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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROVE

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Discipleship1, 178:gather together some ray meditations which may prove of value not only to yourself but to others,Discipleship1, 211:to you some work which can with advantage - prove of usefulness to your fellowmen but the time isDiscipleship1, 241:work and its rightful processes. Your soul will prove your guardian. Continue to give your physicalDiscipleship1, 255:of personality expression but it can also prove a definite hindrance. In summing up, therefore, itDiscipleship1, 267:come revelation. A few hints at this point may prove useful to you: In the linking of the heart andDiscipleship1, 342:assets) can become too much emphasized and prove in some ways a hindrance. Your position is clearDiscipleship1, 351:of the following question: Group meetings often prove undesirable for disciples in the early stagesDiscipleship1, 366:thought, prior to taking final decision. To prove to you that your failure is basically superficialDiscipleship1, 371:more than the average capacity to serve and to prove useful. Their power to live, to influence andDiscipleship1, 382:a steady and fixed habit. This fact should prove a solace in [383] moments of discouragement thatDiscipleship1, 384:the soul is oft irked thereby. Give it time to prove itself. It is not the length of time that isDiscipleship1, 446:- if you accept my suggestions and then test and prove them - you will arrive at a betterDiscipleship1, 451:now of grief, sorrow and pain is that which may prove too much. Just as there is a point in theDiscipleship1, 470:exercise for the group meditation, it will prove effective for it is along the same general line,Discipleship1, 493:of depression as the result of my words will but prove the extent of my truthful presentation. ForDiscipleship1, 500:together, produces a whirlpool of energies which prove always destructive. This you have succeededDiscipleship1, 501:force. The above information should prove of service to you. I assign you no special work but wouldDiscipleship1, 503:for this sense of frustration (as I could easily prove to you) is that the glamor of pride holdsDiscipleship1, 505:it as bathed in pure golden prana. This should prove an exercise of value to you. Long experienceDiscipleship1, 521:weakness. For you the word, "substitution," may prove of real help, enabling you to substitute aDiscipleship1, 522:ways of joy and of happy activity. Joy would prove for you a major healing factor. For years, myDiscipleship1, 575:I know, but re-emphasis on my part will not prove unavailing. Your physical body is very frail and,Discipleship1, 594:what is done is a group effort. It will then prove successful, for it will be based on groupDiscipleship1, 620:the material aspect against the spiritual will prove futile and the power of the spirit willDiscipleship1, 631:answers could have been foreseen. They should prove helpful to all who read them. Was the taskDiscipleship1, 675:now within the heart. The challenge comes: "Prove thine own worth. Take to thyself the orange ballDiscipleship1, 696:But it remains for the disciple to decide and prove. Disciples are in a Master's group because ofDiscipleship1, 707:if these new incoming energies are to prove effective in bringing about the desired changes underDiscipleship1, 709:to the familiar and the need to do two things: Prove that the familiar veils an important realityDiscipleship1, 725:of view of the more advanced? These questions prove a fundamental [726] problem in all Ashrams andDiscipleship1, 768:service? That is for you to find out and to prove to yourselves. This group has had muchDiscipleship1, 777:of a month, the material transcribed would prove to her whether it contained truth, whether itDiscipleship1, 779:high-grade intelligence and A. A. B. desired to prove (for the aiding of the work of the future)Discipleship1, 788:works, their deeds and their words; they have to prove their status by the work they accomplish. Discipleship2, 33:rests back upon companionship) is now ready to prove what he essentially has ever been - a strengthDiscipleship2, 35:rather anent its general characteristics, might prove of interest to you. A Master, when studying aDiscipleship2, 39:at all and that, therefore, your conclusions may prove entirely erroneous. These personalDiscipleship2, 67:the personality life may also be induced and may prove very misleading. It would appear from theDiscipleship2, 78:periphery the fact of that relationship; it will prove that you, the personality, the soul, and theDiscipleship2, 91:work in a still closer relationship. This they prove by working off karma. Such were H.S.D. andDiscipleship2, 95:so, why? Some day this responding interest must prove itself effective, and this must necessarilyDiscipleship2, 100:of your work. That this relationship may prove the signal achievement of the coming year for eachDiscipleship2, 130:hints or instructions (for that is what they may prove to be when you arrive at their intendedDiscipleship2, 161:therefore, can be expected more rapidly and prove more effective. This raincloud is formed throughDiscipleship2, 204:to hinder, but the visualization indicated will prove helpful. In the case of the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 224:to use these meditative forms that they will not prove effective and of the needed vital potencyDiscipleship2, 234:help; the task of these lesser disciples is to prove to the ignorant masses that - as the centuriesDiscipleship2, 234:way for the Master of all the Masters, was to prove not only that the Plan was based upon planetaryDiscipleship2, 249:but any interpretation of this awakening would prove meaningless to you until the previous fourDiscipleship2, 252:theme, Points