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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROPER

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Magic, 309:I refer not here to true merriment nor the proper sense of humor, but to those hysterical outbreaksMagic, 346:up with the Ego, and definitely reason out the proper method of procedure in meeting theMagic, 407:involves, for instance, the right government and proper development of every national unit so thatMagic, 518:divine purpose to be. It would not be right nor proper for me to enlarge here upon the work ofMagic, 588:house"; they can now become the subject (under proper direction by a teacher) of definite methodsMeditation, 103:stimulation of the higher centers. There is a proper geometrical spiraling which this fire shouldMeditation, 105:wisely adjusted to the individual need. Proper meditations will be set to stimulate quiescentMeditation, 105:quiescent centers, to turn the inner fire to proper channels, to distribute the divine heat inMeditation, 118:of an unsuitable nature he neglects his proper obligation he delays the purpose of his life, and inMeditation, 155:It is neither desirable [155] at this stage nor proper. At a certain point in meditation,Meditation, 185:and little understood, and in their [185] proper comprehension lies the secret of perfect health.Meditation, 186:and of the fifth principle - meet and blend in proper geometrical manner, each center is adequatelyMeditation, 302:elsewhere who all carry out specific work under proper and adequate supervision. Too apt are theMeditation, 339:find their culmination in the initiation proper. These are the initiations on the emotional plane,Patanjali, 52:whose germ of knowledge has been subjected to proper culture and thus developed, until it floweredPatanjali, 65:There is a questioning which is right and proper. It is that "asking of questions" spoken of by thePatanjali, 112:there follows right control of prana and proper inspiration and expiration of the breath. 50. RightPatanjali, 187:in respect to others. Dharma means literally the proper working out of one's obligations (or karma)Patanjali, 204:and the process of incarnation are right and proper in their place but for the man who has noPatanjali, 217:there follows right control of prana and proper inspiration and expiration of the breath. HerePatanjali, 221:directly by the teacher to the pupil, after a proper study of the bodily conditions of that pupil.Patanjali, 222:organs, allied with the etheric centers, into proper condition. These physical organs arePatanjali, 223:of the life currents is the effect of the proper development of the other [224] two, external andPatanjali, 227:life of God. When the lower man is brought into proper response through attention to the four meansPatanjali, 295:head, where we find the first portal of the Path proper and enter upon that part of the path ofPatanjali, 358:of all the Masters, "I and My Father are one." A proper sense of values has been established andPatanjali, 394:remains with the ego or soul. In due time, under proper adjustment, every cause then initiated mustPatanjali, 405:case of Yogins properly enlightened it is but proper that knowledge having produced in them supremeProblems, 76:determined to fight for freedom and their proper human rights. Gradually employees and laborersPsychology1, 4:the newer sciences come into wise use and their proper sphere, we shall gain much and the teachingPsychology1, 220:of the animal form, such food is still right and proper. This brings up the whole question ofPsychology1, 365:of the army or navy, business organizations, the proper functioning of a home, of a hospital, or ofPsychology2, 15:is just as much a divine success in its proper place and time as is the case with the great Sons ofPsychology2, 108:an interpretation of a principle, correct and proper at a certain time, but capable of a differentPsychology2, 264:This is aided by his urge to power and the proper [265] environing conditions. The above situationPsychology2, 397:back behind the scenes, held in latency for the proper period and time (if I may speak of thesePsychology2, 450:They are anxious for peace, right relations, the proper distribution of time and the understandingPsychology2, 451:of man to bring about right conditions and proper environing situations wherein human beings canPsychology2, 453:These effects may mean release through the proper expenditure of the inflowing energy andPsychology2, 456:it tends to extrovert the mystic and thus give proper release for the recognized inflowing energy.Psychology2, 465:to strain and difficulty, and unless there is a proper understanding of this battle, dire resultsPsychology2, 537:nor is the sacral center turned to its proper uses. The sacral energy is carried prematurely to thePsychology2, 598:so lowered and also so little understood and the proper care of the body is consequently so poorlyPsychology2, 610:and becomes, not a door for rightful and proper use, but a way of escape from the difficulties ofPsychology2, 651:and are eager to see the Plan materialize in proper form on earth. The diverse needs of all thesePsychology2, 730:fear, through applied poverty (yes, that is the proper term) or through regimentation. TheseRays, 213:can see, smooth and effective coordination, a proper attention to the general picture, and anRays, 300:This - if done on a large scale and through proper organization - will destroy on a large scale theRays, 441:of relation between soul and personality. It is proper, consequently, to see a duality existing inRays, 450:concerned, dual in nature. The life thread [450] proper, which is one of the two threads whichRays, 475:creative thread). The life thread or sutratma proper is closely blended with these two. You thenRays, 669:shifts [669] gradually and steadily into its proper place as simply a natural phase of existence inRays, 670:energies which bring it into activity. When a proper recognition of the place the sex life shouldRays, 698:- a control which is related to normal and proper direction from the throat center and to theReappearance, 20:material things or with your desires; gain a proper sense of value; cease regarding possessions andSoul, 50:be ascribed to the ante-pituitary. It is the proper conjunction of its secretion and that of theSoul, 101:find expression. Dr. Rele says that "Prana proper is located between the larynx and the base of theSoul, 110:as in a town (puri-shaya) for pura, in its proper and literal sense, signifies town." - Guénon,Soul, 123:Stage more essentially connected with desire proper than the heart which may perhaps be regarded asSoul, 136:of the entire man and awakens the centers in proper rhythm and progression. This consciouslySoul, 153:new hopes and cares which fast supplant Their proper joys and griefs; they grow too great ForTelepathy, 106:essential humility (which plays a major part in proper understanding), and his personalityTelepathy, 159:here be repeated for clarity and placed in proper sequence: The planetary Logos works through the
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