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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROFOUNDLY

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Astrology, 12:books of which the average astrologer remains profoundly unaware. It is essential that he learns toAstrology, 259:three Crosses - cosmic, systemic and human - are profoundly interesting in their interrelation;Astrology, 307:be a trained occultist, mentally polarized and profoundly aware of the realities, forces andAstrology, 309:have really no great appeal to him; he is then profoundly conscious of his own identity, and thisAstrology, 520:- munitions, ships, and planes, etc. - is being profoundly affected as are buildings, for instance,Astrology, 521:vitalized. The energy which flows from them is profoundly affecting the world, holding great hopeAtom, 83:definition found in the Standard Dictionary is a profoundly uninteresting one, and is as follows:Autobiography, 176:and I returned to Krotona utterly disillusioned, profoundly convinced that the T.S. was runAutobiography, 198:somewhat monotonous. As I look over them I am profoundly conscious [199] of a cycle in which dayBethlehem, 121:special time, illness has its uses and may be a profoundly desirable blessing. Poverty andBethlehem, 136:that it seems to belittle the Christ, but it is profoundly necessary for us to see the picture asBethlehem, 151:and institutions are consecrated. We desire profoundly the light of understanding, which expressesBethlehem, 270:There is only one ideal for man, to make himself profoundly human. 'Be ye perfect.' The whole man,Destiny, 96:vitalized. The energy which flows from them is profoundly affecting the world and the UnitedDestiny, 148:Yet just as the churches have descended into a profoundly materialistic presentation ofDiscipleship1, 20:and the ambitions of men and the results will be profoundly evil. The world situation todayDiscipleship1, 269:it also initiates those unfoldment that profoundly and deeply change the rhythm of the life. InDiscipleship1, 342:of isolation and separateness which can be profoundly disastrous to the emerging and true spiritualDiscipleship1, 347:In occult training, the old adage remains profoundly true that "a little knowledge is a dangerousDiscipleship1, 508:the old rhythms are still possible; you are oft profoundly discouraged by the cropping up of theDiscipleship2, 67:of the soul (upon its own plane of being) affect profoundly and fundamentally the personality lifeDiscipleship2, 75:have no criticism of J.W.K-P., who has handled a profoundly difficult task for me with beauty,Discipleship2, 314:it is essential that the old concepts - profoundly useful in their days - should be forgotten andDiscipleship2, 324:of that method of teaching which is profoundly rooted in hierarchical technique. I said: That moreDiscipleship2, 416:knowledge," uncomplicated and, at the same time, profoundly inclusive. It will be more easilyDiscipleship2, 447:This you know. One aspect of your nature is profoundly satisfied; the other is full of doubt andDiscipleship2, 447:ways, the war has not really touched you very profoundly, even if you retaliate by saying that itDiscipleship2, 525:your life at present. The second initiation is a profoundly difficult one to take. For those uponDiscipleship2, 618:of the various defections. A handful remain profoundly attached to the work and to the purpose.Discipleship2, 701:and frequently of despair. In spite of the profoundly unsatisfactory demonstration which youExternalisation, 201:world religions. At the same time, they are profoundly interested in the spiritual values and areExternalisation, 385:of the demobilized, and of world rebuilding are profoundly important and will call for expert aid.Externalisation, 492:and veil the anima mundi. Both groups have been profoundly interested and implicated in this matterExternalisation, 585:busy, energetic people, gifted with a good mind, profoundly interested in their chosen life taskExternalisation, 617:the consciousness of men everywhere has been profoundly affected; this will be increasingly so asExternalisation, 687:not of the world"; Christ depicted in simple yet profoundly revealing terms the life of the MembersFire, 142:each demonstrates one of the three aspects so profoundly as to be recognized as that aspect itself.Fire, 459:brought about by the swinging into power of a profoundly long cycle of the fifth Ray. This wasFire, 503:may look to human vision as extending over a profoundly long period, from the point of view ofFire, 635:and - from the human standpoint - are the most profoundly important, for they are the builders ofFire, 656:Therefore, Group A of Agnichaitans must remain profoundly esoteric, and their true nature can onlyFire, 680:studied sections of this treatise. Man is ever profoundly interested in himself, and before he canFire, 696:given rise to a misunderstanding. They are felt profoundly in connection with the astral andFire, 858:- of these he will eventually become profoundly aware within his physical brain. I do not hereGlamour, 18:at this time, and here these groups can help profoundly. One of the things which will emerge mostGlamour, 29:and often divinely directed, compromises which profoundly help humanity; to find the time or placeHealing, 120:energies into the heart, and the world agony is profoundly hastening the process. Stomachic, liverHealing, 