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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROGRESSIVE

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Astrology, 174:the connection between them and their progressive effect upon the subject [175] passing under theirAstrology, 248:sense and the other in an individual and progressive evolutionary sense. The following planets andAstrology, 265:signs are all signs of crisis and indicate the progressive influence of the other nine and theAstrology, 290:the emphasis is laid upon consciousness and its progressive unfoldment, and not upon the form orAstrology, 400:zodiac and provides in itself an interesting and progressive story with which I have not at thisAstrology, 598:its highest expression is education, or progressive development through experience. Astrology, 601:Consciousness is per se the recognition of a progressive plan. The Will is the cause, theAstrology, 601:will to initiate manifestation and its attendant progressive expression meets the will towards fullAstrology, 617:from the beginning and works towards the goal in progressive stages, not for Itself but for thoseAutobiography, 123:or broader interpretations and thus found a more progressive theology. Who dare say that [124] theyAutobiography, 282:serviced over 20,000 people. Its curriculum is progressive; step by step the studies deepen and theBethlehem, 26:love is held before us in three ways, each progressive in its definition of experience, and eachBethlehem, 49:and testify to their validity and their progressive revelation of divinity, but to all this will beBethlehem, 93:eternity, and the revelation can therefore be progressive. If we can believe that God is inclusiveDestiny, 11:in their duality, the reactionary and the progressive forces which are seeking to govern humanDiscipleship1, 84:development and its basic objective of a progressive identification with the soul of the disciple,Discipleship1, 229:ability to achieve a constant inner growth and progressive realization and your [230] consequentDiscipleship1, 753:of the threefold soul nature. The mode of this progressive shifting is response to an ever higherDiscipleship2, 155:a clear statement: Of your understanding of the progressive synthesis of the six meditations whichDiscipleship2, 160:would invoke. Light appeared on Earth and true progressive enlightenment became possible. I am notDiscipleship2, 197:or another that contact is made; this again is progressive in nature. The formulated idea of theDiscipleship2, 232:but the introduction of common sense and progressive ideas into theology, and the shift of theDiscipleship2, 294:until such time as the inner mechanism of progressive revelation is more clearly defined in yourDiscipleship2, 306:All life is intended to take the form of a progressive series of awakenings. Progress, movement,Discipleship2, 306:this creative process but the working out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention asDiscipleship2, 307:of light, or should they expect a gradual and progressive series of lesser lights? What is theDiscipleship2, 327:easy for the average aspirant to realize that progressive stages upon the Path indicate aDiscipleship2, 327:that progressive stages upon the Path indicate a progressive ability to "take the Light." When theDiscipleship2, 329:attitudes are a hindrance to ashramic progressive events. If the principle of sharing has anyDiscipleship2, 338:to vision as a moving point, advancing towards a progressive revelation of divinity. The wholeDiscipleship2, 344:these words, symbols and forms have relation (a progressive relation) to the initiation for whichDiscipleship2, 352:disciplines and made certain self-determined progressive advancement in consciousness into closerDiscipleship2, 359:in their entirety a sequence of teaching and of progressive unfoldment of truth. This fact emergesDiscipleship2, 365:to the world of causes. The nature of karma. Progressive evolutionary creation. Formula 5.Discipleship2, 392:that its acceptance by humanity is intelligently progressive and is not dynamically imposed withDiscipleship2, 430:is twisted and distorted so that it is not progressive in its appeal, but serves only to feedDiscipleship2, 566:the reality; the understanding of the will is a progressive matter and disciples on all rays haveDiscipleship2, 575:into his aura of the entire world in a series of progressive attachments. This makes for difficultyDiscipleship2, 634:that his sense of values is adjusted and his own progressive satisfaction becomes of lessDiscipleship2, 752:is good and you lead a faithful and progressive spiritual life - so much so that your vibrationEducation, xi:what is the best kind of society for man's progressive self-evolution? "In seeking answers to theseExternalisation, 47:and there is a widespread interest in progressive education and in the new ideals which should -Externalisation, 118:from the Mind of God and swept into activity and progressive unfoldment by an act of His Will. AtExternalisation, 242:comprehend their relation to each other in one progressive, synthetic, human endeavor, and theExternalisation, 288:are essential to the spiritual growth and the progressive realizations of divinity by man. All elseExternalisation, 289:is the final guarantee of all progress and of progressive revelation. 