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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROGRESS

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Bethlehem, 254:direction is assured, and nothing car arrest the progress of humanity's entrance into life. HenceBethlehem, 268:the faculty of inspiration is essential to any progress upon the path of initiation, and itBethlehem, 270:but which is always conscious of purpose, of progress and of orientation. The wonder of the processBethlehem, 278:of the human race and the actualization of progress of every sort in the circumstances of humanityBethlehem, 279:for that universal spiritual and material progress which we call civilization only in so far as weBethlehem, 279:by a strong and clear determination to attain progress, and consecrate themselves, as a result ofDestiny, 8:embodying the divine plan for planetary progress) will depend the rapidity of humanity's progressDestiny, 8:progress) will depend the rapidity of humanity's progress or its retardation for lack ofDestiny, 29:past and whose influence is potent to hinder the progress of humanity into the new age. Their nameDestiny, 35:of the superficial objective reasons, then real progress will be made in the process of releasingDestiny, 55:than generalize and indicate the major lines of progress. The role of the prophet is a dangerousDestiny, 60:compassion for all suffering and to a pronounced progress towards a well defined humanitarianism.Destiny, 64:and the nation; it runs counter to the true progress of humanity which must lead increasingly toDestiny, 149:and this in the interests of life itself and progress. The message of the birth of Christ ringsDiscipleship1more advanced development. The evolutionary progress - from century to century - presents aDiscipleship1, X:exists, that its Members are interested in human progress and that there is a definitely plannedDiscipleship1, X:and learn the intended lessons; he finds that progress upon the Path brings a man into closer,Discipleship1, 5:phenomena which has deterred the course and the progress of many would-be disciples. This is alsoDiscipleship1, 6:in spite of the clamor of Western life. Progress is, therefore, made in spite of, and not becauseDiscipleship1, 9:is made, the welding process will make much progress. This, therefore, is our first effort, as itDiscipleship1, 9:unit - some disciples will have to hasten their progress in certain directions and others will haveDiscipleship1, 31:you realized, however, my brothers, what occult progress in the world you have been permitted toDiscipleship1, 54:of the Plan, hitherto not revealed. As you make progress in this work and as you seek to understandDiscipleship1, 58:new system (made necessary by achieved racial progress) this process of right external adjustmentsDiscipleship1, 76:and singly as has hitherto been the case. Group progress can, therefore, in this connection beDiscipleship1, 76:therefore, great and your opportunity for rapid progress is real and definitely unusual. WhenDiscipleship1, 77:the personality which is so detrimental to real progress. In these tendencies (which are so usual)Discipleship1, 83:is the distortion of a true idea which, in its progress from the mental plane to the physical, hasDiscipleship1, 87:pointed out, the keynote of the aspirant's progress will be love of humanity; this will indicateDiscipleship1, 98:from the standpoint of the Master. Any delay in progress and any final severance comes entirelyDiscipleship1, 98:tide of life roll over you; I have noted your progress and your delay. I have watched you succeedDiscipleship1, 107:my brother, and this should indicate to you your progress in subjective sensitivity. Later, a groupDiscipleship1, 108:come when certain changes can be made. The [108] progress towards heart development has proceededDiscipleship1, 108:of thought than a step backward on the path of progress. All growth is cyclic and one progressesDiscipleship1, 110:you of your own development. You have made real progress, brother of mine, but have only, however,Discipleship1, 110:increased effectiveness. Later, I will (if you progress in sensitivity) train you in the art ofDiscipleship1, 121:group and from that angle I am pleased with the progress you have made. During the past few years IDiscipleship1, 122:Path of Accepted Discipleship and have made good progress upon it. The accentuation of the timesDiscipleship1, 140:of the loved and near deflect you from your progress upon the path of service. You belong now toDiscipleship1, 150:limitations, hindrances and certain obstacles to progress. Were it not so, you would be liberatedDiscipleship1, 152:to you and that it will enable you to make real progress. Discipleship1, 155:(longer than you know) have watched over your progress, am standing by with understanding and withDiscipleship1, 167:and do not be so seriously troubled as to the progress of the work which seems not yet to move asDiscipleship1, 167:aid you in handling your problem and help your progress as a worker: The sense of responsibilityDiscipleship1, 173:teacher and, in the last analysis, make the most progress. You have given your life to the craft ofDiscipleship1, 174:is a speedier and steadier high vibration. Your progress on the Path has been earnest and steadyDiscipleship1, 186:grasp this fact. Since 1917, I have watched your progress and your work. This will indicate to youDiscipleship1, 195:it is the pointing out of a hindrance to your progress; it is in the nature of a stone or rock overDiscipleship1, 198:for you are not satisfied yourself with your progress, and rightly so? The main reason lies in yourDiscipleship1, 198:lines of least resistance, you will make rapid progress towards that goal you