191:have disease, ill health and death. This is a profoundly simple rule, but it gives the clue to theHealing, 306:such is my background and training. I may know profoundly more about the healing art than you doHealing, 331:psychology and of healing. The whole subject is profoundly interesting. Some of it I have dealtHealing, 500:and form is so real that the soul is deeply and profoundly identified with its manifestingHealing, 660:by the initiated disciple. They are, however, profoundly interesting intellectually to theHealing, 660:of view, and divine understanding. This law is profoundly simple and means exactly what it says. ItHealing, 710:healer of the present time believes to be so profoundly more effective. Just as all modernHercules, 150:humanity's problem, but individually we are so profoundly concerned with our own evolution that weInitiation, viii:the criticism is not unmerited. Initiation is profoundly difficult of attainment, and calls for aInitiation, 16:given rise to a misunderstanding. They are felt profoundly in connection with the astral andInitiation, 20:the occult Hierarchy of the planet is of such a profoundly momentous interest to the average man,Initiation, 36:of the [36] evolutionary process, and a profoundly important effect upon the mind aspect in man,Initiation, 57:called "the Messenger of the Masters." He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the rays andInitiation, 147:"revelation of the vision." An undertaking of a profoundly solemn nature concerning his relation toIntellect, 37:the word "supernatural" has become deeply and profoundly respectable, and it seems possible thatIntellect, 86:of the mental body and its correct use may be profoundly true, but this knowledge serves no purposeIntellect, 106:the "expulsive power of a new affection." To be profoundly interested in some new and intriguingMagic, 56:studying Rule I we could summarize it simply yet profoundly under the following words: EgoicMagic, 121:means are employed. There lies in this thought a profoundly necessary incentive for a rightMagic, 159:be aided if they were to be occupied by the profoundly engrossing work of thought-form building. AMagic, 164:the level of discipleship is but in embryo, is profoundly true. It should be remembered however,Magic, 239:that one can admit, yet which remains profoundly difficult to apply individually. The fears toMagic, 264:only of the Truth of the Godhead, realizing profoundly and to the depths of his being the ephemeralMagic, 453:which are mentioned in Rule XI. They would be profoundly incomprehensible to all but the initiate,Magic, 464:thinking clearly, posit a Thinker, and this is profoundly the position of the occult sciences. OurMagic, 579:desire aspect is primarily to be found. It is profoundly true that according to a man's desires soMeditation, 60:The statements of a teacher, no matter how profoundly wise he may be, are but mental concepts untilMeditation, 157:Use of Form in Meditation Ray Forms This is a profoundly interesting and vast subject, and may onlyMeditation, 307:be one of the later schools founded and will be profoundly occult and an advanced school in directPatanjali, 54:all are and how the achievement of one will profoundly affect the entire body. Discipleship can beProblems, 26:for experiment along creative lines; it is profoundly interested in trying out every kind ofPsychology1, 51:this the workers in the scientific field differ profoundly from those of the religious. The reasonPsychology1, 83:even the outer appearance of the world will be profoundly altered; the vegetation and the animalPsychology1, 102:be over-emphasized. It will, for one thing, profoundly affect the human eye and make the presentPsychology1, 106:and the Masters are exceedingly active and profoundly concerned at this time with the work ofPsychology1, 226:The processes found in the mineral kingdom are profoundly geometrical. The first ray is that ofPsychology1, 369:of organized synthetic ritualistic activity will profoundly affect Masonry, as the importance of aPsychology2, 301:astrology of initiation with which They are most profoundly concerned. Though the time is not yet,Psychology2, 460:Those who remain mentally introverted, and profoundly and deeply preoccupied with theirPsychology2, 486:and, therefore, quite safely; others are profoundly ignorant not only of techniques and methods butRays, 12:are being brought about as the result of certain profoundly important happenings upon inner planesRays, 16:dualism, as far as our planet is concerned, is profoundly affected by the will-purpose of the LordRays, 131:and consequent organization which is needed profoundly at this time. You will see, therefore, theRays, 244:divine activity down the ages. We know it to be profoundly inadequate as yet to express or toRays, 502:mind's eye pictorially. It is a process which is profoundly difficult for them. It must, however,Rays, 591:"substantial" key to the Universal Mind. It is profoundly susceptible to the energy of Love-Wisdom,Soul, 95:[95] hypotheses, to something which differs profoundly from 'matter' as known by the senses. ThisSoul, 95:that this Ether is not 'matter,' but differs profoundly from it, and that it is only our infirmityTelepathy, 150:as it is impulsed from etheric levels, and a profoundly significant development takes place. This
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