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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROVIDE

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Astrology, 49:VII. These sixth and seventh Hierarchies which provide the substance forms of the three worlds haveAstrology, 49:but from the standpoint of man they do provide him with His lowest principles. They hold the sameAstrology, 84:and practical interest, especially as they provide those points of crisis wherein a man steps offAstrology, 101:ray which enables the man to build anew and provide himself with a spiritual body of manifestation.Astrology, 202:lay the foundation for the new astrology and to provide some measure of technical information fromAstrology, 270:in their relation to the seven Rishis. Provide the negative pole to the positive aspect of theAstrology, 320:There are three signs, preceding these, which provide the subtle or subjective realities of theAstrology, 345:and periodic change in time and space which will provide a field of adequate experience for theAstrology, 446:produces the urge to better conditions to provide better forms for the occult and esoteric life andAstrology, 516:and its subsidiary sciences will eventually provide. The foundation is already laid. What I hereAstrology, 516:foundation is already laid. What I here give can provide another step forward and further light. ItAstrology, 645:they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the veryAstrology, 692:they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the veryAutobiography, 105:that I had the best that it was in her power to provide. I loved her and she was my one confidante.Autobiography, 237:evolution, and holding forms together so as to provide vehicles for the evolving life and later,Autobiography, 299:Ones in our present era; more especially also to provide the necessary expanding knowledge ofAutobiography, 299:and for this the Arcane School has helped to provide usable material. The Tibetan, therefore, hasBethlehem, 118:and their glamorous effect upon the individual, provide psychological laboratories with all theirBethlehem, 136:not contact other aspects when eventually we provide the mechanism of knowledge and the intuitionBethlehem, 243:ideal. A consideration of the Resurrection may provide a greater surety, provided we keep in mindBethlehem, 280:signifies distrust in the power of experience to provide, in its own ongoing movement, the neededDestiny, 29:into the new age. Their name is legion. They provide, however, a needed balance and are responsibleDestiny, 79:their present activities. They did, however, provide a good medium through which the ancientDestiny, 89:soul should (when developed and balanced) provide a most remarkable channel for human expression.Destiny, 132:The rules may vary from time to time in order to provide easier [133] indication and adequateDestiny, 152:civilizations and points of view - will provide no barrier to right human relations. At the centerDiscipleship1, 7:I promise no quick results. I undertake to provide no spectacular unfoldment. The results restDiscipleship1, 8:aggregate of their qualities should eventually provide a group capable of useful, spiritualDiscipleship1, 26:Master's Ashram can fulfil certain functions and provide laboratories for specified work. Some canDiscipleship1, 26:laboratories for specified work. Some can provide a demonstration laboratory of the trainedDiscipleship1, 31:and they came out in ordered sequence and provide a body of teaching and of truth which will serveDiscipleship1, 52:definite and specific end. They are organized to provide channels in the world for the distributionDiscipleship1, 54:of hierarchical work, I pledged myself; it would provide the nucleus for the coming types ofDiscipleship1, 116:terms to express this idea. That sentence should provide you with much food for thought. The secondDiscipleship1, 216:of disciples, which can (for the time at least) provide the "playground" for your soul. To loveDiscipleship1, 285:consideration and wisdom. It is an effort to provide a focal point through which the Hierarchy canDiscipleship1, 456:does not interest you basically. Such problems provide not for you sufficient or adequate motive toDiscipleship1, 488:with the problem of world [488] glamor. Will you provide a tiny germ of active life from which aDiscipleship1, 493:possibility of expression, your wherewithal to provide the three necessities of life (a roof, foodDiscipleship1, 498:be developed, and for this, your service will provide an adequate field. Astral calm,Discipleship1, 517:times of those who feel that their lives do not provide them with that which they desire, or it isDiscipleship1, 541:to love and to serve. But they will serve to provide a widened scope for more magnetic service andDiscipleship1, 606:words synthetically and sequentially, and so provide an article on Discipleship which could be ofDiscipleship1, 617:meditation and group service must, and will, provide adequate expression for all the powers of yourDiscipleship1, 643:fully. There is much in what I say which will provide full time study; there is a new meditation toDiscipleship1, 646:my next communication. This instruction will provide you with more than adequate meditationDiscipleship1, 651:adjusted and your present sphere of service will provide a fine training ground in the matter. ThenDiscipleship1, 665:of service through which the monad manifests), provide your field of opportunity and your mainDiscipleship1, 693:and of service first. What is that work? To provide a working intelligent and consecrated group ofDiscipleship1, 706:because the personality of the disciple will provide an open door of approach. But they are farDiscipleship1, 