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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROVIDE

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Education, 135:The economic situation and the necessity to provide for the unduly large population of the planetEducation, 135:the effort being made today as never before to provide better and more adequate living conditions.Education, 137:heretofore, is twofold in its implications: To provide bodies for incarnating souls so that certainExternalisation, 44:and blend the personality and the soul and thus provide an instrument for the distribution ofExternalisation, 59:such signs will be in this group, but you will provide the right conditions which will make itsExternalisation, 87:civilizations and culture. These thoughts will provide much that you would do well to consider. TheExternalisation, 140:is over. I have given much in the past which can provide a platform of objectives and of methods.Externalisation, 147:the world nicer, more comfortable, happier and provide eventually easier living conditions must beExternalisation, 159:and where Their focused energy serves to provide great reservoirs of light and love. These haveExternalisation, 203:and so bring in a way of living which will provide adequate supply of the necessities of lifeExternalisation, 207:beliefs of the men and women of goodwill and provide the incentive to all service and action. TheseExternalisation, 218:are no excuse for slack thinking, nor do they provide an alibi or the opportunity to shirkExternalisation, 285:the true inner structure of reality which will provide the needed strength for humanity at thisExternalisation, 312:and thus evoke the Avatar, and likewise to provide a world group through which the new forces andExternalisation, 321:have won the victory upon the physical plane. Provide the subjective synthesis or network of light,Externalisation, 322:need, basic in its implications, and which will provide that structure of living interrelationExternalisation, 366:of goodwill in the hearts of men. This will provide the right compassionate incentive. MostExternalisation, 366:to self-respecting and secure living. They will provide the motive power for many men and groups,Externalisation, 434:that, in order to demonstrate true love and to provide scope and opportunity for a civilization inExternalisation, 454:of God, is dealing at this time, and it will provide the subject of Their discussions and finalExternalisation, 516:living organism of aspirants and disciples can provide a center of peace, power and love, ofExternalisation, 519:their resultant civilizations. These can then provide adequate forms, temporarily [520] useful forExternalisation, 547:should unitedly create a beautiful whole and not provide barriers of separativeness as is today theExternalisation, 613:are engulfing men in every land. They thus provide - for themselves - an answerable alibi. TheExternalisation, 624:but in many cases they have first of all to provide them with a motive so magnetic in its appealExternalisation, 624:that they must perforce give; they have also to provide the trust, foundation and organizationExternalisation, 633:of the Christ; the Arcane School can therefore provide a trained body of workers. Ten years afterExternalisation, 639:religious and social aims and can therefore provide no true cause for alarm. Such blocs would beExternalisation, 639:economic and not greedy, and they could provide a normal and progressive movement away from theExternalisation, 639:ready for some super-government, nor can it yet provide the unselfish and trained statesmen thatExternalisation, 698:as credible and creditable, and His coming will provide the germ for all world hope; the reason forFire, xii:Fire" has a fivefold purpose in view: First, to provide a compact and skeleton outline of a schemeFire, xv:all that which is tangibly objective. It aims to provide a reasonably logical plan of systemicFire, 391:scheme, as the Earth scheme will no longer provide for them an adequate place of nurture. EntitiesFire, 524:of harmony, and of esoteric equality, which will provide ideal environment for harmonious man. Fire, 552:form, is threefold: To respond to vibration To provide a body for an idea To carry out specificFire, 556:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals b. To Provide a Body for an Idea In this statement weFire, 715:force and his work is consequently threefold: To provide a threefold vehicle capable of theFire, 715:a certain amount of it for a twofold purpose: To provide a reservoir of force for emergencies andFire, 719:out a special piece of work. This round will provide no bodies adequate to their need. The nextFire, 777:they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the veryFire, 783:triplicity in the fourth round in order to provide vehicles for man; the reason for this lies hidFire, 815:in which man may view this matter, both of which provide food for meditation, and well meritFire, 841:physical plane, and their function is largely to provide vehicles for those of their own group. TheFire, 1014:midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set.Fire, 1134:three lower kingdoms by the best that they can provide, and they have literally given him hisFire, 1149:on Occult Meditation which - if collated - will provide sufficient data for study for a long time.Fire, 1152:Who comes in under a great cosmic impulse to provide the vibratory form which will make possibleFire, 1155:given and the correspondences indicated, should