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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROGRESS

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Magic, 206:6. Breathing Exercises. Little by little as progress is made will the needed instruction beMagic, 223:or hell, on earth or elsewhere can prevent the progress of the man who has awakened to theMagic, 230:a clear vision which make right choice and quick progress upon the way a steady progression. We areMagic, 230:the aspirant, it is that between rapid and slow progress. For the disciple, accepted and loyal, itMagic, 235:and can either drown (and so make no further progress this life), stand and so hold the groundMagic, 242:good and evil, of submergence and emergence, of progress into illumination [243] and apparentMagic, 257:be imparted. It is interesting to note that as progress is made upon the path, the forms in whichMagic, 258:processes, and to effective magical work. As progress on the Path is made the thought processes ofMagic, 265:or who have that for their personality ray, progress with less disruption than those moreMagic, 266:thinker being focused on the mental plane, the progress of his manifested thought will be sure andMagic, 267:The left hand path, therefore, is the path of progress for substance or matter. It is not the pathMagic, 267:for substance or matter. It is not the path of progress for the soul aspect. It is the "way of theMagic, 279:and its use in clear thinking is an essential to progress. This will demonstrate in organization ofMagic, 285:as be now is in the course of his evolutionary progress. 1. Self-assertion (full development) TheMagic, 315:or they lower its standard so that progress is hindered and [316] the work of drawing downwardsMagic, 339:brother's keeper, and realizes that in reality progress, contentment, peace of mind and prosperityMagic, 348:the inner meaning of all events. His entire progress upon the Path rests upon his attitude inMagic, 366:From that developed idealism, he must progress even deeper still, until he enters the realm of pureMagic, 406:and their contribution to the pageant of the progress of mankind stands out with clarity. I haveMagic, 407:They are against all modern innovations and progress. Secondly, those who vision a unified worldMagic, 440:governs human evolution, for it symbolizes progress towards a conscious goal. Leo governs the humanMagic, 467:use of form. Through the lesser three, with progress slow, the long path has been traveled. AnotherMagic, 470:symbolic form we have pictures of human life and progress, of life in form and growing through theMagic, 477:the intelligent reader some idea of the enormous progress which has been made in the magical work.Magic, 489:ideas is at a standstill, for he cannot progress onward and is held back by the poison in hisMagic, 490:and keep him a prisoner and hold him back from progress. He is so sure of his possession of truthMagic, 515:have climbed relatively high on the ladder of progress. These are so emancipated from the purelyMagic, 577:the obstacles which stand in the way of group progress. It is only wielded safely by those who haveMagic, 582:which must govern and round out our racial progress. Remember that no man is a disciple, in theMagic, 593:of the spine and are consequently making rapid progress, whereas all that they have accomplished isMagic, 606:observers of times and seasons can make rapid progress in intuitional growth if they persevere inMagic, 612:fact. Any true aspirant knows that his spiritual progress can be gauged in terms of his freedomMagic, 616:but, feet on rock and head in air, he maketh progress. All is distortion still. He knows he stands,Magic, 618:if lost effort is to be avoided and real progress achieved. Many well-intentioned aspirants areMagic, 629:space - the needed impulse, impetus and urge to progress which have carried man forward from theMagic, 629:and can apply himself to the problem of progress in full awareness. Students need to realize moreMagic, 638:in time and space, the more rapidly will they progress. Meditation, 20:lives has demonstrated love and has made real progress in the method of the synthetic ray, that ofMeditation, 21:and to the development of mind. Intellectual progress may seem of too paramount importance to theMeditation, 23:are measured by our light. The first division of progress might be measured from the moment whenMeditation, 25:All this covers a vast period of time, for progress at this period is inexpressibly slow. MyMeditation, 34:concrete or abstract ray, and - realizing that progress is made in group formation - works on thatMeditation, 35:developing the egoic body is dependent upon the progress made in the threefold personality, the EgoMeditation, 47:to the pupil's forbears, his family history, the progress of his youth and life and his medicalMeditation, 49:will be considered, the capacity of the pupil to progress with his fellows will be fostered, andMeditation, 67:not for detailed description, yet if things progress as desired, even you may see it somewhatMeditation, 73:the spleen, with its inner counterparts, will progress and be in a healthy condition. We willMeditation, 81:seem in any one incarnation to make spectacular progress it is due to the fact that he is butMeditation, 86:onrush; they contain nothing dangerous to its progress; the centers are keyed high enough toMeditation, 93:of the physical vehicle that will delay all progress for some one particular life. Have I made myMeditation, 94:long