have set yourself inDiscipleship1, 199:and my increased usefulness upon the Path? Is my progress upon the Path of importance? Why? If itDiscipleship1, 200:the past six months, you have made definite progress and are now far more of a strength, inner andDiscipleship1, 201:more clear, and will greatly facilitate your progress on the Way. The inhibitions to the free playDiscipleship1, 206:of your spiritual endeavor. You have made much progress towards this goal lately and your first rayDiscipleship1, 228:on the meditation assigned. You have made progress - more progress than you yourself can perhapsDiscipleship1, 228:assigned. You have made progress - more progress than you yourself can perhaps sense. I say this toDiscipleship1, 229:upon this point. But paralleling this steady progress must come an increasing crescendo ofDiscipleship1, 232:I wish to tell you that you have made more real progress the past year than in any previous tenDiscipleship1, 232:many times. And, my brother, you have made real progress in the evocation of group consciousness.Discipleship1, 237:simply a very brief notation. You have made some progress in relegating the personality to theDiscipleship1, 237:inclusive than heretofore. See to it that steady progress is made in that direction. With anDiscipleship1, 237:of attention to that which may be said. The progress you have made warrants my giving you aDiscipleship1, 247:Along this latter line you have made much progress and are much to be commended. Now the life ofDiscipleship1, 252:cause for discouragement for you have made real progress. You have much, as a soul, to give. OnceDiscipleship1, 262:This, I think you know. You have made real progress in swinging free from the limitations of aDiscipleship1, 265:the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny life within my formDiscipleship1, 276:his way at any cost and naught can arrest his progress on the Path. I have asked myself what I canDiscipleship1, 279:oriented towards the light, who [279] have made progress on the Way, and yet who still haveDiscipleship1, 289:group effort some would have to slow down their progress and others speed it up in order to [290]Discipleship1, 290:time who have refused further opportunity of progress in order to stay with and help the sons ofDiscipleship1, 290:decision from the angle of group good and group progress, and from that of your group brothers, andDiscipleship1, 291:men for those who can be used, have watched the progress of disciplining. These are days whereinDiscipleship1, 307:which seek at this time to obstruct your progress. I would call your attention to the fact that IDiscipleship1, 309:are not in a position rightly to gauge your own progress. Continue to serve and to work and leaveDiscipleship1, 310:for your encouragement that you are making real progress towards your goal. One thing, my brother,Discipleship1, 322:lighted heart read what I there have said? Your progress on the Way and your power to take theDiscipleship1, 328:as you have been instructed, check up your progress during the month in this respect, rememberingDiscipleship1, 328:to let you know, however, that your real inner progress has been noted. You have stepped intoDiscipleship1, 328:stepped into clearer light and because of that progress you can shoulder greater responsibility inDiscipleship1, 330:that of R. S. U. You have, however, made so much progress in overcoming hindrances that my help isDiscipleship1, 331:decentralization for some time and making real progress. This, I, your friend and brother, tell youDiscipleship1, 337:chosen by me with an eye to your future progress), you can build that "wider world of thou andDiscipleship1, 341:the dissipation of glamor. You are making real progress in overcoming the glamor of the socialDiscipleship1, 342:outer help may at times militate against your progress. Your extreme cautiousness may lead (ifDiscipleship1, 348:goal, and nothing is able to deter you. Your progress may be slowed by circumstance and humanDiscipleship1, 348:and human frailty, but nothing can arrest your progress. Your personality dependencies (uponDiscipleship1, 348:the reason that I have brought these steps of progress to your attention. It is of real value to aDiscipleship1, 364:loving, efficient, regular service. Your progress in the outer expression of your inner knowledgeDiscipleship1, 367:in my group comes second to her love of her own progress and this I shall have to point out to her.Discipleship1, 384:to you. There is no hurry or rush, my brother. Progress is being made and you will know the joy ofDiscipleship1, 387:of all the formulated ideas which have governed progress) and a gradual slipping under theDiscipleship1, 387:of that thought-form. This inhibits further progress. When the high water mark is reached after theDiscipleship1, 398:the past seven months, made more definite inner progress than in the previous three years, and thatDiscipleship1, 399:usefulness in service and thus speed my progress on the Path? Is my progress on the Path ofDiscipleship1, 399:and thus speed my progress on the Path? Is my progress on the Path of importance? Why? If it isDiscipleship1, 412:adjustments have been made. Make rapid progress, my brother, by slow stages. Discipleship1, 421:and usefully - and make no further definite progress for some while. Yet reticence (which is afterDiscipleship1, 428:service has been noted and I assure you that progress has been made by you. [429] One hint I wouldDiscipleship1, 431:in service? In what way? How does it help my progress on the path? If it is true that the blindDiscipleship1, 432:personality to these demands. You have made much progress along this line and will find release and
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