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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCT

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Magic, 16:or human kingdom, represents that which is the product of its physical heritage; itsMagic, 90:The Energy circulates. The point of light, the product of the labors of the four, waxeth andMagic, 200:of us enters life with a certain equipment - the product of past lives of endeavor and ofMagic, 238:by it. Second, the force of fear. This is the product of ignorance, and in its initial stages it isMagic, 238:and in its initial stages it is not the product of wrong thinking. It is basically instinctual andMagic, 246:physical plane. He knows that all forms are the product of energy rightly used and directed. WithMagic, 401:They are so eager to impart. This group is a product of the past and upon that past I will touch; IMagic, 436:to arrive at due expression is in itself the product or synthesis of all the past. Let me see if IMagic, 457:all the potencies and capacities of the finished product. Latent within the idea which has beenMagic, 458:it will prove an abortion, a mediocre and feeble product, or a creation of real beauty and value? Magic, 583:of the wisdom of his generation, who is the best product of his own period and yet who remainsMeditation, 25:and the child is maturing. This maturity is the product of emotional and physical polarization inMeditation, 31:through that periphery, using the body (that product of millennia of lives of pain and endeavor) asMeditation, 102:constituents, those constituents being the product of a previous incarnation; they are virtuallyMeditation, 112:to the strictest rules of living have produced a product the exact opposite of his occidentalMeditation, 116:using the high faculties of mind and the product of his genius to aid the sons of men. He buildsMeditation, 118:into that group's causal body (the composite product of the several lines) aught that has not itsMeditation, 206:thought: These seven streams of color were the product of logoic meditation. The Logos meditated,Meditation, 251:and attributes of thought - which powers are the product of meditation, rightly pursued - will theMeditation, 298:the average man of intelligence of today - the product, for instance, of western civilization - isMeditation, 299:of the educational system which brings the product of many minds into the environment of the veryMeditation, 326:the books and pamphlets that will embody the product of the assimilated information. The best ofPatanjali, 107:to the subjective energies of which they are the product. His interpretation of them isPatanjali, 149:in the earlier stages of endeavor. Pain is the product of these form activities, for pain is thePatanjali, 168:of the nature therefore of the soul which is the product of this union, and is the son, produced byPatanjali, 390:is called black. This class of action is the product of the deepest ignorance, of the densestPatanjali, 398:us and it is seen that what we are today is the product of the past, and that what we shall be inPatanjali, 399:over the entire cycle of lives up to date. The product of the contacts, unfoldments andPatanjali, 400:matter. It might be said that what we are is the product of the past and shows as thePatanjali, 400:he passes out of incarnation, for he is then the product of the past, plus the achievement of theProblems, 97:whole of the East. The modern Jew is also the product of many centuries of persecution and ofProblems, 97:no allowance; the Jews are, for instance, the product of centuries of tent-dwelling and hence theProblems, 97:fails to recognize. They are also the product of their need, down the centuries, to live off theProblems, 115:it is inherent in human nature and is the product of countless centuries of fostered growth and thePsychology1, 17:Son, or the consciousness aspect. That Son, the product of the two, is esoterically defined as "thePsychology1, 36:in a triple way: He discovers his own soul, the product of the union of his [37] Father in heavenPsychology1, 40:soul. The soul is therefore the son of God, the product of the marriage of spirit and matter. ThePsychology1, 42:me again repeat: The soul is the son of God, the product of the union of spirit and matter. ThePsychology1, 42:Each intelligent point of life can say: I am the product of intelligent will, working throughPsychology1, 266:in form which are, for that period, the product of the united and concerted plan of the buildingPsychology1, 295:It will be regarded as a fact in nature and as a product of past evolutionary cycles, and not bePsychology1, 399:same extent, and the modern Jew is as much a by-product as is the Anglo-Saxon race, only, throughPsychology2, 11:character, when permitted scope and as the product of the evolutionary process. He expresses manyPsychology2, 184:rays, who are of varying nationalities, and the product of widely separated environments andPsychology2, 193:is no doubt true, but they themselves are the product of inner activity and of subjectivePsychology2, 201:as being conditioned by the body and as a product of the evolution of that [202] body during thePsychology2, 284:energy of basic matter. This basic matter is the product of the first solar system, and the energyPsychology2, 721:mineral kingdom, particularly upon that peculiar product, gold, and that enigma, money. VenusianRays, 79:Beings. These superhuman [79] Beings are the product of past evolutionary systems and are inRays, 101:in a physical vehicle) is a created image, the product of a focused will and the creativeRays, 101:will and the creative imagination; it is not the product of desire, as in the case of a humanRays, 243:of conflict, pain and suffering. The Jews, as a product of the humanity of the previous solarRays, 353:entire integrated personality. That which is the product of every incarnation - the highlyRays, 443:part of the divine Plan; it is fundamentally the product of glamor, of kama-manas - a glamor whichRays, 454:called the antahkarana. This antahkarana is the product of the united effort of soul andRays, 464:by those qualities and aspects which are the product of earlier manifestations of that Being inRays, 477:it must be obvious that only the man who is the product of a very long and fruitful past experienceRays, 478:everywhere upon the planet, they were not the product of the minds of the men of the time, but wereRays, 509:of the "point of tension" and the finished product of the visualization process. A focused activityRays, 657:being the most highly developed evolutionary product upon our planet, reacts to these initiations;Rays, 749:possible on a large scale. This is a by-product of the clash of the ideologies, but is the true andReappearance, 112:as wrong - only stem from hate or from its product, the anti-social consciousness. Hate and itsSoul, 19:That is, Man as a distinctive organism is the product, the by-product, of a number of cellSoul, 19:as a distinctive organism is the product, the by-product, of a number of cell factories whichSoul, 68:is not a function of the form, the form is a product of the life; the weight and solidity of matterSoul, 79:soul; the soul is not made for, and is not the product of, the body... The source of all vitalSoul, 79:psychology which regards the soul as the product of brain activity is perhaps not entirely wrongSoul, 150:His head. Once this halo was regarded as the product of His disciples' overwrought imaginations.Telepathynationalities, and who are each of them the product of widely varying environments and heredity.Telepathy, 65:spirit-reason, atma-buddhi, is the product of the multiplicity in unity of which we hear so much -Telepathy, 116:that true aspiration is essentially an astral product or reaction; all [117] aspirants - in the
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