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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFOUND

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Healing, 127:the emphasis below. This leads frequently to profound complications, because - from the personalityHealing, 554:or through lack of physical consciousness or profound weakness, the healer will have to workHealing, 613:retrogression is indicated; and this is why all profound attention to the physical disciplines, toHercules, 11:the same time to a paralleling conception of our profound ignorance. We have learned much of theHercules, 25:from Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is of profound significance, for the sword is the symbolHercules, 68:the standpoint of the occultist, Sirius is of profound significance. "Our God is a consuming fire",Hercules, 84:labor, when considered thoughtfully, is one of profound and outstanding interest and the lesson itInitiation, 35:of the Hierarchy are having, and will have a profound effect upon humanity, but the result desiredInitiation, 37:energy which flowed through them, and by their profound wisdom and experience, they stimulatedInitiation, 86:worlds. His knowledge of the microcosm becomes profound, and he has mastered theoretically andInitiation, 95:the same as our fourth scheme, yet have their profound differences in manifestation, due to theInitiation, 98:All that can be done here in dealing with this profound subject is to enumerate briefly some of theInitiation, 115:Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations These profound revelations shine forth before theInitiation, 169:him, and through this revelation two subjects of profound [170] interest become clarified to hisInitiation, 188:by the man to whom the law of vibration is of profound importance. He works first in the councilIntellect, 5:new philosophic manner will be adopted, and the profound spirituality of eastern thought will beIntellect, 7:the East that has taught us another, wider, more profound, and a higher understanding, that is,Intellect, 92:which we are constituted. We are conscious of a profound dissatisfaction with physical life as aIntellect, 120:pass on to a real use of the mind through a profound interest in some science or some way ofIntellect, 168:the self in the one idea, the one desire, is so profound - and in the case of the great mystics -Magic, 77:is my earnest wish. Occult study is of profound importance, and students of these sciences mustMagic, 134:rank materialism of the past into a growing and profound realization of the unseen worlds withoutMagic, 178:therefore, of education, and be himself a profound seeker of truth before he will be chosen to beMagic, 307:or a cycle of years, and produces conditions of profound depression and of mutual distrust. ItMagic, 348:amusement. Secondly, it results frequently in a profound depression, in an utter sinking of theMagic, 370:as an occult paradox to say that in the midst of profound personality distress and unhappiness, theMagic, 406:but groups who represent certain ideas. It is of profound importance that the work of these sevenMagic, 537:I want to point out two things, both of profound importance: First, in order to release theMagic, 543:this group there is much misunderstanding and profound ignorance. It is perhaps as well, [544] forMeditation, 36:higher than himself. All this is backed by the profound conviction that in service to humanity willMeditation, 39:recapitulate, for the value of reiteration is profound. We have taken up briefly the [40] factor ofMeditation, 180:from this angle, and therefore, he attained a profound knowledge of law. I have touched on thisMeditation, 205:subject for our consideration this evening is of profound and complicated interest. This seventhMeditation, 305:these imparted facts, for the significance is of profound importance. Tomorrow we will deal withMeditation, 316:in the higher psychism. These ten must be profound students of meditation, and able to superintendMeditation, 348:fruit of his service; and that judgment, more profound than his, is testing the force and extent ofPatanjali, 21:apparently short and simple, is of the most profound significance; it is studied by high initiatesPatanjali, 73:These corrections of wrong conditions are of profound importance in the early stages of yoga andPatanjali, 98:more advanced students, will be found to be of profound occult significance: "...the atom of earthPatanjali, 189:or of straining towards the objective must be so profound in the aspirant to yoga that noPatanjali, 303:significance to the ordinary student, but is of profound use to the initiate or pledged disciple.Patanjali, 354:is a department of occult teaching of the most profound kind and those adepts who have specializedPatanjali, 354:hierarchy. The other senses are capable too of profound unfoldments, but they are peculiarly hiddenPatanjali, 406:awareness ? These, and similar questions are of profound value to the aspirant, if asked sincerelyProblems, 49:will not be easy, for it will be paralleled by a profound sense of the difficulties to be overcomeProblems, 58:differing national and racial conditions is of profound interest. The outstanding figures ofProblems, 86:qualities are, however, often implemented by a profound ignorance of the true facts, of theProblems, 153:of certain factors which are oft overlooked. A profound and sound optimism is entirely possiblePsychology1, xxiv:in such a way that the general public, with its profound interest in the soul, may be intrigued andPsychology1, 82:as to the laws of thought, and in addition, to a profound lack of knowledge as to man's own nature,Psychology1, 122:come into favor. Behind all this lies a purpose profound. The physical plane, in its densestPsychology1, 129:is, from the standpoint of psychology, of profound importance, and hence this treatise. 5. GroupsPsychology1, 182:your question, and yet one so scientific and so profound in meaning that only when it is realizedPsychology1, 185:next few decades will mark a happening of such profound and widespread consequences that thePsychology1, 320:The following should be noted, for it is of profound psychological interest and import: Rays I, IVPsychology1, 371:prophesy as an imminent happening. [371] Much of profound interest is on its way as a result ofPsychology2, 335:a creative artist - suddenly takes a deep and profound interest in mathematics, might be inferredPsychology2, 462:and attitudes make to the whole. This is of profound usefulness at the time of adolescence when soPsychology2, 487:sense, we shall have to pass through a cycle of profound, psychological, and racial disturbancePsychology2, 572:problem for every mystic and there is no one profound and scientific rule whereby he can guide hisPsychology2, 587:These rules sound simple and familiar but are of profound difficulty to follow, particularly in thePsychology2, 591:or the science of the centers, is one of profound importance and one of real danger as well. It is,Psychology2, 679:are [679] carried to our minds implications of profound magnitude to the race. The third functionRays, 28:application of these ideas the same basic and profound development must take place, and a group ofRays, 177:the ring-pass-not of our planet - a task of profound difficulty. There are other and interestingRays, 197:and superficial progress. It is depth and a profound "rootedness" (if I may coin such a word) forRays, 217:and its ring-pass-not is destroyed, is of such profound difficulty that it is called the life ofRays, 312:concerns the certainty of the initiate, and his profound conviction of the fact of the Christ inRays, 335:consequent life of service (involving factors of profound significance to men) are an expression ofRays, 353:by the three apostles who in bewilderment and profound humility took part in the third initiation,Rays, 364:church people that the word "spiritual" connotes profound and effective interest in orthodoxRays, 455:therefore the temporary differentiations are of profound and useful importance. We might thereforeRays, 500:purpose of the soul. This may take the form of a profound application to some scientific endeavorRays, 579:devoted adherence to truth as sensed, profound reaction to the physical disciplines (imposed sinceRays, 586:the world today. You will note, therefore, the profound and widespread interest of this field ofRays, 602:Harmony through Conflict. Our study today is of profound interest and has a great bearing on theRays, 619:and unobstructed. Again, under law, a profound optimism is engendered and may be rightly developed.Reappearance, 67:upon His action, so great "determinations" and "profound settlements within the will of God" alsoReappearance, 187:not an assembling upon the physical plane but a profound subjective and spiritual happening. EvenSoulare no mere facts, but symbols, perilous and profound. It becomes as a whole an object of value, ofSoul, 12:and psychological research that will be of [12] profound significance I have no doubt whatever. TheSoul, 20:is an heredity pattern-reaction involving profound changes of the bodily mechanism as a whole, butSoul, 37:slightest reason to doubt the broad fact of the profound effect on temperament exercised by theSoul, 90:The materialistic approach, however, has been of profound value. It has brought about two things
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