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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROXIMITY

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Bethlehem, 63:Three Kings" by oriental astronomers, was in proximity; therefore the constellation Virgo, theDestiny, 62:existing between Spain and Italy and also to the proximity of the two countries which has enabledExternalisation, 635:of the Christ) which will indicate the proximity of this happening and the lines along which theFire, 583:vision which characterizes most of us. Close proximity to an effect often veils a cause. Hercules, 120:and Stars The three constellations in close proximity to that of Virgo are: Coma Berenice, theMagic, 78:in Their passage to and fro, and through Their proximity, continuously magnetize the environingMagic, 126:as does the soul. They can achieve, from their proximity and identification with their workingMagic, 136:remember that the lower objective, owing to its proximity, will loom in many ways more attractive,Magic, 312:There are two of these astral forms in close proximity to our Earth, which are rapidlyPsychology1, 52:use such a symbolic way of expression) the close proximity of the soul negates a separate attitude.Psychology2, 412:body. These centers of energy are found in close proximity to, or in relation to, the seven sets of
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