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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROMISING

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Autobiography, 146:the U.S.A. with its youthful exuberance, its promising surety, and its juvenile ability to settleDiscipleship1, 494:applies those methods which seem to him to be promising and to be rightly indicated. I suggest,Discipleship2, 659:fairly numerous and constitute some of the most promising material for training that we possess)Externalisation, 565:type of problem; it connotes to the Hierarchy a promising development, though at the same time anHealing, 291:of human unfoldment and is a most hopeful and promising sign. In this idea, you have the clue as toInitiation, 70:so great, they have delegated some of their most promising pupils to some other Masters, draftingMagic, 419:and it will rule many out. Again, the young and promising aspirants must be sought out andPsychology1, 100:and contact. This is one of the most promising fields of investigation, though it still presentsPsychology2, 462:away. It will be obvious to you, therefore, how promising the outlook can be if educators andRays, 127:the form nature. Some very sincere devotees and promising applicants are so preoccupied with formRays, 584:confronting humanity has never been so promising and that the corporate relation and fusion of allRays, 625:produced in them a balance which may prove most promising in the future. The conflict of thought
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