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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFIT

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Astrology, 26:in A Treatise on the Seven Rays but it might profit us to state them here: Proposition One - EveryAstrology, 59:charts of ordinary undeveloped man. There is no profit in so doing. This involves again the studyAstrology, 189:a disciple - pledged or under observation - will profit much from a deep and systematic study ofAstrology, 209:pairs of opposites are concerned they gain and profit from each other, for there is a direct lineAstrology, 267:some major source. The capacity to receive and profit by the planetary energies (themselvesAstrology, 337:as they exist in the zodiac, and it might profit us here for a minute to study the two types ofAstrology, 566:words He spoke to His disciples: "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loseAstrology, 575:this subject I may not give to you, nor will it profit for me to enlarge upon the conditions whichAutobiography, 180:over 70 when she left me she thought they might profit from some of her experiences. I do not thinkAutobiography, 213:with the service of humanity and all of them non-profit and world wide, and all made possible byAutobiography, 277:of consciousness and prepares the student to profit from the teaching to be given in the SchoolsAutobiography, 279:basic fundamentals, so that the student can profit by the wealth of literature and teaching whichAutobiography, 283:obedience. Each student is entirely free to profit or not by the school curriculum. Each studentAutobiography, 298:the years have slipped by and I have learned to profit by the teaching I have personally receivedBethlehem, 79:developments in the life of Christ are of no profit to us, and if they concern an unfoldment whichBethlehem, 98:rendering of a basic truth would greatly profit the seeker in all countries, and an understandingBethlehem, 113:he moves towards that which is divine. It might profit all of us if we pondered long and deeply atBethlehem, 135:a living synthesis of revelation which it may profit us to study before we consider the detail ofBethlehem, 176:concerned with each individual man who claims to profit by it. It was a great cosmic event. ItsBethlehem, 261:of the masses sufficiently developed to profit by their teaching on a large scale until that time.Discipleship1, 5:work. [5] I will teach you. Whether or not you profit by the teaching is entirely your own affair;Discipleship1, 17:may fail. Whether it does or not, real profit will in any case eventuate.... That you may one andDiscipleship1, 79:and to your group brothers. We shall all profit thereby. You will have discovered an innateDiscipleship1, 99:encouragement. That you still have and it would profit you much if you spent some time in recallingDiscipleship1, 108:and in order that your brothers in my group may profit from your experience, I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 253:you still carefully to continue. It is of real profit to you. . . . Life for you at this time holdsDiscipleship1, 260:would be of peculiar value to you and you would profit much if each night you meditated for fiveDiscipleship1, 317:the lower man to the spiritual man. You would profit by making a study of the fifth ray and byDiscipleship1, 330:of my words nor would you have been able to profit by them. Even now I can only just touch upon theDiscipleship1, 379:the third Ray of Active Intelligence. You would profit much if you studied carefully the rays [380]Discipleship1, 415:of these injunctions? Can you endeavor to profit by them? Another source of your trouble is to beDiscipleship1, 451:by a retrogressive materialistic civilization to profit by the long awaited turn of the tide inDiscipleship1, 459:teaching work. In teaching we learn. It would profit your pupils much (and you also) if youDiscipleship1, 514:to effect this release and so enable you to profit by the precipitating spiritual inflow. When suchDiscipleship1, 514:For this you must be prepared and so be ready to profit from it. Your strength is far greater thanDiscipleship1, 743:will really comprehend what I say and profit by the hints. Discipleship1, 766:are living as desired and if you are seeking to profit by my instructions, the training of theDiscipleship2, 19:the hints I give, so that together the group may profit by them, stimulated by each presented ideaDiscipleship2, 74:will make in world affairs, or if mankind will profit from proffered opportunity. Equally so, theDiscipleship2, 130:interpreting, to make right application and to profit or fail to profit as seems best to you. TheseDiscipleship2, 130:make right application and to profit or fail to profit as seems best to you. These injunctions willDiscipleship2, 150:Men today must learn the lessons of the past, profit from the discipline of the war, and deal -Discipleship2, 180:carefully, regularly and sincerely. It would profit you much in the years to come if you followedDiscipleship2, 186:them to attain that source of ideas and to profit by its existence. Such ideas are contactedDiscipleship2, 200:in certain group formations which it would profit its briefly to consider. Discipleship2, 214:come to an understanding of my meaning. It might profit us if I briefly stated [215] the grades ofDiscipleship2, 246:their Master could well be applied here and with profit. Discipleship2, 319:it from its context; later, he must learn and profit from its meaning. The hints given at thisDiscipleship2, 412:and elementary; the modern disciple did not profit by the single mental statement presented to himDiscipleship2, 418:obvious