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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRONOUNCEMENT

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Astrology, 257:factual nature of that about which scientific pronouncement is made; they are declarative of lifeAutobiography, 51:be wrong. I agreed at that time with the pronouncement of a famous Bible Institute in the UnitedBethlehem, 33:One and Only, was in the nature of a balancing pronouncement, coming forth as it did in theBethlehem, 160:from the previous one. The first part of the pronouncement made by the Initiator Who standsBethlehem, 182:this is astronomically true and not simply a pronouncement [183] of the astrologers. The symbolDiscipleship1, 7:is not the slightest suggestion of authoritative pronouncement by a member of the Hierarchy whoEducation, 68:would accept, in its simplest form, the pronouncement of modern science that substance and lightExternalisation, 124:have tended to bring this about. First, the pronouncement of the Ten Commandments. These, thoughExternalisation, 125:dates are not correct and the date of their pronouncement is far older than is thought) they wereExternalisation, 321:driven back to their own place. I have made no pronouncement as to time, person or place. I haveExternalisation, 481:the mass of thought substance which the coming pronouncement will affect. Christ will bring thisExternalisation, 481:social, economic and political group. Christ's pronouncement will be embodied in certain Stanzas,Externalisation, 481:paraphrase of certain sentences found in that pronouncement can be given to humanity, and thisExternalisation, 635:needed work of preparation. The results of this pronouncement have not yet had time to makeExternalisation, 635:the full import of what has been done. With that pronouncement my planned work was brought to aFire, VII:that in the future she would gladly abandon any pronouncement in the present teaching, when sheFire, 764:highest radiation is known. Then - through the pronouncement of a certain Word of Power - the greatFire, 1003:property, and men produced results through the pronouncement of certain sounds. They did notIntellect, 191:of separation because separation is the pronouncement that one has become separated fromPsychology1, 96:statement, but will be regarded as a scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and ourPsychology1, 302:recognized truths, and a truth is a scientific pronouncement. The molding of the life by these twoRays, 57:enlarging Wholes, is from group to group. This pronouncement, issuing from a point of tension, isReappearance, 124:but will be regarded as a proved scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and our
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