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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROGRESS

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Astrology, 28:and control manifestation and evolutionary progress in the human being: The great exterior, yetAstrology, 52:he slowly and gradually reverses his mode of progress upon the wheel of life and begins consciouslyAstrology, 66:Note: In charts connected with the Path, progress is from Aries to Pisces through Taurus, etc.Astrology, 81:giving you the subjective picture of man's progress as he passes on "the sweep of the sun along theAstrology, 83:you to remember that though I shall trace the progress of the man from sign to sign around theAstrology, 106:as we study the path of evolution, or the progress of the soul around the great wheel, both as aAstrology, 106:in reality, introduce four different cycles of progress upon the Path in its various stages ofAstrology, 110:significance of the key words for the modes of progress through the signs. The underlying theme ofAstrology, 113:that it is only man, individualized man whose progress we are studying, plus his reactions toAstrology, 129:the feet and hence the whole thought of [129] progress, of attaining the goal, and the treading ofAstrology, 137:rays which determine the final stages of man's progress as well as the initial stages, being moreAstrology, 138:in this case he is dealing entirely with the progress of the ordinary man upon the wheel of life,Astrology, 141:servers. They turn their backs upon all further progress for themselves in this cycle and on allAstrology, 147:It is interesting to bear in mind that in the progress of the soul, as far as humanity isAstrology, 151:the Mutable Cross governs the wheel in ordinary progress and the Fixed Cross governs it on theAstrology, 151:and the Fixed Cross governs it on the reversed progress during discipleship. The Cardinal Cross inAstrology, 158:been called esoterically "periodic arresting." Progress becomes impossible under the existingAstrology, 175:in man, will mark the points of crisis in his progress and will (when the three influences whichAstrology, 180:what he has to do and he therefore makes rapid progress and travels "fast [181] upon the Way. HeAstrology, 181:meaning of the growing light which greets his progress as he climbs upward to the mountain top. TheAstrology, 191:within himself; these are the power to make progress upon the path and to walk the Way, and alsoAstrology, 202:spiritual adventure and eager aspiration for progress which is latent in all disciples and which,Astrology, 207:initiation can be taken. Each life sees some progress made; some personality defects straightenedAstrology, 227:Virgin Mother is the foreordained custodian. As progress is made, recurrently or cyclically, aroundAstrology, 245:Thus can the golden thread of evolutionary progress be traced throughout the zodiacal path fromAstrology, 247:- Evolution. Taurus - Desire - Incentive - Progress. Gemini - Duality - Condition - Interplay.Astrology, 248:as a prelude to a more effective and sensitive progress upon the path. It is the same in Aries. AsAstrology, 254:of spirit-matter, and not the individualized progress of man, the movement is from Aries to Pisces,Astrology, 254:and humanity swings into the correct rhythm of progress. I would ask you, therefore, toAstrology, 261:passage of human life around the zodiac. This progress or passage falls into three major divisions:Astrology, 261:falls into three major divisions: The passage or progress of humanity around and around the zodiacAstrology, 261:the individual to a life of self-conscious progress and a changed mode of progression around theAstrology, 261:life. This lies far in the past. The passage or progress of the individual man which runs counterAstrology, 261:present situation for the masses. The passage or progress of the reoriented man from Aries toAstrology, 264:lead the human family into the ways of peace and progress. Virgo is definitely related, through theAstrology, 264:lies hid the entire history of human progress and the secret of the process of divineAstrology, 266:which produce changes which are needed in the progress of the soul towards divine expression. YouAstrology, 276:momentum can be set up which will produce progress (through the intervening signs) to Aquarius. IAstrology, 283:Fixed Cross of the disciple, thus reversing its progress upon the circle of the zodiac. Humanity -Astrology, 286:prior to entering into a new cycle of progress. This links Leo consequently with Capricorn, theAstrology, 291:knowledge towards wisdom" is always the key to progress, and, therefore, exoteric psychology andAstrology, 302:or responsiveness and the underlying cause of progress or evolutionary movement forward; it is theAstrology, 304:is the "initiator of the process which leads to progress" and - at the end of the age (as it is nowAstrology, 327:as yet, it will only be possible to trace the progress of advanced souls in incarnation and notAstrology, 370:to grasp. The complexity involved in the progress through the decans - conditioning also the rulersAstrology, 371:only three words which endeavor to describe the progress and bias of man the personality, man theAstrology, 371:expression which underlies all events, all progress and all happenings in time and space. It wasAstrology, 377:that is happening today and to the headstrong progress of the glamored peoples, to the stiffeningAstrology, 378:in the forces of aggression, and the purposeful progress of those people and peoples who seek, evenAstrology, 379:of the disciple wherein the path of zodiacal