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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFIT

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Initiation, 58:with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by his instruction, and within the last tenInitiation, 67:a certain stage of evolution and are ready to profit by their instruction. [68] Secondly, we mustInitiation, 170:utilized, the initiate is now in a position to profit by this greater revelation, and to understandIntellect, 23:culture was imparted to those who could profit by it, and rare individuals were produced, who, toIntellect, 199:First: Can anyone, who has the desire, profit by and master the technique of Meditation? Second:Magic, 79:will be of mutual benefit; the East will profit from the mental stimulation afforded by the strongMagic, 121:that our reflection on the rule may proceed with profit. First, the rule we are at presentMagic, 521:release the "prisoners of the planet". It would profit us therefore to study who these prisonersMagic, 541:time who can work in a truly creative manner and profit by the information given in this Rule isMagic, 610:that even the [610] members of the Hierarchy profit by the opinions and advice of thoseMeditation, 185:that spark and the turning of it to the greatest profit. The fire elementals are known in someMeditation, 235:understanding on his part, and small ability to profit thereby. But as time proceeds, heMeditation, 235:the value of all that eventuates, and seeks to profit by the sum of the qualities of his life.Meditation, 317:into the advanced school in a condition to profit by the instructions there to be imparted. Here IMeditation, 320:body is of a certain capacity can the pupil profit by the curriculum. Therefore, with the Head ofPatanjali, 404:does the paraphrase of the Tibetan, and it is of profit to study it, for in the approach of manyProblems, 15:with any other nation except for commercial profit, for which international legislation isProblems, 39:so situated (usually financially) that they can profit from them and appreciate them. The knowledgeProblems, 71:and the promotion of war for private or business profit are characteristic of their methods. Problems, 72:who have no desire to exploit the masses or to profit by the misery of others. They have risen toProblems, 101:is the victim of an inheritance which could with profit be modernized. Nowhere is the emergence ofPsychology1, 159:The readers of this treatise who really want to profit by this teaching must train themselves everPsychology1, 231:study the rays and kingdoms of nature? Of what profit is it to speculate on matters of which it isPsychology2, 200:this we can easily see. Therefore it does not profit us to consider them too carefully. The time isPsychology2, 341:considered, and where we can eventually and with profit deal with that point, the third pertainingPsychology2, 348:prevalent in the human field, it might profit us for a moment to define it and seek to understandPsychology2, 395:to take these words into his meditation and profit greatly thereby, for he will be meditating as anPsychology2, 395:into words. You might well ask me here of what profit is it then for me to write these things atPsychology2, 482:comprehension of God's plan. it might be of profit if I indicated anew the various schools ofPsychology2, 511:knowledge, and the people in the Orient do not profit by it, as a whole. It will be different inPsychology2, 632:might be looked at from two angles, and it may profit us to do so, remembering always that thePsychology2, 677:educate the masses. Thus it will be possible to profit by the emerging tendency towardsRays, 44:initiation involved, but not always, as it would profit not. The clue to the seventh initiationRays, 46:with the will aspect of divinity, nor would it profit at this time. Aspirants have to learn theRays, 91:source of Life, and Humanity can consequently profit by this hierarchical Approach and knowRays, 108:ask you if you are much the wiser, or of what profit it is for me to write these words if youRays, 113:of senior aspirants, in the hope that they would profit thereby; the need for synthesis has alsoRays, 128:of prime importance to those who would and can profit [129] by what I am seeking to convey, as IRays, 329:and if the student truly seeks to understand and profit by what I am endeavoring to teach, let himRays, 374:the periphery of the Ashram, to absorb with profit the radiation of the Hierarchy. I would like atRays, 389:these essential truths clearer to those who can profit by them. Such people will necessarily beRays, 713:employed if He and those He seeks to help are to profit by the revelation. [714] This opens up theReappearance, 15:which have never before occurred; it might profit us if we considered these matters and so gained aReappearance, 98:major fused and blended dualities. It would profit us to study them and know which they are: TheReappearance, 175:of vast experience but always too with an eye to profit. The United States would also gladlyTelepathy, 56:is little that can be added to this theme with profit at this time; what has already been givenTelepathy, 139:If they have the time, students would find it of profit to reread what I said; run their eyesTelepathy, 149:possible, should He so desire it, but it would profit Him not, any more than it would profit you toTelepathy, 149:it would profit Him not, any more than it would profit you to be in conscious touch with some atom
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