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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROPOSITION

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Astrology, 25:of this might be grasped if I gave you the new proposition (new to you though old to esotericists)Astrology, 26:Rays but it might profit us to state them here: Proposition One - Every ray life is an expressionAstrology, 26:Our own solar system. Our own planetary life. Proposition Two - Each one of the ray lives is theAstrology, 26:seven solar systems. The twelve constellations. Proposition Three - It is the quality of a ray lifeAstrology, 596:he can however grasp the probability of my proposition. May I again remind you that our theme isAstrology, 630:death. So, we come back to our initial proposition of that divine trinity ofAutobiography, 218:Alice Ortiz, at this time came to me with a proposition which had a bearing on the whole situation.Bethlehem, 8:attitudes can be clearly set forth by one single proposition. It consists in 'seeing through' theDiscipleship1, 234:time would indicate the correctness of my proposition. Discipleship2, 32:their simplicity seems to vanish and the proposition appears extremely hard. Since my lastDiscipleship2, 95:In most of you this platitude remains a mental proposition. You hope some day to arrive at thisDiscipleship2, 735:of the past cycle of living experience. Such a proposition faces many in this group today as it, inFire, 573:the material, we must next accede [573] to the proposition that this Builder proceeds with HisFire, 1167:its activity. It should be noted here as a basic proposition in connection with all atoms that theFire, 1191:astrology will reveal the nature of this fourth proposition at some later date. More attention willGlamour, 197:working in unison for just that purpose. The proposition, therefore, which I am laying before youGlamour, 203:in man himself, until finally we arrive at the proposition which faces the disciple. Then theHealing, 25:later enlarge. Today I but lay down the general proposition. I would also like to point out thatHealing, 112:of disease it must be accepted as a basic proposition that all disease is a result of the misuse ofHealing, 394:might be stated, in order to sum up my general proposition, that the fear and horror of death isHealing, 503:of Shamballa. This, however, is by the way. My proposition will serve to show you some of theIntellect, 139:itself in the consideration of a word, a proposition, or a discourse; but this simple sight of God,Magic, 551:question: Is there some basic formula or proposition which must govern the magical activity? ThisPsychology1, xxiii:to no crystallized judgment until the entire proposition has been presented to them, and itsPsychology1, 6:serve our purpose and will cover the general proposition. It will appear, as we study, that thePsychology1, 151:Whom Naught May Be Said." Therefore the first proposition to be grasped by the student of the raysPsychology1, 191:appearance, and this is the third major proposition of which the two previous are: Every ray LifePsychology1, 191:teachings. If, for instance, you study the first proposition, you will note how a ray Life is anPsychology1, 191:it personally specific by referring the same proposition to an individual man, grasping the factPsychology1, 192:any of the great sons of God. Again, the second proposition states that the seven rays, being eachPsychology1, 192:mental life and attitude of man today. The first proposition relates to the ego, or solar angel,Psychology1, 192:or solar angel, and its realization. The second proposition relates to the mental grasp of thePsychology1, 192:from on high by his solar angel. The third proposition, which states that quality determines thePsychology2, 207:"the Soul". They know this not only as a mental proposition, and as a sensed reality, but also as aPsychology2, 705:Early in this treatise we dealt with the general proposition of the value to psychology of aRays, 98:part of the Ashram. He is faced with the proposition of making his life of such a nature that itRays, 270:of Deity is necessarily embodied in a mental proposition; it is through this mental propositionRays, 270:a mental proposition; it is through this mental proposition that the three Buddhas of ActivityRays, 270:each for himself - a formulation of this mental proposition will be absolutely necessary. By meansRays, 435:of accomplishment? Can you undertake such a proposition and make good your undertaking? MostReappearance, 160:join the ranks of those who regard the whole proposition as an appeal to the gullible and theTelepathy, 119:to this substantial energy. This entire proposition can be referred back to the originating ThinkerTelepathy, 126:place, then the basic Thought, the fundamental Proposition of the planetary Logos can eventually beTelepathy, 145:them to the outer nervous system. This general proposition must be accepted, for the whole subject
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