progress is reversed. In the first case, CapricornAstrology, 379:movement which distinguishes the evolutionary progress of the individual, working under the impulseAstrology, 380:Mother, the form, then and not till then is the progress of the wheel arrested and "revolution"Astrology, 388:of the soul expressing itself as direction, progress, and conformity to the Plan. This Plan, fromAstrology, 394:and in wild rushes; steady measured progress upon the Way is very hard for him. He finds itAstrology, 395:also bring about his immense opportunity for progress. It will be apparent to you that a whole newAstrology, 402:to follow the wheel of rebirth; on the reversed progress around the zodiac, the struggle is toAstrology, 403:receiving planets. We have seen man incited to progress by the nature of the forces of divineAstrology, 408:and according to cosmic law. Whilst they are in progress, accuracy of computation and deduction isAstrology, 410:to the life cycle of the Monad. The progress of the Sun as it passes through the signs in theAstrology, 413:brain, conditioning the emotional nature in its progress and processes. Several lives may,Astrology, 437:sign which is now passing out of influence as we progress upon the great wheel of the zodiac. It isAstrology, 450:its recurrent points of fusion and its steady progress, through changing process, towards anAstrology, 481:recognized, enable humanity to make more rapid progress, fuse and blend the energies of the threeAstrology, 497:upon the Wheel of Life, by means of which his progress becomes anti-clockwise. The influence of theAstrology, 498:and oriented towards the material world. Much progress towards right understanding of astrologyAstrology, 571:mystics but who have made at least some small progress in their attempt to tread the occult way.Astrology, 612:In connection with the human individual and his progress and initiation or translation from oneAstrology, 613:The initiation of the urge to evolve, proceed, progress. The initiation of the differentiatingAstrology, 629:stages - all of them the result of process, of progress, of activity and of mind or intelligentAstrology, 641:incarnation, with solar evolution and with solar progress." (C.F. 1058) [642] Astrology, 647:Logoi (mentioned under point 35 above)... They progress these various horoscopes [648] for the nextAtom, 45:then, the human atom may equally be supposed to progress to something still more widely conscious,Atom, 48:our brother is held [48] back, and is not making progress, and if the other human atoms are notAtom, 65:order changeth, and a period of transition is in progress; the old forms, in every department ofAutobiography, 7:know to be essential to the future happiness and progress of humanity - the fact of the Masters,Autobiography, 7:fundamental interest. The broad sweeps of human progress from the primeval age to the dawn of theAutobiography, 22:and the sorrows of humanity is to be discovered. Progress is rooted in the mystical consciousness.Autobiography, 40:and events of far greater moment to the progress of the race than those recorded in history. I wasAutobiography, 50:condition that all evolution in thought and all progress would be permanently arrested.Autobiography, 63:of my aunt if she had ever seen this erratic progress, but I did it all "for Jesus' sake" and neverAutobiography, 78:to earth for another cycle of learning, of progress and of enrichment. [79] Thus the rhythm and theAutobiography, 140:teaching would have made far more rapid progress if Theosophists had not been so overcome andAutobiography, 188:those who loved their fellowmen, who believed in progress and the universality of truth. It was aAutobiography, 232:have not the faintest intention of making any progress in this life at all. This type of horoscopeAutobiography, 256:the purpose, sacrificing their own immediate progress in order to help humanity. This is a Master.Autobiography, 257:one of evolutionary development and educational progress towards an intelligent spiritual goal;Autobiography, 270:the ones which must be first grasped if right progress is to be made. Step by step the disciple isAutobiography, 279:and no fanaticism, the disciple will have rapid progress upon the "Lighted Way," as the Path isAutobiography, 281:and clearing the way for an understanding progress. These principles are unchanging and will neverAutobiography, 289:into Polish, Greek, Roumanian and Armenian. Much progress has been made along these lines. TheBethlehem, 30:goal. Such our glorious objective. How can we progress towards this consummation? What is the firstBethlehem, 41:prepare them for this step, and without Whom no progress is possible. They forget that it is notBethlehem, 77:Until he has learnt it, he can make no further progress. Until divinity has been expressed in theBethlehem, 78:lovingly in their own homes, they can make no progress. Until the path of life is trodden, happily,Bethlehem, 115:Him or His achievements. The further men progress upon the Path of Evolution, the more they becomeBethlehem, 141:of the world. There must come a time in the progress of each human being when the development ofBethlehem, 176:find expression on earth. Of this, past [176] progress is the guarantee. The immediacy of thisBethlehem, 197:The outstanding contribution of Christ to world progress was His affirmation, through word andBethlehem, 245:of the persistent, inner, divine incentive to progress, to create and to benefit others, that seem,Bethlehem, 251:we call the urge to evolution, the impulse to progress, to push forward, to live, and to know that
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