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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFITABLY

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Discipleship1, 443:meditation work, thus building in the idea as profitably as you can and - during the day -Discipleship2written by her in the first volume may be profitably reread in relation to both volumes. The MasterFire, 523:of their nature extra-systemically naught can profitably be said at this stage of cognition. TheGlamour, 256:then breathing exercises can safely and profitably be attempted. You see, my brother, only theHealing, 543:premises, and there is little more than I can profitably say anent its implications. Much will beMagic, 405:the coming potencies of the Aquarian age could profitably be employed. First of all, humanity mustPsychology2, 21:Influence It was earlier pointed out that we can profitably use the words, - Life, Quality,Psychology2, 345:aspect. About this later stage, little can be profitably said. Teaching which would be intelligiblePsychology2, 382:stage therefore that the Technique of Fusion can profitably be used, preserving at the same timePsychology2, 554:yet little known and there is little that I can profitably say about it, for I would not bePsychology2, 581:and knows both when and how to use them the most profitably and with the least expenditure ofRays, 204:upon this phase of the Rules. I would be more profitably employed if I elucidated somewhat theRays, 400:decision as to which of the four kingdoms will profitably provide the field of his sacrifice and
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