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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROJECTED

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Astrology, 12:the surface of the Earth and being, therefore, projected into the etheric body of the planet (forAstrology, 43:that owing to the coming in of pralaya, which projected them into a state of latency. The conditionAstrology, 121:in Capricorn. The arrow of the mind is projected unerringly towards the goal. Pisces - Here, at theAutobiography, 300:Origins and Purposes The Arcane School was projected by A.A.B. as an effort to help fulfil certainDiscipleship1, 705:disciple is seeking to help and strengthen. The projected thought-form will embody the light andDiscipleship1, 770:or who telepathically get some aspect of the projected idea. In such cases there is always glamor,Discipleship2, 161:one period. This appeal has been, on the whole, projected unconsciously, but more and more it willDiscipleship2, 193:personality, and met by corresponding threads projected by the Spiritual Triad, but is in reality aDiscipleship2, 373:or of a group of Masters. The energy is then projected on to a particular plane or into the mindDiscipleship2, 387:"area of promise" wherein the divine thought is projected, directed and held true to theDiscipleship2, 435:the initiate begins to penetrate, through his projected spiritual awareness, on to cosmic levelsDiscipleship2, 438:Rod is the Rod of Stimulating Light which is projected by the Initiator with all its Lighted energyDiscipleship2, 438:which the initiate has generated or received is projected into the Past and the subconscious mindDiscipleship2, 490:soul. These three directions form a triangle of projected sensitivity. Then sound the OM threeDiscipleship2, 592:fellow disciples. It is essential now that the projected work receive an intensification ofDiscipleship2, 596:reason for this is that the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa and the Ashram of theEducation, 143:- after due manipulation and concentration - are projected by the individual or group in anyExternalisation, 447:and the purposes of divinity are defined and projected. This means that each of the coming worldExternalisation, 568:been aware that the time would come when this projected move would take place. Preparations haveExternalisation, 644:and His Ashram, because the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa, and He is in close touchExternalisation, 691:of love in such a manner that the stream of projected love not only aids the recipient, butFire, 97:each of them an outpouring of life or force is projected into the planes below. The first of theseFire, 589:each of them an outpouring of life or force is projected into the planes below. The first of theseFire, 1201:that owing to the coming in of pralaya, which projected them into a state of latency. The conditionFire, 1268:fateful force the victor then is swiftly projected to the summit of the crest, and thence to thatGlamour, 184:mind so that it can grasp and apprehend what is projected, and in this too lies the hope of theGlamour, 202:of the will, carrying energy upon the beam of projected light. To this they add a persistent andGlamour, 202:a persistent and steady focus. This beam, thus projected, has a twofold use: It works explosivelyGlamour, 204:of light be formed, intensified, focused and projected and then - at [205] the right moment -Glamour, 214:to its goal, through the power of combined and projected thought. In order to make the first stepGlamour, 233:dynamic will or intent; this carries along the projected beam of light the destructive quality ofGlamour, 236:an act of the will and a strong beam of light is projected into the glamor. The glamor is named andGlamour, 247:the mind and work largely under the impulse of projected thought? Is it perhaps to be directed byGlamour, 257:life of the centers through the medium of some projected and presented thought, expressing someGlamour, 258:source of the activity is astral and the projected energy goes to centers below the diaphragm, thusHealing, 101:enters into his thought or the stream of energy projected is too strong, there may be danger to theHealing, 102:point of the love and the healing force to be projected into the stream of energy which issues fromHealing, 103:or a point of vivid light. This light is to be projected upon the patient through the ajna centerHealing, 210:soul energy. Then, by an act of the will, it is projected down the spinal column, via the altaHealing, 213:system will then be possible; the energies, projected from the center, via the nadis, will beHealing, 356:then indicates the type and quality of the projected force. All energy is from the soul in theHealing, 472:and is using normal channels to attain projected ends. Death in these cases is normal, and thisHealing, 614:are [614] undesirable and not in line with the projected plan. Therefore undue consideration andHercules, 137:of power. It should not alter the quality of the projected images, or cloud the vision they conveyMeditation, 347:and the creative faculty of thought may be projected through the stillness. From the Silence of theMeditation, 347:stillness. From the Silence of the Absolute was projected the universe. From darkness issued light,Psychology2, 617:there will be found the localization of the projected poison. Unvoiced criticism is very dangerousRays, 182:It should also be noted here that the energies projected by the initiate into the world of maya areRays, 188:and intelligent wielders of energy as it can be projected downwards and used to destroy the fourRays, 233:- of the entire group. This will be a symbol projected by the Hierarchy, specifically by theRays, 274:is so new and different to anything hitherto projected that it seems so impossible of achievement;Rays, 284:first contact comes along the line which he has projected as a result of transformation; it is madeRays, 375:is definitely second ray in nature, and which is projected as attractive radiation, is implementedRays, 406:the will of the related spiritual Identities is projected, producing that synthesis of effort whichRays, 454:A triple stream of spiritual energy is slowly projected towards the egoic lotus and towards theRays, 457:Old Commentary puts it. It is the first cable, projected from the Spiritual Triad in response toRays, 467:creation, having in it: Force, focused and projected from the fused and blended forces of theRays, 492:before the bridge can be truly built and "projected on the upward way, providing safe travellingRays, 494:is the disciple himself, is set in motion by projected thought, the use of the will and a soundedRays, 509:is imaginatively and creatively sent out or projected from the mental unit, as far as possibleRays, 516:Lighted Way which leads to Nirvana. Of this, the projected antahkarana is the stage firstRays, 518:the lower concrete mind are blended through the projected antahkarana.) Ray Six - Devotion orReappearance, 130:so powerfully created and so successfully projected that he is today the victim of that which heReappearance, 132:and the Christ , and to re-emphasize the truths projected by Them into the arena of world thought.
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