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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFESSION

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Astrology, 235:involve the aid and conclusions of the medical profession in order to give the needed wise,Astrology, 236:Libra, as you know, governs the legal profession and holds the balances between so-called right andAstrology, 236:the activity of Libra and the work of the legal profession. Astrology, 238:the reorientation of the attitude of the legal profession will take place; its functions and dutiesAtom, 60:several of the leading members of the medical profession in a large Middle West city wereDiscipleship1, XI:Some are orthodox Protestant Christians by profession; others are Roman Catholics; still others areDiscipleship1, 178:equipment of the one who is to be taught. In no profession is the attitude of the observer moreDiscipleship1, 178:the observer more required than in the teaching profession, and in no profession is the correctDiscipleship1, 178:than in the teaching profession, and in no profession is the correct handling of one's personalDiscipleship1, 320:to intelligent high grade work in your chosen profession but negates the free play of theDiscipleship1, 549:one thing, and hence also your choice of a life profession, for another. Hence also the facilityEducation, 48:begin to train the boy or girl for that future profession or mode of life which it is obvious willFire, 78:hid (for scientists and those of the medical profession) a fuller comprehension of the laws ofFire, 474:This will change the attitude of the medical profession, and magnetic healing and vibratoryFire, 812:existence. It will come when the medical profession concentrates upon preventative action,Glamour, 242:man what he is; they give him his temperament, profession and quality upon the physical plane; theyHealing, 28:this the indebtedness of mankind to the medical profession is great, and the service rendered toHealing, 28:and the service rendered to humanity by the profession does largely offset the evil. That they knowHealing, 28:physicians and surgeons (less than in any other profession) who are self-seeking and no credit toHealing, 48:and the endocrinologist that the medical profession can take on a new expression of usefulness, andHealing, 64:they exist is of real interest to the medical profession and a subject of deep pity andHealing, 68:I am not reflecting critically upon the medical profession. The money-grasping specialist and theHealing, 68:as do the corrupt and the undesirable in every profession. Where are they not to be found? TheHealing, 68:all the old, losing much thereby. The medical profession has one of the greatest and most beautifulHealing, 105:are trained to keep, and even the medical profession on the physical plane follows the same generalHealing, 205:present time (I refer not here to the medical profession but to the multitude of the many schoolsHealing, 208:lay down the premise (one which the medical profession will later accept in its entirety) thatHealing, 213:gland, but to date, naturally, the medical profession does not admit that they are effects of theHealing, 218:have trouble; I have suggested that the medical profession in the New Age will deal increasinglyHealing, 220:be the first to cooperate [220] with the medical profession and to demonstrate the relation of theHealing, 220:changes in the ductless glands that the medical profession will be convinced of the importance andHealing, 273:The shift of the attention of the medical profession will then be away from the outer, tangible,Healing, 282:soul control. These are facts which the medical profession must grasp, and when it does a greatHealing, 314:of fevers, much is known by the orthodox medical profession, and this knowledge will suffice untilHealing, 319:process has come to be recognized by the medical profession and the scientific students of theHealing, 321:name will be given by the medical [ 321] profession. The originating cause is the same, and theHealing, 383:research remains to be done by the medical profession along these lines, but this will only beHealing, 480:or even those who have no use for the medical profession and prefer some cult or some of the newerHealing, 530:orientation will enter the medical [530] profession and perfect themselves in the techniques ofHealing, 530:then begin to combine, whilst practising their profession, both the exoteric and the esotericHealing, 557:need cause no surprise, for the ordinary medical profession calls for years of hard study and work.Healing, 617:for the lay reader, and not for the medical profession, who are frank to admit how little theyHealing, 632:and the knowledge of the member of the orthodox profession. The debt of the world to its doctorsHealing, 707:- steps as ordained by the orthodox medical profession, which will offset the purely physicalIntellect, 207:our business in home or office, social life or profession, talking to a friend, or whatever may beIntellect, 207:to family and friends and to his business or profession will be more perfectly and efficientlyMeditation, 246:the group will also be a member of the medical profession, who will work with the physical body,Problems, 55:begin to train the boy or girl for that future profession or mode of life which it is obvious willPsychology1, 201:but in either case he will be at the head of his profession. He is the born leader in any and everyPsychology2, 457:and, when this happens, any undue emphasis upon profession, calling, ideology or thought will bePsychology2, 552:its secretion will be worked out by the medical profession, leading to a much better functioning ofPsychology2, 710:their fellow men. They rise to the top of their profession, whatever it may be; they have
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