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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROVE

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Astrology, 33:following information anent the Hierarchies may prove useful. It has been gathered from variousAstrology, 83:in each of the twelve signs. In them he has to prove himself, attaining great moments of crisis inAstrology, 91:I indicate phases of speculation which might prove illuminating and fruitful. Aries is one of theAstrology, 114:in a hypothetical manner, and then start to prove the accuracy of the hypothesis. Ancient astrologyAstrology, 162:conditions, as far as man is concerned, will prove this. The disciples of the world today andAstrology, 183:and of the mediums associated with it may prove that the majority of the mediums in the world whoAstrology, 183:forward over a long period of time in order to prove the point which I seek to make. It would alsoAstrology, 186:will reveal most interesting relationships and prove my point anent the multiplicity of energies toAstrology, 198:process which astrology will eventually prove scientifically and past all controversy. This is theAstrology, 243:human egos, the fourth Creative Hierarchy, will prove most illuminating and is handled somewhat inAstrology, 245:but the time is not yet and such a theme would prove profitless and unimportant. When, however, theAstrology, 246:It is here that many mystics and world servers prove futile. They work from far too high a levelAstrology, 246:for this reason that so many schools of thought prove so successful in materializing that which isAstrology, 252:of any book upon comparative religion would prove. I cannot trace for you at length this universalAstrology, 255:signs, which is a statement I am quite unable to prove to you. In that first system, the faintAstrology, 266:A close study of the above ideas will prove fruitful in establishing methods and relationships;Astrology, 286:therefore, increasingly powerful. It might prove most illuminating and teach them much. TheAstrology, 286:some important house. If the horoscopes do not prove this, it is because the exact hour, moment andAstrology, 292:that I have not attempted in this Treatise to prove - scientifically and in the modern exotericAstrology, 308:major importance to humanity; the others might prove misleading, given man's present point ofAstrology, 324:to negate the space-time concept and to prove it an illusion that the door in Cancer opens to theAstrology, 383:Just what that karma and relationship may prove eventually to be lies beyond ordinary humanAstrology, 397:through love and by the will eventually will prove the sublimatory effect of the transference toAstrology, 398:in which sign the final tests are applied to prove that the energy is flowing freely and withoutAstrology, 399:whilst the four which come after Scorpio prove to be signs of discipleship and initiation. This isAstrology, 417:triangles which affect humanity and seek to prove their effect and to endeavor to arrive at someAstrology, 434:and their relation to the heart and throat will prove evocative of knowledge. They relate to theAstrology, 454:man are rapidly awakening. These relationships prove each other but only when seen in relation toAstrology, 473:and a greatly extended horizon, they will prove futile to accomplish their intended task. InAstrology, 479:this science in such a manner that it would prove of real interest. The inner web of light which isAstrology, 498:old exoteric astrology will still persist and prove its usefulness where the average man is inAstrology, 500:environment will be found, the future will prove itself as the best yet unrolled. Difficulties willAstrology, 516:and some process of experimentation in order to prove the fact, the statement remains relativelyAstrology, 524:is a wider and deeper sense in which it will prove true. When the intent and purpose of the greatAstrology, 539:be felt. The following brief tabulation may prove useful, even if it is only a repetition of thatAstrology, 547:consequently active, it should be possible to prove then the fact of these distributed energies byAstrology, 585:materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. It would simply serve to focusAstrology, 592:to express this in words and having done so they prove wholly inadequate. There is a faint, dim,Astrology, 596:which the average astrologer will be unable to prove because the cycles involved are too long;Astrology, 616:to This the nature of the whole, and showing prove itself unto Itself. I, the beginning am. I amAtom, 19:working towards fruition. Even if we cannot prove that God is, and that the Deity exists, it may beAtom, 27:family, and in the atom. I trust that we can prove that there is an intelligence underlying all;Atom, 65:you not to misunderstand me. I am not trying to prove that the spirit of Christianity isAtom, 67:the vehicles of expression are diverse, and ever prove inadequate as times elapses. What, then, isAtom, 67:What is the reason of it all, and what will prove to be the goal? Surely it is the development ofAtom, 73:Yet even if they are only hypotheses, they may prove interesting and give us a possible clue to theAtom, 109:will arrive at certain realizations which will prove invaluable to the human race. The indicationAtom, 129:as it is here; distance and separation will prove no barrier to intercourse. Symptoms of this canAtom, 146:life, but have lost much time in endeavoring to prove each other wrong, and to demonstrate theAutobiography, 7:contacts and knowledge - what I say may prove to be of service. Many isolated mystics, disciplesAutobiography, 