meanings of this seventh hint it might profit us to consider. Its significance is, however,Discipleship2, 529:Obedience. Occult Meditation. [529] You would profit greatly. Seek to find me and walk with me inDiscipleship2, 548:In spite of the individual usefulness, it will profit each member of the group also to read andDiscipleship2, 551:not have accepted it. Today you will and will profit thereby. Some years ago you would have wastedDiscipleship2, 563:is to fit you in a later life (next life, if you profit by the presented opportunity) for transferDiscipleship2, 565:work for the coming year, and you should profit greatly by it. Every Sunday, however, I would haveDiscipleship2, 570:when you did not see the matter more clearly and profit by my words. I make this preamble in theDiscipleship2, 659:is most paradoxical but it is one which it would profit you much to consider and study. DisciplesDiscipleship2, 730:bodies are to be found. I do so now, for you can profit from the information. You have, as youDiscipleship2, 731:mind is not yet of such a nature that you can profit from this, and this is a fact which you mustEducation, 76:into incarnation at this time, and who can profit by the new type of education, are necessarily onEducation, 134:and this for three reasons which it would profit you to study: Many souls are rapidly achievingExternalisation, 11:to hear or serve. But these, too, would profit by a more intelligent training and by a moreExternalisation, 71:which the world situation can be viewed with profit is to look for the hidden source of the outerExternalisation, 105:may help you to understand, and it may be of profit to you if you can be helped to see the pictureExternalisation, 216:conscientious objectors who will eventually profit by the victory of the Forces of Light but whoExternalisation, 233:peace when there is no peace": Are you going to profit by their death and sacrifice when theExternalisation, 375:clash of interests and ideals. But it would profit not. The intelligent student of history (who hasExternalisation, 447:of those international purposes which will profit all humanity, those qualities will equally gainExternalisation, 453:established ecclesiastical order, their material profit and their temporal rule, and already areExternalisation, 490:Men today must learn the lessons of the past, profit from the discipline of the war and deal - eachExternalisation, 523:and in active communication with some Ashram can profit in any measure by information on thisFire, 223:the schedule already outlined, it might be of profit if certain facts are here pointed out, and oneFire, 309:factors and analogies that it would be of profit to us to mention at this juncture. This fifthFire, 396:- will the sons of men be able to study with profit the place of manas in the evolutionary scheme.Fire, 417:the sake of Mankind, though but a few elect may profit by the Great Sacrifice." - S. D., I, 229. Fire, 452:renewed effort ending in success is of far more profit to the Ego than the quick results broughtFire, 549:a due apprehension of inherent capacity will profit all who have the intuition to recognize theFire, 566:is not yet comprehensible to man; it does not profit him to meditate thereon, yet in theFire, 590:fifth Law of Fixation. We might study, too, with profit, the analogy that can be seen between theseFire, 701:attention is paid to the real meaning. Much profit would come if the student would study theFire, 925:etheric doubles of all that is. It is full of profit therefore to the wise student, for it revealsFire, 934:needless further to enlarge, as no substantial profit will eventuate from the impartation ofFire, 1032:nature is known with greater accuracy, it will profit us more to deal with force as it affects theFire, 1080:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind It might be of profit and of interest if we here enumerated some ofFire, 1174:perfected man. For this reason it might be of profit here if we dealt with it a little more fullyFire, 1174:which does not concern us here, nor would it profit us to consider it. Three main groups ofFire, 1179:upon the other planetary schools, nor would it profit. Certain further facts can be ascertained byFire, 1185:produces certain effects which it might profit us to touch upon here, provided we remember thatGlamour, 68:this with you, if you are not initiate? Would it profit you at all, or would it only satisfy yourGlamour, 92:more careful and intensive training. Will you profit by it? In the interim and in order that youGlamour, 223:attitude of inferiority and distress. They will profit enormously from a constant use of theHealing, 56:is little that I could add which would be of profit in such a discussion as this. The readers of myHealing, 189:the dedicated life and the illumined mind to profit by the knowledge conveyed, and to see behindHealing, 272:Unity Schools. All that I can do (if you are to profit by my presentation) is to lay down certainHealing, 279:its care, cure and preservation; they fail to profit from past wisdom, but prefer to set sail uponHealing, 341:and people who are definitely mental, can profit by these full moon cycles; those who areHealing, 493:it is to train children to recognize and profit by experience, for this, once learnt, will greatlyHealing, 598:secret but may, at the same time, choose not to profit by it because of the need they feel to beHercules, 72:in the world. Then, and then only, will it profit the Master to throw him a thought, and to giveInitiation, 26:these statements are but visionary dreams, and profit not at all, leading us only into darkness,
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