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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROMISED

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Autobiography, X:her own Master K.H. came for her as He had promised long ago. The morning after her death I sentAutobiography, 48:summit - suddenly there stretches before one a promised land to which one must inevitably proceed;Autobiography, 48:one must inevitably proceed; but (across that promised land and away in the distance) another peakAutobiography, 207:is to find her waiting for me, for that she has promised to do. We had good times together whilstAutobiography, 217:We naturally could make no sudden decision but promised her we would think the matter over mostDiscipleship1, 123:sentences I gave you a year ago and which I promised to discuss with you, the following commentsDiscipleship2, 386:his redemptive quality are the true "promised land." The whole story of the Jewish people is basedExternalisation, 26:Agent of great power Whose cooperation has been promised if all aspirants and disciples canExternalisation, 395:for that "life more abundantly" which He promised when here before, and for liberation from evilExternalisation, 398:of life and of "life more abundantly" as Christ promised when on earth. This revelation will giveExternalisation, 488:the final Stanza of the Great Invocation, as I promised. (Reprinted from Discipleship in the NewHealing, 263:they despoiled the Egyptians and they took the Promised Land at the point of the sword, sparingHealing, 264:and gazing with longing eyes towards a promised land; factually and symbolically, they resemble theHercules, 30:and demonstrate his capacities, and has been promised that if he fulfils the requirements he willHercules, 181:you, within a single day, shall do what you have promised, one-tenth of my great flock of cattleMagic, 90:of that spiritual energy we call love is the promised reward of the triumphant solar Angels, andMagic, 605:been climbed, it is not possible to vision the Promised Land as it is. Until the limitations - theProblems, 137:for which they have so long waited and which He promised should be theirs? Will they teach that thePsychology2, 558:powers to which the Christ referred when He promised His [559] disciples that some day they wouldRays, 198:induced and "blacks out" the glory and the promised attainment and reward. The disciple is thrownRays, 458:- "he takes his stand, and looking upward sees a promised land of beauty, love and future vision."Rays, 650:fifth initiation, and keys himself up for the promised revelation, thus laying himself open to anReappearance, 160:to meet it. We may then realize that this promised reappearance is in line with general [161]Soul, 16:the veil, when lifted, will reveal to us the promised land of man's dreams and aspirations. A
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