before the man himself is conscious of any progress. Let us now take up these points inMeditation, 96:to guard against it they will stultify their progress and retard development. The results mayMeditation, 96:as a clarifying, expurgating force that in its progress onward sweeps away the thought-formsMeditation, 112:the mind as an essential in the man who seeks to progress and to become a member of the BrotherhoodMeditation, 123:is a means whereby the Ego sometimes arrests the progress of a man towards the left-hand path. InMeditation, 136:upward to the light. The Dark Brother retards progress and shapes all to his own ends; the BrotherMeditation, 155:when the pupil has made the desired progress and covered certain specific stages and attainedMeditation, 155:seven years, or on the group karma, also on the progress made, not only by the human hierarchy, butMeditation, 161:possible. That time is nearing now for many, and progress in the new medical school - based onMeditation, 212:as to why some egos seem to make more rapid progress than do some others. These colored rings doMeditation, 225:and worked out. As knowledge increases and progress is made, and as the ability to meditate resultsMeditation, 234:worlds, judge of the stage attained and the progress made. Different rays come in bearing unitsMeditation, 245:the seat of distress, its assistance, and the progress of the cure. Emotional trouble that isMeditation, 258:know him, and Who watch with eager sympathy the progress that he makes. Forget not the earlier partMeditation, 264:a condition static, and is incapable of future progress. Even the Logos Himself aspires, and evenMeditation, 276:stabilizes vibration, and makes it easier to progress in the task of vibrating to the higherMeditation, 277:student's ability to do this comes indication of progress, and the possibility of carrying him onMeditation, 277:He can do but little. Self-effort is the key to progress, coupled to conscious comprehendingMeditation, 278:by studying it the Master can rapidly gauge the progress made and judge when the probationer may beMeditation, 278:at stated intervals, rarely at first, as the progress made in the beginning stages is not so rapid,Meditation, 279:in four main ways: At intervals, and when the progress of the pupil justifies it, He "gathers theMeditation, 279:bodies that enable the pupil to make more rapid progress. Now you will see why... so much emphasisMeditation, 280:I take not up the later stages of the pupil's progress. We lead all on by gradual steps, and as yetMeditation, 280:now on probation can be led to make more rapid progress, then will come the time for theMeditation, 286:principle have to be transcended before real progress can be made. These limitations are largelyMeditation, 289:the fact is held but for a few brief seconds; as progress is made, and every department of hisMeditation, 292:are rare at first but come more frequently as progress is made. He will then become aware of thisMeditation, 298:system of Occult Meditation and make the desired progress is undeniable, but they are only few inMeditation, 317:the condition of his vehicles, and his progress and his capacity to serve) will all be availableMeditation, 319:and guarded by the teachers, and his progress and the length of his residence within the schoolMeditation, 327:stay in the school depends entirely upon the progress made, the inner powers of assimilation andMeditation, 332:of the personal physical plane life. Then, as progress is made, the scene shifts higher, and theMeditation, 336:majority in all the kingdoms of nature. As progress is made an intensification of this force willMeditation, 341:The capacity to plod is much to be desired. A progress that is made without undue self-analysis.Meditation, 341:growth. It takes precious time. Forget your own progress in conforming to the rules and in theMeditation, 344:steadily. But nevertheless the aim of personal progress remains secondary. Patanjali, 12:from that of the Inner Man and they hinder his progress and self-realization. He becomes "enmeshedPatanjali, 45:remedied. Then there are those aspirants whose progress is less rapid, and who are exponents of thePatanjali, 45:are distinguished by intense tenacity. Their progress is slow. They are the "tortoises" of the PathPatanjali, 46:the thirst of the masses, they must hasten their progress for the need is great. Thus the "firstPatanjali, 52:which enables them to make more rapid progress. The occult student must remember that this processPatanjali, 134:for which it is intended, he will make rapid progress, the sense of personality will fade away andPatanjali, 135:attachment in some degree or another, and the progress of the soul seems to be in this dispensationPatanjali, 173:urge itself. It is the cause of activity and progress. Dissatisfaction with the present conditionPatanjali, 189:form a background and a basis for all future progress. When this is done rightly the threePatanjali, 207:time or opportunity is lost, and steady progress towards the goal is made. [208] Patanjali, 225:avail himself of the "times and seasons" wherein progress can be expedited. III. The process ofPatanjali, 269:next step to be taken is essential for all true progress. Johnson translates this sutra in thePatanjali, 323:clairvoyance or clairaudience is indicative of progress and a sign that his practice of meditationPatanjali, 326:attention and prove stumbling blocks to the progress of soul unfoldment. [327]
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