provide all followers of raja yoga with a basis forFire, 1207:VII. These sixth and seventh Hierarchies which provide the substance forms of the three worlds haveFire, 1207:but from the standpoint of man they do provide him with his lowest principles. They hold the sameGlamourwritings by the Tibetan and Alice A. Bailey provide information for wise and useful experimentationGlamour, 8:the penetration into the meaning of a symbol can provide a means whereby the dormant buddhic orGlamour, 15:Rightly interpret that which is seen, they can provide a demonstrating laboratory for the trainedGlamour, 19:you to work on the astral plane. But it will provide you with a field for the wise use of theGlamour, 37:the group members. Their united personal glamors provide the open door through which group glamorGlamour, 49:it? [49] Does your own interior satisfaction provide an adequate excuse for delaying the plannedGlamour, 114:and point of view of the soul, for they provide the means whereby experience is gained. ThisGlamour, 200:to the aspirational nature of humanity and which provide the enticements which lead the man alongGlamour, 201:to the factual presence of the [201] Real. They provide (in times of crisis) the great testing forGlamour, 227:and who need external aids, and they do provide a setting which serves to help beginners to keepGlamour, 249:reality and the work of the seven centers which provide inlet and outlet for the moving forces andHealing, 102:can be used to drive out diseased tissue and provide a healthy substitute in place of the diseasedHealing, 176:must go on and remain active in order to provide bodies for incoming souls. But as the raceHealing, 191:and can create potentially more forms or can provide environments in which these forms can live.Healing, 215:a definite active effect; karmic adjustments provide opportunity or hindrance, and the intricaciesHealing, 286:his circumstances should also be known, so as to provide a focal point of interest, and a magneticHealing, 377:today, and the next generation after them will provide still more. The separating veil willHealing, 495:Makes a deliberate choice of those who will provide him with the needed dense physical covering,Healing, 496:of a particular quality and nature which will provide the needed vehicle of contact with theHealing, 496:demanded by the incarnating soul. They may also provide a measure of group relationship, where theHealing, 528:is inevitable. This moving forward will provide - during the next five hundred years - many healersHealing, 575:analysis of the sentences composing Law IV will provide much food for thought, and we will nowHealing, 576:the laws are imposed upon the healer and [576] provide the unalterable conditions under which heHealing, 601:with a trained physician. The healer will provide the required occult knowledge. The time when anyHealing, 672:essential for a certain initiation, because they provide the link between Law IX and Rule Six. TheHealing, 695:summarized and condensed statements which will provide a textbook for the healer, a reference bookHealing, 701:than the soul ray, and will therefore provide the point of contact. [702] The healer, having to hisHercules, 77:a learner such as he. He ponders and reflects." "Provide a test which will evoke his wisest choice.Hercules, 77:voices, will arouse the obedience of his heart. Provide likewise a test of great simplicity uponHercules, 205:found among her papers. This excerpt seems to provide an appropriate concluding note for theInitiation, 20:in all Beings The Hierarchy seeks to provide fit conditions for the development ofIntellect, 10:be a point of certainty. A growing universe may provide for open futures, but whoso declares thatIntellect, 33:he will eagerly grasp at it. If society can provide the means and opportunity for such advancement,Intellect, 38:must first of all communicate the type and then provide for growth beyond that type. Education isIntellect, 43:to make him physically fit, mentally alert, to provide a trained memory, controlled reactions, andMagic, 235:midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet areMagic, 245:midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set."Magic, 290:their appetites that they build a clean body and provide clear channels for the passage of forcesMagic, 354:word and deed. In this way each one of you will provide a pure channel, will become an outpost forMagic, 354:outpost for the consciousness of the Master and provide a center of energy through which theMagic, 531:and limiting his sphere of activity in order to provide due opportunity and expression for theMeditation, 59:open up the channel to a greater extent, and so provide a more adequate vehicle for theMeditation, 108:attainment of business acumen by the struggle to provide the necessities of life; it may be theMeditation, 235:expression. As the bodies are refined they provide better mediums for incoming forces, and theMeditation, 248:of fever, but it is almost impossible as yet to provide the right conditions for the application ofMeditation, 277:discouraged, could they realize how seldom they provide the right conditions through meditationMeditation, 313:seclusion, and this the advanced school will provide. Therefore the preparatory school will beMeditation, 322:though they concern us not intimately as yet, provide in their construction much of occultMeditation, 331:the advanced school. I have indicated enough to provide much room for interested speculation. [332]
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