725:should be in close telepathic rapport and thus provide a training ground for the development ofDiscipleship1, 725:used to arouse criticism in the unqualified and provide points for discussion. The disciple orDiscipleship1, 726:all Ashrams and only the chelas themselves can provide the answer. In the mastering of the task ofDiscipleship2, 64:Their spiritual desperation is what is needed to provide the required "point of tension" fromDiscipleship2, 67:and to retire into a phase of living which will provide him with no true scope for his pledgedDiscipleship2, 85:and the work of the Triangles and Goodwill, will provide you with much to do. Throw yourselvesDiscipleship2, 134:and one of the objectives which should provide you with ample opportunity for effort during theDiscipleship2, 144:[144] meditate, relate, receive and transmit - provide the seed thoughts for twelve years' workDiscipleship2, 157:power upon them. At the same time, they provide, in an almost singular manner, the next developingDiscipleship2, 161:By the disciples and aspirants of the world who provide a channel by means of which the energiesDiscipleship2, 190:the crosses (+ X) which - when superimposed, provide a most interesting chart for the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 279:The disciples within a Master's Ashram can provide him with what knowledge he may require, for theyDiscipleship2, 294:What I have given you at this time will provide much ground for thought. Further instruction alongDiscipleship2, 329:knowledge that their limitations definitely provide a problem for those less limited. The time hasDiscipleship2, 354:years of study. Each of them, in fact, could provide the theme of a book, and the search for theirDiscipleship2, 359:in the nature of instructions to the Master, and provide in their entirety a sequence of teachingDiscipleship2, 363:up what has been given in a threefold manner and provide a closely integrated yet widely usefulDiscipleship2, 375:the present time, first and second ray vehicles provide the line of least resistance. The firstDiscipleship2, 443:mankind in the hearts of your fellowmen could provide for you an adequate field of service. ItDiscipleship2, 500:planning for the reopening work will suffice to provide due expression for thought, for holding theDiscipleship2, 516:that I (through the medium of my Ashram) could provide those conditions which would facilitate thisDiscipleship2, 519:mystery and from selfish introspection - should provide the theme for your meditation work until IDiscipleship2, 520:may be somewhat familiar to you, but they could provide the six seed thoughts for your meditativeDiscipleship2, 576:and the knowledge gained will serve to provide some of the practical side of the teaching to beDiscipleship2, 576:as desired by the Great White Lodge - many will provide evidence that they are ready for thisDiscipleship2, 576:field of your daily work - you are equipped to provide that measure of technical knowledge whichDiscipleship2, 579:of Light with your two Triangle members will provide you with adequate focal points for soulDiscipleship2, 595:and as the Master Morya. First ray workers provide the substance with which the second ray workersDiscipleship2, 598:has to do is already recognized by him and will provide a serious and important life work. It is myDiscipleship2, 603:make you familiar. Such a task was intended to provide scope for expression upon the outer planeDiscipleship2, 618:energizing area and these you must attempt to provide. This is one of the most, deeply esotericDiscipleship2, 655:and rightly. I give not what you yourself can provide, but I can and do supplement your strengthDiscipleship2, 670:is by no means as vague as it appears. It should provide you with ideas for reflection. For theDiscipleship2, 670:remainder of your life twelve seed phrases can provide the theme of your recurrent meditation -Discipleship2, 710:Your first ray personality and astral vehicle provide barriers to the free flow of love and impedeDiscipleship2, 724:and through the point [724] which I can, thus provide, love and true light can flow. I stand inDiscipleship2, 750:constitute your duty and life function and also provide the wherewithal whereby the needs of lifeDiscipleship2, 750:whereby the needs of life can be met. These provide a slow moving glamor, behind which youDiscipleship2, 757:of spirit from matter. [757] This thought should provide you with a theme for much profoundEducation, vi:synthesis that Marxism and neo-Scholasticism provide for their followers, but to get this by theEducation, vi:and places. These universal principles will then provide the norms for Education in the New Age, asEducation, vi:Tibetan indicates, on subjective levels we must provide for the resynthesis of human personalityEducation, vii:and fruitful living can be founded, the East may provide us with the counter-balance to ourEducation, xii:if true, must be in line with the past and must provide scope for endeavor in the present and mustEducation, 75:everything else, the effort should be made to provide an atmosphere wherein certain qualities canEducation, 83:and certain professions and life careers provide the right setting for development and a useful andEducation, 83:factors - instinct, intellect and intuition - provide the keynotes for the three scholasticEducation, 87:every country, is today a crying need and would provide a major asset in preserving world peace.Education, 110:The exponents of the differing creeds can provide the needed literature and present their case farEducation, 121:of the Aquarian Age. This fact should provide the grounds for a profound and convinced optimism;
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