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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROPERLY

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Psychology2, 182:specific form of service. When the groups are properly established (and the time is imminent) andPsychology2, 212:for some reason or other, and never become properly adapted to or fitted into our planetary life.Psychology2, 267:of Souls - a phrase which only initiates can properly interpret and understand. This process isPsychology2, 365:leads to fresh illumination when it is properly handled. These crises are produced by the bringingPsychology2, 572:form with the reality. The question could here properly be asked: How can the mystic avoid thisRays, 57:has to master. It is one which can only be properly comprehended through life experience, subjectRays, 113:of mysticism through which all aspirants very properly pass, they were taught to "see the vision" -Rays, 606:see correctly when this Principle of Conflict is properly evaluated as a spiritual necessity and isRays, 671:the lower center; thus its normal activity is properly preserved. The two centers in the head thenReappearance, 115:Law of Evolution. It has never been grasped or properly understood in the West and, in the East,Reappearance, 174:money (in large quantities or in small) had been properly appreciated and taught in homes andSoul, 112:be to confuse the 'vital breath' (prana), which properly belongs to the subtle manifestation, withSoul, 128:are out of adjustment and not functioning properly, man, the soul, must repair or heal them. It isSoul, 129:even conceive of his glands as not functioning properly, much less proceed to study, correct andTelepathy, 38:spiritually oriented and controlled work to be properly carried forward and successfullyTelepathy, 66:better grasped and the true function of ideas is properly understood. This Supreme Science ofTelepathy, 86:the information received, the disciple must then properly invoke the needed energies and learn
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