50:steadily proceeding; history and civilization prove it. I know, too, that behind all intelligentAutobiography, 66:if you will note, is one thing I can and do prove in this book. I was, as you may have gathered, aAutobiography, 107:down, nor should they be. It is up to them to prove themselves all that they claim to be and it isAutobiography, 161:my work and the books speak for themselves and prove their own best defense. I think my reasons areAutobiography, 178:months in raking up dirt and endeavoring to prove someone was vile would realize the stupidity ofAutobiography, 197:willing to accept an hypothesis and attempt to prove its worth. The Arcane School is thereforeAutobiography, 212:met with a good reception and I wrote them to prove that one could do so-called psychic work, suchAutobiography, 231:do the unpredictable and their horoscopes will prove inaccurate and have no meaning at all. If aAutobiography, 232:particular world period is irrefutable and I can prove it to you here and now. Prior to the JewishAutobiography, 245:of a month, the material transcribed would prove to her whether it contained truth, whether itAutobiography, 247:a high grade intelligence, and A.A.B. desired to prove (for the aiding of the work of the future)Autobiography, 255:and deeds and not by their words and have to prove their status by the work accomplished. TheAutobiography, 283:find us saying to them: Study, think and prove to yourself and to us that you have grasped theBethlehem, 9:Through self-initiated experiment we can prove their validity; through experience we can establishBethlehem, 17:we call Palestine, the Holy Land. He came to prove to us the possibility of individual attainment.Bethlehem, 35:Cor., XV, 31.) Each of us must sooner or later prove this for himself, because "living religiousBethlehem, 56:happenings of His life and have struggled to prove the authentic historicity of those physicalBethlehem, 79:at Bethlehem Through love and loving practice we prove ourselves initiate in the mysteries. BornBethlehem, 80:does not want to be copied. He seeks to have us prove to Him, to ourselves, and to the world, thatBethlehem, 89:to a satisfactory conclusion. This He had to prove to God and man through the purification whichBethlehem, 102:as the unrecognized and hidden Messiah, and must prove and purify himself together with his friendsBethlehem, 107:kingdom must be subjected when called upon to prove his fitness for the privileges of that kingdom.Bethlehem, 108:and many have been the commentaries written to prove the particular point of each writer. It is notBethlehem, 168:is often overlooked in the struggle to prove such doctrines as the fact that the Virgin Mary was anBethlehem, 177:of the Father. To quote one writer who seeks to prove this continuity: "At the time of the life orBethlehem, 226:true significance emerges. This we have each to prove for himself. Frequently fear prevents us fromBethlehem, 232:had lost the last glimmer of hope that he might prove to be the Christ. When he was placed in theBethlehem, 235:Son of God. They have been deeply concerned to prove that because He rose again, so shall we rise,Bethlehem, 245:must somewhere, some time, in some manner, prove themselves worth while. Any other point of viewBethlehem, 245:immortality. The entire story of Christ goes to prove this. He had, throughout His life ofBethlehem, 276:Christ died two thousand years ago does not prove satisfactory to the man who is conscious of hisDestiny, 19:free from the mediation of the Hierarchy. It may prove a premature and abortive effort but theDestiny, 33:cyclic but which will, in this particular era, prove a decisive and determining factor in the ageDestiny, 62:can be applied to any nation and race and should prove of deep interest to every student ofDestiny, 77:a study of the consequent interrelations should prove interesting to the detached and open-mindedDestiny, 86:this will not last as history will eventually prove. The noisy, cruel child can turn into aDestiny, 92:a consideration of the various tabulations will prove how utterly impossible it is for the AmericanDestiny, 98:is a wider and deeper sense in which it will prove true. When the intent and purpose of the greatDestiny, 135:The mass of reputable testimony will prove incontrovertible. The moment that the subjective worldDestiny, 143:general pervasive effect of the third ray) might prove disastrous. The ray cycles are usually setDiscipleship1, XIV:work of the disciple in the Ashram. This will prove particularly enlightening as, for instance, inDiscipleship1, 11:made aware of what is said to the individual may prove most useful and produce much more rapidDiscipleship1, 16:set up that the barrier of death will eventually prove no barrier at all and continuity ofDiscipleship1, 18:manner that the coming effort of the Masters may prove adequate to the emergency. The third groupDiscipleship1, 35:in nature and a concise statement about it may prove helpful. I. They are an experiment in foundingDiscipleship1, 41:my brothers? Because the force flowing in might prove too strong for the individual disciple toDiscipleship1, 72:with their [72] special groups. This effort can prove successful only in so far as the disciples ofDiscipleship1, 123:to discuss with you, the following comments may prove of value. The main lesson of your life hasDiscipleship1, 129:acquiescence and a voluntary obedience to prove to you that there is a purpose and a plannedDiscipleship1, 171:forth my approval and - if persisted in - should prove of prolonged service to humanity. I would
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