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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROLONG

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Bethlehem, 248:any we [248] have known on earth; we long to prolong, in time and space, the familiar state whichDiscipleship2, 723:to the center of our work. We are endeavoring to prolong the life of A.A.B., which should haveEducation, 111:symbols) and an operation was made in order to prolong opportunity and save life, not to save theExternalisation, 130:the real issue in beautiful words - will help to prolong the struggle and hold back their ownExternalisation, 427:administering in high places. Their efforts prolong the war, dishearten the fighting forces, breakExternalisation, 643:to a retrogression which will deify the past and prolong past wrong action. This outpouring ofHealing, 248:major psychological factors which can hasten or prolong the "hour of the end," but only up to aHealing, 476:physical elemental is so powerful that it can prolong the process of dying. This elemental lifeHealing, 653:destiny indicates it, if the soul intends to prolong the life cycle unexpectedly in order to fulfilMeditation, 129:as true. The temptation to force the issue, to prolong meditation, to try out certain methods that
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