays, 684:mind, adding frequently to the complications but producing eventually the needed control which willRays, 703:leading to revelation. The factor of the Will, producing synthesis. The factor of the Purpose,Rays, 704:the fourth and fifth initiations: Renunciation, producing crucifixion and leading to Ascension, orReappearance, 9:cry of humanity (the second of the incentives producing a divine Emergence) is potent in effectReappearance, 68:It must be remembered that the point of crisis, producing the point of tension to which the ChristReappearance, 77:works under the great natural Law of Synthesis, producing at-one-ment, unification and fusion. HisReappearance, 84:in nature, will be spread abroad universally, producing evolutionary growth, attracting people andReappearance, 91:forces are active now in every land, frequently producing increased initial difficulties butReappearance, 99:and made them posit an unhappy story, producing a miserable and unhappy world. This tragedy wasReappearance, 172:All this is at present most unevenly balanced, producing extreme riches or extreme poverty. IntoReappearance, 175:into the coffers of the proletariat, eventually producing the greatest capitalistic system theSoul, 20:This knowledge should be invaluable in producing a better mechanism through which a finer race canSoul, 28:affiliations? If it is the dominant energy, producing all manifestation - and this too must beSoul, 47:given) is one source of the internal secretions producing maturity. [49] The adrenal glands,Soul, 55:through which various types of energy flow, producing his psychical activity. These nuclei areSoul, 81:of a third thing which comprehends them both, producing the consciousness and also giving form toSoul, 100:ether as its medium or field of activity, and producing therefrom all the objective forms. TheTelepathy, 26:or an idea is becoming more and more prevalent, producing in the initial stages the apparently wideTelepathy, 26:by which we are so distressed at this time, yet producing finally a dominance of the attitudes ofTelepathy, 40:of action and of habits (good or bad), thus producing revelation, purification, enrichment andTelepathy, 133:arising all the time between these centers and producing a consequent evocation of impressingTelepathy, 133:all three centers are involved is constantly producing an interplay of energies as well as aTelepathy, 159:The Center where the intelligence of God is producing the evolutionary process: Humanity. The threeTelepathy, 172:to one of the centers above the diaphragm, thus producing a temporary atrophying of the center
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