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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROLONGED

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Discipleship1, 171:approval and - if persisted in - should prove of prolonged service to humanity. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 171:to humanity. I would ask you to note the word "prolonged" because you are building for the futureDiscipleship1, 482:attitude which is to take the place of the prolonged, definite, morning meditation. The four pointsDiscipleship1, 509:the result of potent emotional thinking and of a prolonged attentiveness [510] to the circumstancesDiscipleship1, 554:establishing of a correct interrelation must be prolonged, however. I definitely ask you to holdDiscipleship2, 213:eventually, abstract and transcendent thought. Prolonged concentration upon some form or anotherDiscipleship2, 310:Points of Revelation - will form themes for prolonged meditation and doors of entrance to the newDiscipleship2, 528:from astral control, or will the tests be prolonged until next life? These are questions which onlyDiscipleship2, 610:could be said, my brother, but reflection and prolonged thought upon what has been said will enableDiscipleship2, 722:a place of suitable residence which will be of prolonged usefulness to you and from which you willExternalisation, 4:has hitherto been grasped. Through the power of prolonged sound, carried forward as a greatExternalisation, 19:quiet, unemotional work. Let them refrain from prolonged hours of study and of meditation. TheirExternalisation, 106:of all men of goodwill everywhere is to see that prolonged suffering does not undermine the presentExternalisation, 112:active combat and conflict must necessarily be prolonged until 1942. Such is not the case. TheExternalisation, 138:that the time factor must be considered, for a prolonged war may cause a change in this desirableExternalisation, 171:turned before the close of the year if a prolonged conflict is to be avoided. I would ask you,Externalisation, 176:These are: first, the conflict will be so prolonged that humanity will be completely exhausted, andExternalisation, 333:necessarily involves a strain - the strain of prolonged inner contact and realization, plus theExternalisation, 341:establishing of right human relations during a prolonged armistice, if possible. This phase willExternalisation, 369:a peace settlement. Let us work hard for a prolonged armistice, during which the heat of battle andExternalisation, 420:consecutive months, and leading therefore to a prolonged spiritual effort which will affect theExternalisation, 457:moving forward and for a more careful and even prolonged investigation of the situation and ofFire, 107:such that the centers (through too direct and prolonged submittal to solar emanation) becomeFire, 1173:eventually merged in the Sun, producing in this prolonged process, and over a vast period of time,Glamour, 88:process in some measure prepared them for the prolonged conflict upon the astral plane which liesGlamour, 126:is so deeply coloring his inner life. He has prolonged moments wherein he is the baffled disciple,Glamour, 139:and its power is brought to an end by a steady, prolonged period of concentration which is given toGlamour, 179:be thoroughly understood and form the basis of prolonged brooding and intelligent reflection,Glamour, 248:will take time and will be the result of prolonged observation and a close analysis of acts andGlamour, 249:in this particular incarnation. He enters upon a prolonged period of observation, of experiment andHealing, 38:under stress of temper, intense worry or prolonged irritation will pour a stream of astral energyHealing, 42:certainly be used. The length of the life can be prolonged, but a permanent and final cure is outHealing, 318:in cases where no surcease can be given to prolonged suffering. To them I would say: The problemHealing, 327:conditions cannot be changed, and are prolonged by inner rebellion and revolt. A disciple has toHealing, 403:advanced, absence from the physical plane is prolonged, whereas the reverse is the case. AdvancedHealing, 558:Each point made by me could form the basis of prolonged discussion, but (in this treatise) that isHealing, 652:is life there is hope." Life can and often is prolonged after the will of the soul is towards theHealing, 708:greater twelve. The life is known and the years prolonged. If this ancient statement is read in theHercules, 65:It was this problem that created the devious and prolonged search that Hercules undertook, for heInitiation, 83:having to expiate the injury through later prolonged service, wherein the group members themselves,Initiation, 159:just as long as the sound which caused them is prolonged, and the specific will-energy of the oneIntellect, 99:to focus it and so use it. Meditation. The prolonged focusing of the attention in any direction andIntellect, 108:in a certain region and meditation as the prolonged holding of the perceiving consciousness in aIntellect, 108:recollecting his thought. Therefore, an act of prolonged concentration gives opportunity for theIntellect, 131:the attempt to hold anything in the mind to be prolonged, nor is there anything to be thought out.Intellect, 132:Interest, [132] Concentrated Attention and prolonged one-pointed Reflection or Meditation. WhatIntellect, 133:conscious intellect. But between the stage of prolonged concentration, which we call meditation,Intellect, 134:...because having acquired much light by the prolonged use of considerations and reasonings, itIntellect, 134:have seen, into a stabilized condition, through prolonged meditation. This brings about a state ofIntellect, 135:carry with them their own dangers, and, if prolonged, will tend to make a man an impracticalIntellect, 205:merges into meditation (which is the act of prolonged concentration) the imposition of the will ofIntellect, 237:upon the way to meditation, which is the act of prolonged concentration. The outline will help toMagic, 15:(in its first two stages of concentration and prolonged concentration or meditation) plays inMagic, 277:to all right ties and affiliations - nor too prolonged and so strain beyond endurance the sorelyMagic, 590:of time, and carries with it often the seeds of prolonged trouble. Over-stimulation of the brainMagic, 594:discipline and of purification. But steady and prolonged undeviating effort on the part ofPatanjali, 247:occupied with that object or thought for a prolonged period. The Purana quoted above continues: "AnProblems, 163:consecutive months and lead, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which should affectPsychology2, 17:dense physical body, the lower man enters into a prolonged condition of conflict. Gradually andPsychology2, 44:In olden days, the neophyte was forced into a prolonged silence. Speech was not permitted. This wasPsychology2, 311:process in some measure prepared them for the prolonged conflict upon the astral plane which liesPsychology2, 463:result in such serious conditions that suicide, prolonged illness or a life rendered futile throughPsychology2, 476:will never be understood and controlled. But a prolonged application to its life and completePsychology2, 487:list these sources very briefly and without any prolonged comment. [488] This will give the earnestPsychology2, 724:of World Servers find exoteric expression? A prolonged period of such moments and points of dangerRays, 87:result of their own deliberate choice, and of prolonged cycles of purely material selfishness. IReappearance, 155:consecutive months and leading, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which will affectSoul, 136:controlled by the focused mind. Meditation is prolonged attention or concentration and gives theTelepathy, 187:the "period of dynamic potency" is being prolonged during this century from one day to five; the
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