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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROVIDED

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Externalisation, 620:prepare the way for the coming of the Christ, provided he cares enough and knows the meaning ofFire, 376:synthesized, and the buddhic aspect was being provided with a means of expression through theFire, 397:First the abstract concept, then the medium provided for manifestation in form, and, finally, thatFire, 701:repulsion. They could not energize the forms provided, for it involved the opposition of that whichFire, 708:on the physical plane, a working hypothesis is provided whereby man can scientifically undertakeFire, 717:and one coherent vehicle of expression is provided for these cosmic Entities. In the producing ofFire, 732:type of deva substance which the Agnishvattas provided for the body of the Ego, and pass on to theFire, 751:Bodhisattva may be found in these two thoughts, provided the student transfers the whole concept toFire, 758:wait. In this work many have their share, provided they demonstrate the necessary endurance.Fire, 759:should they so choose, an immediate incarnation, provided they have achieved continuity ofFire, 1005:of force from the next highest plane. Provided the man on the physical plane can hold the purposeFire, 1013:form must now function, and a body must be provided so as to make this possible. The energy ofFire, 1116:jiva are stupendous, and he can become as God, provided he submits to the evolutionary process, andFire, 1185:which it might profit us to touch upon here, provided we remember that only a few effects out ofGlamour, 2:the problems and dispositions of others, provided they are interested. This they must not, however,Glamour, 265:one but one which promises eventual success, provided there is clear thinking, earnest purpose andHealing, 81:for all the forces reaching the physical body, provided the point in evolution has brought theHealing, 101:to be healed can produce the cure of disease, provided it is the destiny of the man to be healed atHealing, 260:to live as one chooses. This is as it should be, provided that one's wishes, choices, thoughts andHealing, 283:of the solar plexus center may produce a cure, provided that the work done is purely mental andHealing, 377:with the material aid which as yet has not been provided in the outer scientific field. To bringHealing, 554:of the head center will be a great help, provided he accepts instruction in the art of energyHealing, 653:even that provides no real hindrance, provided the healer can bring his soul and the patient's soulHealing, 661:the spiritual man as the greatest possible good, provided it comes to him under law, as the resultHercules, 77:O great Presiding One. The third great test provided much of teaching sustenance to a learner suchHercules, 227:that he is fit to undertake the tremendous task provided for him in the next sign. Initiation, 111:only a possibility, but something attainable, provided he strives sufficiently. The firstInitiation, 177:- and subsequently, when he has on his part provided the right conditions, there is placed at hisInitiation, 186:the law of correspondence, might be given out, provided always that we remember that words serveIntellect, 27:be given his full heritage, and special culture provided which will foster and strengthen theIntellect, 183:is illumination of the mind and of the brain, provided that they have both been held positivelyIntellect, 225:is relatively immaterial what imagery we choose, provided that we start with the basic idea of theIntellect, 232:the mind can range at will (note those words) provided they have a bearing upon the seed-thoughtIntellect, 253:and entering it is a most valuable experience, provided that the rule of love and ofMagic, 75:and mantric law assumes its rightful place, provided that the One communicates the words and theMagic, 110:made to blossom like the rose? "In other words, provided one repairs to his appointed station andMagic, 262:on the occult path starts with the vehicle provided, but during incarnation builds for himself everMagic, 310:some mood, some fear, some excitement. This has provided a condition whereby the solar plexusMagic, 324:the Master) definite planned conditions must be provided. Certain factors must be present. If theyMagic, 417:potent enough to attract political attention, provided those of you who have seen the vision of aMagic, 461:of the globe can be available for this work, provided their minds are open and focused. AccordingMagic, 512:will consequently occur to make man successful, provided he can preserve constantly a rightMagic, 587:to draw out the best that is in a man, [587] provided he stays in them. They flee from themselvesMeditation, 65:formation the effect of the Word is intensified, provided the groups are correctly constituted, orMeditation, 105:earnestly to point out it is quite needless, provided the student adheres to the rules of commonMeditation, 135:not from the hurt of any man, woman or child, provided that in the process his own ends areMeditation, 145:in his daily life and thought. The form is provided with all the virtues, scintillates with all theMeditation, 198:it out over mankind by means of the channel provided by the assembled Lords, Masters, gradedMeditation, 222:come much of value to the student of meditation, provided always he does three things: That heMeditation, 231:sense. Much that I have imparted to you has provided food for thought and for speculation. It