'Having pervaded this wholeExternalisation, 289:of revelation and upon the sequence of this progressive manifestation of the divine nature is basedExternalisation, 293:divinity in its varying aspects is naturally a progressive one - each stage and each life bringingExternalisation, 470:This must change. It is not helpful to a progressive understanding of the eternal verities to haveExternalisation, 533:Will. They embody those impulses not in terms of progressive movement, but in terms of one greatExternalisation, 560:to fade out, and soul-consciousness and progressive life in form are no longer goals but are leftExternalisation, 639:not greedy, and they could provide a normal and progressive movement away from the separativeFire, 47:of Synthesis, and is the cause of the forward progressive movement of the evolving Jiva. We nowFire, 50:subdivisions. The subsequent result of forward progressive motion - a motion which is rotary,Fire, 50:motion - a motion which is rotary, cyclic and progressive. The whole matter dealt with in thisFire, 175:(my) note." For, as planetary development is as progressive as human or race evolution, the hour ofFire, 216:homogeneity and absolute essential unity, Progressive forward motion. Thus can be seen theFire, 244:evolutionary objectivity, and the whole aim of progressive development is to bring the Son of theFire, 333:Through form, and thus exist. [333] By means of progressive development or cyclic evolution. OnFire, 372:then the kundalinic fire will pass in higher progressive spirals, and He will gradually becomeFire, 786:All that has been here laid down as to the progressive stages of form construction on every planeFire, 843:on the systemic mental plane to the work of progressive evolution. This caused a cessation ofFire, 891:factors which make possible the revolutionary progressive activity of a planet. Allied with themFire, 1040:rotating atoms, and yet is offset by the strong progressive impulse of the form activity. StudentsFire, 1049:nature. Then - as far as concerns the Monad - progressive life forward begins. It is truly cyclic,Fire, 1058:This is a different activity to the drift or progressive dynamic motion through the Heavens. ItFire, 1070:of radiation, which is the result of spiral-progressive movement, it might be of interest if I hereFire, 1074:the vegetable monad with the animal kingdom. The progressive life has now made three at-one-mentsFire, 1099:the confines of the three worlds) results in the progressive activity of man. When this is coupledFire, 1099:individual atoms of any sheath, we have spiral-progressive motion. This is true macrocosmically andFire, 1100:in it that activity which is termed "spiral progressive." These forces might be briefly consideredFire, 1106:The result of this activity is rotary-spiral progressive action. Fire, 1220:The Law of Elevation. The Mountain and the Goat. Progressive energy 7th Ray. Evolving factor. 6.Glamour, 11:the consequent progress of the analyst from one progressive stage of awareness to another, to aGlamour, 135:bestower of revelation. Through the intuition, progressive understanding of the ways of God in theGlamour, 173:also. The unfoldment of human awareness has been progressive down the ages, and has been dependentHealing, 172:which most of the energies flow which make a man progressive because he is ambitious, selfishHealing, 683:by a recognition of essential being, and this in progressive stages. This clarity and progress mayHercules, 226:simply as the mother of the Christ Child. This progressive knowledge begins in Virgo, the sixthInitiation, 18:The whole evolution of the human spirit is a progressive at-one-ment. In the at-one-ment betweenIntellect, 28:to right uses is clearly recognized by the most progressive educational thought, though not by theIntellect, 185:reflection, fondness, bliss. These are the four progressive mental states, leading to completeMagic, 86:might here be given showing them in their progressive relation on the path of evolution. TheMagic, 203:my soul? The development of right motive is a progressive effort, and constantly one shifts theMagic, 267:up to a certain point; they travel the same progressive stages and at one time in their career theyMagic, 367:of the correct use of mental energy can progressive evolution go forward along the desired lines.Magic, 525:not from the standpoint of man's own individual progressive development and the part he plays as aMagic, 528:activity of which man is capable is an intense progressive and spiral development within the humanPatanjalileads into the subtle and the subtle leads in progressive stages to that state of pure spiritualPatanjali, 99:leads into the subtle and the subtle leads in progressive stages to that state of pure spiritualPatanjali, 170:free from the three worlds. This process is a progressive one and cannot be effected all at once.Patanjali, 170:by his guru or master, Initiation, or the progressive expansions of consciousness through which thePatanjali, 180:things and is fed constantly from above. This is progressive (see previous sutra), and is dependentPatanjali, 195:relative whilst evolution proceeds, and is progressive in its manifestation. It might be defined asProblems, 33:field are constantly endorsing these ideas; the progressive movements in education have doneProblems, 62:- to the general unfoldment of humanity. The progressive revelation of the glory of the humanProblems, 68:are the good and the bad elements; there are progressive and reactionary groups. There are cruelPsychology1, xxv:and demonstrate an activity which is progressive and cyclic and evidences increasing momentum. TheyPsychology1, 46:the media of contact which will guarantee a progressive satisfaction. In the human family, thePsychology1, 177:presentation, showing them all to be of equal progressive value. Now the masses in India, China,
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