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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFITS

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Astrology, 280:a man has, however, taken this initiation, he profits not from anything that I could tell him inAstrology, 598:to the consciousness aspect which recognizes and profits by such struggle. I am referring to theAutobiography, 285:requirements cannot be imposed. If the student profits by the work and by the help given, we areExternalisation, 326:Allies, or will evil triumph and greed reap the profits of aggression? Will men be led into aFire, 631:planes) I do not seek to deal, for it only profits us to [632] study the construction ofFire, 665:connection with man's individualization, but it profits not to pass it on; the above is only quotedFire, 801:the planetary Logos to man, the human unit. It profits not to extend the thought any further. Fire, 1059:possible to the tiny finite minds of men and it profits us not to consider the question. Go out onGlamour, 185:of liberation and it leads to illumination. It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world andInitiation, 174:comprehension within the next solar system, it profits not to continue considering this secret. TheMagic, 314:for in the current books on the subject and it profits not for me to enlarge upon them here. 4.Magic, 431:facts of interest. The main reason that it profits us not to study these energies too closely isPatanjali, 120:or God within. It includes the other yogas and profits by their achievements. It synthesizes thePsychology1, xix:the group into which he may find his way if he profits by the teaching and learns control; thePsychology1, 14:which is that of Deity itself, about which it profits us not to speculate. Psychology1, 157:of one's fellow man is overlooked, the vision profits not. I have sought to convey the magnitude ofPsychology1, 267:kingdom and the rays, for - as said before - it profits not. Man's work is to raise the dead toRays, 290:histories; the lesser world of discipleship profits by the achievements of those who take theRays, 462:implications will not be lost to you, but it profits us not to dwell upon them. As this process is
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