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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROTECTIVE

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Astrology, 191:which are the main center of physical power and protective strength, and also the sacral centerAtom, 25:they are characterized by a necessary and protective selfishness. It is a most necessary stage inAtom, 106:which concern the group. This is a necessary and protective stage, and one of essential value toAtom, 108:great instincts are evolved; they are the great protective senses, not only enabling us to contactAtom, 123:is the law of [123] his being, a necessary protective stage of evolution. He is purely selfish, andAtom, 148:atomic stage, but we must remember that it is a protective and necessary one; it is passed throughDestiny, 73:be drawn forth and the selfishness and the self-protective interests of the French nation can beDestiny, 132:procedures, varying safeguards and changed protective measures. The rules may vary from time toDiscipleship1, 89:you can count. I would also assure you that the protective love of your Master is around you andDiscipleship1, 96:the brain consciousness. This is very largely a protective factor because they could not be trustedDiscipleship1, 156:instantaneous and effective. It generates a protective force and at the same time makes you aDiscipleship1, 594:through the experience of over-stimulation. The protective work done in the Ashram of a Master isDiscipleship2, 119:plexus. Once a month and then only through the protective magnetic field of the group life can youDiscipleship2, 177:all of it. I have had, therefore, to do some protective work; that is now finished, and I amDiscipleship2, 409:times, and the radiation emanating from them was protective, guarding and nurturing. Later, theDiscipleship2, 464:last communication to you. You need their [464] protective love, no matter whether you are here orDiscipleship2, 466:of myself and of A.A.B. and, at all times, the protective aura of K.H.; and - with reverence IDiscipleship2, 607:it would necessitate too much expenditure of protective force on the part of K.H. in order toDiscipleship2, 683:Love is, therefore, guarding, stimulating and protective. But it is not a personal matter. It is aDiscipleship2, 749:sensitivity to the new incoming vibration, and protective pliancy - I know not what other word toDiscipleship2, 750:your soul, the solidarity of the Ashram, and the protective aura which surrounds the work of theEducation, 106:has been interested, either for selfish, self-protective reasons or because of innate paternalism.Externalisation, 102:a development as is the separative and protective nature of the ordinary human consciousness. It isExternalisation, 102:sense of union and of at-one-ment which is the protective and essential characteristic of the fifthExternalisation, 271:by a sense of responsibility which will act as a protective wall; this will take place, not throughExternalisation, 280:It will be a wall of energy - vibrating, protective, and at the same time of such power that it canExternalisation, 684:also be of so potent a nature that it can form a protective screen around the human family. ForgetExternalisation, 684:the human family. Forget not the nature of the protective service which the Masters have assumed onExternalisation, 690:problem lessens, for the initiate learns certain protective rules which are not available to theFire, 122:- Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana 3. The Protective Purpose of the Etheric Body Now let us,Fire, 122:the breaking of the law) no longer perform its protective function. Let us see first of all whatFire, 122:function. Let us see first of all what those protective functions are: First. The etheric web actsFire, 482:through conscious control, knowledge of the protective sounds and formulas, and pure altruisticFire, 884:a threefold nature, as symbolized by the three protective agencies and the threefold nature of theFire, 928:certain desired ends, such as the invoking of protective angels or devas, and definite work, eitherFire, 1006:and existences in the three worlds. 2 These protective formulas are sounded forth by the thinker,Fire, 1006:in the Agnisuryans, and starts a stream of protective energy from one of the heart petals of theFire, 1016:of forms. Second, those which are of a purely protective nature, and which, through a knowledge ofFire, 1068:human atom, and at furthering the preservative protective processes, and the functionary smoothnessGlamour, 227:it also lays them open to danger, and for this a protective formula will be necessary. The formulaGlamour, 227:parts: The Preparatory Stages. The Use of the Protective Formula. Group Formula for the DissipationGlamour, 229:Preparatory Stages 1. The Act of Naming. 2. The Protective Formula. The Protective Formula is veryGlamour, 229:Act of Naming. 2. The Protective Formula. The Protective Formula is very simple. The members of theGlamour, 237:members, followed by ten minutes' silence. The Protective Formula: The group members say in unison:Healing, 212:to vitalize the centers, to burn away the protective web, and to raise the fires of matter beforeHealing, 604:and a scientific and technical understanding of protective measures will be given to the healerHealing, 604:and their inability to direct thought) the major protective measure consists in the ability of theHercules, 25:gave him a golden breastplate, magnetic and protective, the symbol of energy, emanating from highMagic, 321:natural world so-called) through the instinct of protective motherhood. But it is essentially aMagic, 370:person (hiding himself behind the shield of his protective desires) must not be confounded withMagic, 591:above it and the one below it by an interlaced protective [592] web which is composed of a curiousMagic, 592:in the forehead, and at the same time forms a protective shield between the ajna and throatMagic, 592:Many clairvoyants confuse the centers and their protective counterparts, for the latter have aMagic, 592:increased activity sets up a contact with the protective "webs", or disks of pranic energy found onMagic, 593:which produces destructive results upon the protective apparatus, and is no true indication ofMagic, 596:the centers, destroy without pain and danger the protective sheaths, and raise the kundalini fireMeditation, 66:contacts that later will be of use. It creates a protective shell around the group, which (thoughMeditation, 70:matter, and the building in of new, the protective effect of the Word and its work of stabilizationMeditation, 127:will call the real owner back, will build a protective wall after his re-entry and will seek toMeditation, 127:him there. Educative work during the day and protective measures at night for longer or shorterMeditation, 162:certain results, such as the invoking of protective angels; they lead to certain effects, eitherMeditation, 175:by rites. The rites are of three kinds: Protective rites, which concern your own protection. RitesMeditation, 177:are primarily four: Of prime importance are the protective mantrams. The mantrams that call theMeditation, 178:the same ray as the group he calls. You ask why protective mantrams are not used first as in theMeditation, 178:man is an initiate or an adept he needs not the protective rites, for it is a law in the occultMeditation, 280:This can be safely done by the pupil through the protective effect of the Master's aura. Later,Patanjali, 202:of Initiation (after the second initiation,) the protective work is begun. In the occident thePatanjali, 222:fire, and the consequent destruction of certain protective structures in the etheric body and thePsychology1, 126:to inculcate pure living, the learning of protective invocations and formulas, and the power of thePsychology1, 378:solar evolution. It is a basic human law, protective and developing. It controls the cyclic orPsychology2, 66:burns away all the etheric webs which are the protective barriers, separating the various centers.Psychology2, 487:serious and widespread trouble, breaking down protective etheric barriers, and throwing the doorsPsychology2, 539:- may produce the rapid burning through of the protective web of etheric matter which separates thePsychology2, 579:But the mind nature has reached a stage of protective usefulness and some of the great guardingRays, 70:right to invoke alone and unaccompanied by any protective agency, such as a group, and the reasonRays, 156:and this also cannot be avoided. These great protective laws are intended to guard theRays, 174:still a group proceeding; it is undergone in the protective presence of initiates of the sameRays, 175:him in the first two initiations but Whose protective aura (in conjunction with the initiate'sRays, 176:must face the One Initiator alone, with no protective Individual standing between him and theRays, 178:between ourselves and reality - something protective, interpretive and significant, but somethingRays, 185:a valuable creation, and was essentially protective, separating and slightly energizing. InRays, 282:the man is not consciously aware of it. It is a protective mechanism. The will aspect of the MonadSoul, 45:(as opposed to the intellectualized self-protective sentimentalism), tender-heartedness, sympathyTelepathy, 87:therefore impression from Shamballa, within the protective area or aura of the Ashram with which he
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