tendsMeditation, 239:imposes his characteristics upon the material provided for his using. The God within expresses allMeditation, 303:know adequately how to protect their pupils, provided those pupils stay within the periphery ofMeditation, 322:chamber. The type of building matters not, provided these conditions are fulfiled. Each room mustMeditation, 349:no attention to what his fellow servants say, provided his superiors (either incarnating men andMeditation, 349:if the result is not that which he anticipated, provided that he faithfully did the highest thingMeditation, 349:he cares not if reproach and reproof assail him, provided his inner self remains calm andMeditation, 349:the approbation of his environing associates, provided his inner sense of contact with Those WhoMeditation, 349:is conscious of little result from his labors, provided the inner light increases and hisPatanjali, 110:at will by the seer using the instrument provided for him, but a new world opens up in which hePatanjali, 124:to the loved one. All things are counted as loss provided the object of one's devotion is attained.Patanjali, 258:worlds. This is a safe and necessary process provided it is the outcome of the awakening of the manPatanjali, 314:lit his own light, trimmed his own lamp and thus provided himself with the means of penetratingPatanjali, xi:of the "kingdom, the power and the glory" provided our aspiration and endurance suffice to carry usProblems, 15:profit, for which international legislation is provided. Yet all the time humanity is one humanityProblems, 75:the growth of worldwide means of distribution provided new fields of employment and the demands ofProblems, 75:ever seen gave a great impetus to capital and provided jobs for countless millions. EducationalProblems, 81:is possible to bring about the needed changes, provided that the correct steps are taken before theProblems, 82:will soon prove utterly useless and futile, provided that these resources of energy and the mode ofProblems, 134:anywhere to be seen at this time. The leadership provided is coming from groups of well-meaningPsychology1, 14:with theory but with that which may be known, provided there is growth and intelligent applicationPsychology1, 90:selfhood and conscious integration) can well be provided for and accounted for by man's presentPsychology1, 93:The result of a man's effect upon this deity provided man's destiny, which was either good or badPsychology1, 97:so much has already been revealed, that we are provided with a firm basis for all our forwardPsychology1, 287:the right conditions exist in which souls can be provided with the needed forms in which toPsychology2, 136:server's part in the active work of the world, provided his vision is not blurred by personalPsychology2, 160:of the esoteric sciences at this time, - provided they desire it enough, and can train themselvesPsychology2, 439:much trouble is cured by leaving people alone, provided the abnormality is not too excessive. OncePsychology2, 439:purpose and guidance of their own souls, provided that they understand what is happening to themPsychology2, 461:in time and not permanent in its effects, provided some form of creative imaginative emotionalPsychology2, 461:of creative imaginative emotional release is provided. This is often the struggle point of the 2nd,Psychology2, 498:activity) usually a sound and safe way to work, provided the psychologist can gain thePsychology2, 586:or astral planes. How can this be changed, provided the medium wishes for such a change, which isPsychology2, 605:certain stage of evolution, the Atlantean stage, provided it is not carried to the point ofPsychology2, 691:of sufficient potency to change world affairs, provided the sons of men play their part? Do youPsychology2, 693:of the full moon. The exact hour is immaterial, provided as many people as possible participate atPsychology2, 731:economic enterprise, and thus opportunities are provided for certain recognitions and certainPsychology2, 737:with acquiescence and oft quite unintelligently, provided they can eat and sleep and reproduce andPsychology2, 740:is a gigantic task but not an impossible one, provided that there is united aspiration, unitedRays, 15:hastening the period and point of attainment, provided I receive due cooperation from them.Rays, 26:the beginning of that initiate consciousness, provided you seek to make practical and voluntaryRays, 200:their purpose; blindness nurtures and protects, provided it is innate and natural, soul-imposed orRays, 259:awareness for which all past relationships have provided no guiding precedent. The group and theRays, 379:personnel of the great Ashram is today entirely provided from the ranks of humanity. This was notRays, 379:by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not is provided by radiation. The forty-two lesser Ashrams areRays, 560:you to understand this. They will prove helpful, provided that you remember always that they areRays, 626:the world conflict. But Germany will recover, provided she does not again permit herself to becomeRays, 627:the feminine point of view is needed and will be provided. Great Britain, from the angle of itsRays, 709:in order to prepare himself for further vision, provided always that his motive is likewiseReappearance, 18:the churches and the schools of philosophy which provided the major avenues for His subjectiveReappearance, 167:prepare the way for the coming of the Christ, provided he cares enough and knows the meaning of
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