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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROTECTS

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Astrology, 252:and supreme importance to each other; the mother protects the germ of the Christ life; matterAstrology, 345:of the cosmic gestation period; it fosters and protects the embryonic Christ life, preparing forBethlehem, 220:of loneliness, of being bereft of all that protects, all that has hitherto been regarded asDiscipleship1, 594:at such periods - a Master's group supports and protects the one who is passing through theDiscipleship1, 694:of the Ashram. There is consequently a law which protects the Ashram from your limitations. I haveDiscipleship1, 701:vitally true also of a group of disciples. What protects most disciples from too great aDiscipleship2, 635:his senior disciple presides. This disciple protects the Master from undue disturbance, isDiscipleship2, 648:world there appears a haze of blue. That blue protects and hence I have no fear. Through it, I mayDiscipleship2, 726:done in this incarnation. Therefore, the Ashram protects you, and your brothers stand around you,Externalisation, 261:enough to pierce beyond the veil which protects the Earth, to those far distant realms where TheyExternalisation, 691:projected love not only aids the recipient, but protects the disciple from undue contact; it willFire, 123:When perfectly accomplishing its object it protects from disease, and the ills of the flesh areFire, 933:certain degree of planetary safety, for the web protects from certain solar influences, and actsFire, 1109:incarnation and the Angel with the flaming sword protects the entrance, driving him back from entryGlamour, 107:simplicity, like that of a child, saves and protects them from many of the subtler ills. TheirHealing, 212:the centers, only fortunately for them nature protects them often from themselves. They endeavorHealing, 274:body predisposes the subject to disease or protects it from disease, making man resistant to theHealing, 322:physical body. This, when present and positive, protects. When it is negative and weak, it leavesHercules, 55:well its fruit. A dragon with one hundred heads protects the maidens and the tree. Guard thyselfInitiation, 222:members of that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits. Permanent atomMagic, 311:constitutes our astral elemental. The fact that protects from complete sensitive identificationMagic, 486:is built up, one that intervenes and protects. Still another type of thought-form comes forth, -Magic, 575:found: "The armed hand is an empty hand and this protects its possessor from the accusations of hisMeditation, 357:members of [357] that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits. Psychology2, 148:earned the right to sojourn there. The angel protects the unready aspirant (not the place which heRays, 60:back. He could not if he would, and the Ashram protects him. In this Rule for accepted disciplesRays, 155:he knows more; he must learn also that the group protects him and that only with the group can heRays, 177:no [177] symbol or light substance separates or protects him, but he stands before the InitiatorRays, 200:serve their purpose; blindness nurtures and protects, provided it is innate and natural,Rays, 765:by yellow, melts into red. Yellow develops and protects. It ensheaths the nucleus. When you attainReappearance, 11:Avatar is one Who preserves, develops, builds, protects, shields and succors the spiritual impulsesTelepathy, 70:seems somewhat unsuitable) which surrounds and protects the true Shamballa center. It is essential
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