of Crisis. We can now approach and prove the livingness of our progress from theDiscipleship2, 318:disciples in the world; it will, however, prove to be the ordinary form of occult teaching duringDiscipleship2, 319:would like you to get their sequence, for it may prove valuable to you and to other disciples: ThatDiscipleship2, 331:which can make black to appear white and prove that good intention is responsible forDiscipleship2, 354:than these seven, because what you now have will prove adequate for many years of study. Each ofDiscipleship2, 387:the nature of their high calling; they will prove to all who can grasp the significance of theDiscipleship2, 399:which is rapidly being constructed and can thus prove the connecting link and the esoteric mode ofDiscipleship2, 412:the ancient method, therefore, began to prove futile. The entire process was too easy and did notDiscipleship2, 423:sought and this will not, by any means, prove an easy matter. Revelation will, however, come if youDiscipleship2, 461:you a personal meditation which will, I believe, prove useful. It is more in the nature of anDiscipleship2, 482:an effort to accomplish the indicated task, to prove to the Master his staunch determination, andDiscipleship2, 509:service and should - when done in the morning - prove pronouncedly strenuous. It involves someDiscipleship2, 527:and find it to be sixth ray in nature; it will prove most helpful to probationary disciples, andDiscipleship2, 591:of your soul through the right eye. This will prove potent in effect. Then - as a soul - draw fromDiscipleship2, 599:fellow servers [599] can demonstrate which will prove the needed agent. Proceed as usual, my triedDiscipleship2, 620:to do the expedient thing and also to attempt to prove to yourself and to others that you are whatDiscipleship2, 646:in the new seed group. This information may prove of use to you even if it only serves toDiscipleship2, 656:illumine your service and let your intellect not prove to be the dominating factor. Let spontaneousDiscipleship2, 665:given you certain instructions which will only prove their effectiveness in your development andDiscipleship2, 668:for them later to undertake will eventually prove so difficult that it is essential that they startDiscipleship2, 697:Mastership. These ideas are suggestive and would prove fruitful and lead to much expansiveDiscipleship2, 707:past [707] and of what has been done, they will prove useless from the angle of the spiritual life,Discipleship2, 707:when your chosen workers fail to understand or prove disloyal or criticize without warrant or pitDiscipleship2, 708:which has, in the past, and will in the future, prove invaluable to the work required. You have theDiscipleship2, 726:first highlight your career of glamor so as to prove to you, intelligently, the points I seek toDiscipleship2, 768:have reached the Portal of the Final Way must prove themselves and in their proving teach and liftEducation, 11:of the God-idea in the human consciousness would prove a profitable illustration of the phenomenaEducation, 13:out of faults and errors does not always prove helpful; it may but increase responsibility, evokeEducation, 39:for if this were done on a large scale it would prove disastrous; it would put a premium on racialEducation, 50:and women of today. It is not possible for me to prove the truth of these statements, but a studyEducation, 61:which he must learn to use, for they would prove beneficial and would increase his knowledge, andEducation, 71:unfoldments and to ancient racial episodes will prove of interest and of import, and though theEducation, 81:in his particular world setting and prove himself a useful citizen. The general trend of hisEducation, 95:systems of the Aquarian Age because they would prove most unsuitable at this time. I mention themEducation, 109:of what I may give in these instructions may not prove of immediate application, but students areEducation, 112:and absorption has been going on and may prove effective. Let us work towards that end. But at theEducation, 124:only two out of many possible categories) would prove the staggering number of such bodies andExternalisation, 115:have in the past and will in the future prove successful in bringing forms to birth, to maturityExternalisation, 123:of [123] volume two of The Secret Doctrine will prove enlightening to students, if they will studyExternalisation, 133:trend towards fusion in the modern world would prove a most illuminating study. It would be foundExternalisation, 142:of the mind and heart behind them, they can prove unbelievably potent in the life of the one whoExternalisation, 157:entire story. These rightly carried forward will prove effective. Would it clarify matters for youExternalisation, 177:and individual freedom. If this [177] should prove to be the case, then - without so intending andExternalisation, 178:of the evil forces. These had determined to prove that might was right. Therefore, the forcesExternalisation, 187:of the weak and the defenceless. Facts prove these points, and it is this recognition which liesExternalisation, 227:of these two reactions to the world crisis can prove adequate to bring in that outside assistanceExternalisation, 251:a sword, and the effects of His activity may prove surprising to those who see only the needs ofExternalisation, 265:ask you to think about it. Thus, if this should prove the correct result of all invocation andExternalisation, 272:evoking an immediate human response. This will prove an incontrovertible fact. That His radiationExternalisation, 280:the Forces of Light, their efforts will prove negligible. It is humanity alone which canExternalisation, 285:sufficing to satisfy man's demand for truth and prove adequate to answer his ceaseless yet
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