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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROGRESS

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Patanjali, 392:whose karma is white are those who, having made progress in balancing the pairs of opposites, arePatanjali, 402:in manifestation. For each of these the path of progress differs and each pursues its course. AsPatanjali, 425:the initiate (advanced as he is) a still further progress, another veil to be penetrated. He hasPatanjali, viii:was capable of achieving. In Atlantean days, the progress of the sons of men was procured throughProblemsfor the third edition in 1964. Since then, the progress made by humanity has been such that theProblems, 30:guides of the race can present this formula of progress. They cannot guarantee its enactment, forProblems, 54:to him, pointing out that apparent barriers to progress are only spurs to renewed endeavor. TheyProblems, 69:they would hold back the British people from progress and would like to see the restoration of theProblems, 78:all over the world, nothing today can stop their progress. The major asset which labor has overProblems, 88:race, of history, of possessions and of cultural progress and breeds an arrogance, a boastfulnessProblems, 105:endeavor and have, in that time, made amazing progress against great odds and much opposition. TwoProblems, 117:not by shifting responsibility do they learn and progress. The miracle may happen and the beautifulProblems, 123:those truths which are essential to man's progress and enlightenment and eliminate factors whichProblems, 124:life. Nothing under heaven can arrest the progress of the human soul on its long pilgrimage fromProblems, 128:is good and right and encouraging. It signifies progress, but, as yet, the churches fail to see inProblems, 143:of every man for betterment, for experience, for progress, for increasing realization and for hisProblems, 144:of all good and nothing on earth can arrest this progress nearer to God. Problems, 148:in relation to time and in the extent to which progress has been made in the revelation of innateProblems, 153:can or ever has prevented mankind from a steady progress which has been from ignorance to knowledgeProblems, 154:forward into the Kingdom of God. Humanity must progress; stage by stage and cycle after cycle,Problems, 158:[158] of the future will account for the progress of humanity by its recognition of a divine Plan,Problems, 168:It is essential for the future happiness and progress of humanity that there should be no return toProblems, 169:enlightened worker for humanity, is a sign of progress and an indication of the innate divinity inProblems, 172:nations which escaped the war which is hindering progress; it is the devious actions of the JewsPsychology1, xxv:and with joy and interest making that needed progress which will fit you for more active and usefulPsychology1, xxv:destiny. It gives us a dramatic picture of the progress of those souls who are carried in or out ofPsychology1, 39:of these signs, for they portray your life and progress: This is true of the human being, of thePsychology1, 79:may enter into rest. Naught must arrest the progress of the workers with the plan. They enter uponPsychology1, 100:centers is [100] studied, we shall make rapid progress towards knowledge. When, through meditation,Psychology1, 165:in England started at the same time, whilst the progress of the seventh subray influence, stillPsychology1, 166:and elsewhere, may have also marked the [166] progress of the same period, during which the Ray ofPsychology1, 176:are the hardest to bridge or heal, yet real progress has been made in this phase of thePsychology1, 258:process is rapidly going forward. [258] Not much progress will be made during the incoming seventhPsychology1, 270:should have a period of retrogression and not of progress. In dealing with this subject of sex IPsychology1, 272:The process is under law, but the unevolved progress under group law as do the animals, whilst thePsychology1, 278:attitude marks a step forward on the path of progress. It marks indeed a point of retrogression,Psychology1, 278:have, then, under these new energies, a definite progress forward into new and untried spiritualPsychology1, 279:desire which is not for humanity the line of progress. As the world of forms responds cyclically toPsychology1, 300:indebtedness, a chance to make restitution and progress, an awakening of deep seated qualities, thePsychology1, 302:Will this benefit the group and produce group progress, group integration, and group unity? ActionPsychology1, 315:not yet to the Christ impulse) having their progress facilitated towards the path of probation. ThePsychology1, 332:which play upon him as a result of the apparent progress of the sun through the heavens, eitherPsychology1, 342:welfare, of group integration, and of group progress are emerging. The sense of insecurity which isPsychology1, 350:is reached. It increases in power as progress on the Path is gained. Thus there is beginning to bePsychology1, 388:generalize and to indicate the major lines of progress. The role of the prophet is too dangerous,Psychology2, 19:the three great divisions which mark the soul's progress towards its goal. Through the process ofPsychology2, 27:and Identification. These three stages mark the progress of the soul consciousness from that ofPsychology2, 29:Initiation and Identification, which mark the progress of the soul from identification with formPsychology2, 36:will destroy all obstacles. Nothing can stop my progress to my goal. Around me lies that which IPsychology2, 43:Willingness to see the work of other people progress along their chosen lines; The choosing of thePsychology2, 59:the experience of physical incarnation; later, progress is made consciously from plane to plane andPsychology2, 74:and a determination that make for immediate progress. Disciples in the groups of some of thePsychology2, 78:phrases and sentences will give an idea of the progress and intent: The stage of spiritualizationPsychology2, 83:with the process of detachment, which marks the progress of the soul towards release and the endingPsychology2, 89:and in all created worlds. Thus they could progress. The work, in space and time, and thePsychology2, 90:can give it to him) is that there has been: Progress in the human power to be conscious. A growingPsychology2, 90:time as we know it. An expanding realization of progress from one dimension to another, until todayPsychology2, 93:the activity of the solar angels to make further progress possible. Herein lies Our service to God,Psychology2, 93:benefit of other souls, in order to hasten their progress towards their goal. Then comes a lifePsychology2, 96:family. The instinct to betterment, the urge to progress (physical, emotional and intellectual),Psychology2, 96:impels life, upon the involutionary arc, to progress down into matter, producing thus the immanencePsychology2, 148:and those spiritual decisions which mark his progress upon the Path. It is the demonstration of thePsychology2, 150:subsidiary Law of Sacrifice. The Law of Group Progress - Fifth Law Buddhi - Spiritual Love. ThisPsychology2, 156:of the world and the world disciples. The progress of the undeveloped and the average man can bePsychology2, 156:sequentially and describing the stages of his progress under the promptings of desire: The urge toPsychology2, 164:living Seventh ray force The Law of Group Progress. The Law of spiritual development 5. AbstractionPsychology2, 169:The toil severe... Dim passages, in steady progress, led upward to the summit. There a wide windowPsychology2, 174:Laws of Soul or Group Life 5. The Law of Group Progress Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol RayPsychology2, 174:Name Symbol Ray Energy 5. The Law of Group Progress The Law of Elevation The Mountain and the GoatPsychology2, 177:esotericism to the uninitiate. The Law of Group Progress can only begin to have a conscious effectPsychology2, 178:is, however, their reaction to the Law of Group Progress. It is this Law which is the coming newPsychology2, 180:into functioning activity under the Law of Group Progress. It must be constantly remembered, as onePsychology2, 181:for at present some will have to hasten their progress in certain directions, and some must slow itPsychology2, 194:Astrology and the New Groups This Law or Group Progress embodies one of the energies which havePsychology2, 195:playing upon the earth. The name "Law of Group Progress" is the phrase given by human beings to aPsychology2, 197:time definitely working under the Law of Group Progress. He must have the heart center awakened,Psychology2, 198:of fiery light". Such is the Way of Group Progress, and when this is being consummated, then thePsychology2, 198:this is being consummated, then the Law of Group Progress begins definitely to function and toPsychology2, 198:Soul Unity - The Initiates. 5. Group Progress New Groups New Group of World Servers Love ofPsychology2, 203:Once this conscious awareness is achieved, then progress becomes more rapid. It should be borne inPsychology2, 215:these rules for discipleship and a steady [215] progress in their practical technique. My presentPsychology2, 224:it has led to sacrifice, one pointed purpose, progress on the path, and devotion. It is the basicPsychology2, 273:vague yearning of animal man. Today, such is the progress made through the effect of evolution thatPsychology2, 293:find out. This is the instinct to search and to progress, which is, in the last analysis, the urgePsychology2, 320:In sensitive awareness lies the secret of progress for the psyche, and also the secret of the manyPsychology2, 344:three worlds possible. [344] It is thus that we progress, and in this manner form andPsychology2, 350:activity which we call the Kingdom of God. The progress of humanity is from one realizedPsychology2, 352:and then to dominate his environment. His progress is that of "achieved control; that of beingPsychology2, 357:Instead of treating the difficulty as a sign of progress and as indicating a relatively high pointPsychology2, 427:negated. That the crisis faced indicates progress and opportunity, and that it does not indicatePsychology2, 427:such crises. So does the individual human unit progress. In the last analysis, psychological crisesPsychology2, 438:nature, is the recognition of this. Progress can then be made on the Path of Wisdom. ThePsychology2, 441:make the grade. Humanity today has made so much progress upon the path of evolution that two groupsPsychology2, 474:lead him into danger and error. It retards his progress on the way and sidetracks his energies andPsychology2, 475:static condition, as far as his higher progress is concerned; he is looking on at the bewilderingPsychology2, 556:in all forms of life [556] in all kingdoms) to progress towards this greater inclusiveness, passingPsychology2, 598:statement would be found enlightening and much progress would be made if the various premises IPsychology2, 614:the angle of the occult hypotheses and then much progress will take place. This will be peculiarlyPsychology2, 666:How can the Plan of the Great Ones make progress and the leadership of the world pass into thePsychology2, 667:highest skill in action will be true if things progress as desired; but all these things are to be
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