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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHIC

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Astrology, 125:sign. Brings about the major problem of Pisces - psychic sensitivity. Causes the lure of the Path,Astrology, 216:hence again the growth in the world today of the psychic senses and the appearance on every hand ofAstrology, 237:attitude must be dropped in favor of religious, psychic and physical training and experiment,Astrology, 328:but only in the embryonic stage and with the psychic stage still unindividualised. It is the stageAstrology, 337:beginnings leading to the balancing of the lower psychic nature and its expression through form.Astrology, 340:and Neptune, transmitting the energies of the psychic nature and of form, plus the tendency toAstrology, 340:indirectly. They control the form and the lower psychic nature and produce the battle ground (laterAstrology, 341:use of the form aspect and the development of psychic sensitivity both in the higher and the lowerAstrology, 341:This is equally true in regard to the fluid psychic nature. These (the form aspect and the psychicAstrology, 341:psychic nature. These (the form aspect and the psychic nature) reach an eventual concreteAstrology, 344:and the fact that they have a more specifically psychic effect and subjective influence than theirAstrology, 352:the etheric vehicle is the transmitter of psychic energy, galvanizing and coordinating the denseAstrology, 363:of the dual energies of soul and the subjective psychic personality. Ponder on this. It is theAstrology, 456:Three centers functioning. Focal point of psychic response. The second kingdom in nature. SacralAstrology, 467:"eight potencies of the Christ"; they govern the psychic unfoldment of the life in all forms. TheyAstrology, 471:energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of the mediatorAstrology, 492:capitalize on the original impetus of this sign. Psychic development - The growth of the responseAstrology, 529:will be the subject of scientific research; the psychic atmosphere and the intellectual appeal willAstrology, 608:quaternary of the One Life - soul and the dual psychic nature, called in some of the esoteric booksAstrology, 639:his cosmic origin, was connected with his psychic nature and with the struggles which led toAstrology, 643:were the heavenly bodies in direct astral and psychic communication - morally and physically - withAstrology, 649:planets are called often the 'seven grades of psychic knowledge' or the 'seven divisions of theAstrology, 674:in the Earth chain." (C. F. 347) "There is a psychic link between the planetary Logos of Venus andAstrology, 683:we call Venus, and the Logos of our scheme. This psychic interaction has its cyclic ebb and flow,Atom, 14:within him is a consciousness, a power, and a psychic nature which link him to all other members ofAtom, 36:quality you are really considering the field of psychic phenomena. There are certain terms in useAtom, 67:the solar system. It is the demonstration of His psychic quality, for God is intelligent Love, andAtom, 68:life within the atomic form is demonstrating psychic quality. The atom is then built into all theAtom, 85:God is through the study of His nature, or His psychic quality. We know that God is intelligence,Atom, 120:the more we attempt to account for telepathic, psychic and other phenomena, the more we shallAtom, 125:of a particular kind; the development of psychic quality; the effect of the subjective life uponAtom, 136:to be psychics. But I am not using this word "psychic" as it is usually understood, nor in itsAtom, 137:of our life, or lives, down here. The true psychic powers are those which put us in contact withAtom, 144:by means of these atoms, their qualities, or psychic nature, and we saw how in the atom ofAtom, 144:and we saw how in the atom of substance the only psychic quality we could postulate about it wasAtom, 153:along the lines of consciousness; that it is the psychic evolution that is going on within allAtom, 153:that is going on within all atoms (using psychic in the sense of the subjective consciousness)Atom, 153:our solar system, and that they hold an intimate psychic magnetic relation to our solar Logos.Autobiography, 78:vital was coming to an end. I knew nothing of psychic research or the law of rebirth and yet, evenAutobiography, 161:of work. There are so many aspects of so-called psychic writings. People are apt not toAutobiography, 163:notice I said, "Certainly not. I'm not a darned psychic and I don't want to be drawn into anythingAutobiography, 163:care, that I wasn't interested in any work of a psychic nature at all. The unseen person who wasAutobiography, 170:was sweeping through the society due to the psychic pronouncements of Mr. Leadbeater and hisAutobiography, 171:at Adyar by Mr. Leadbeater [171] that were psychic in their implications and impossible ofAutobiography, 194:dogs. It is not easy to discriminate between a psychic hunch and an intuitive perception and then,Autobiography, 212:wrote them to prove that one could do so-called psychic work, such as my work with the Tibetan, andAutobiography, 245:having also a profound dislike of every form of psychic writing and of psychic work. Later sheAutobiography, 245:dislike of every form of psychic writing and of psychic work. Later she changed her mind when IAutobiography, 247:it is my Dharma to make public. The average psychic and medium is not usually of a high gradeAutobiography, 247:work of the future) that one could do definitely psychic work and be of a real intelligence. SheAutobiography, 266:within the human being), and frequently upon the psychic powers, such as clairvoyance andAutobiography, 282:is given at any time in the development of the psychic powers; people are not taught to beBethlehem, 27:this status because some occult leader or some psychic seer has told them that it is so; yet withinBethlehem, 97:a man a channel for spiritual force. There is psychic purity, which is a rare thing to find, andBethlehem, 98:as having demonstrated both physical and psychic purity. In considering this initiation we mustBethlehem, 192:with all the qualities manifesting - physical, psychic and mental - which distinguish the humanBethlehem, 246:Nor are we desirous, surely, of seeing the same psychic nature, with its aggregate of moods andBethlehem, 268:This is not in any sense the development of psychic faculty as usually understood; it is presentBethlehem, 269:the ideas and the suggestions of the world of psychic phenomena very easily intrude. This happensDestiny, 32:in time - are a matter of slow development, are psychic in nature, and are governed by law. TheDestiny, 46:the center of old Atlantis and hence inherited a psychic and ancient religious form which wasDestiny, 47:of material things to that of the more purely psychic. This will lead in time and inevitably to theDestiny, 48:soul. The functioning and the utilization of the psychic powers and their place and part in theDestiny, 48:aspirant and disciple, thus learning to serve. Psychic unfoldment in the masses parallels theDestiny, 48:and for the enormous increase in the lower psychic powers. Old Atlantean magic and the lowerDestiny, 103:will be the subject of scientific research; the psychic atmosphere and the intellectual appeal willDestiny, 115:becomes possible as well as the more familiar psychic discoveries. In the three phases: Instinct toDestiny, 145:II Consciousness Expansion Initiation The true Psychic. Ray III Adaptation Development EvolutionDiscipleship1, 15:its place in this diary. Any experiences of a psychic kind which do not come under any of the aboveDiscipleship1, 15:of the higher psychism and concern the higher psychic faculties, spiritual perception, intuitiveDiscipleship1, 15:based upon the solar plexus activity). The lower psychic experiences can also be noted - whetherDiscipleship1, 15:be cultivated and existing sensitivity to lower psychic impressions has to be tuned out; so manyDiscipleship1, 33:the discussion of the spiritual and the higher psychic events in their lives produced a sense ofDiscipleship1, 43:These were: Sensitivity, Impersonality, Psychic Gifts, Mental Polarization. I do not make mentionDiscipleship1, 47:which we look are sensitivity, impersonality, psychic capacity and mental polarization. Upon theseDiscipleship1, 49:brothers to continue theirs. The question of psychic powers is not so easy to explain. I do notDiscipleship1, 49:so easy to explain. I do not refer to the lower psychic powers which may or may not develop as timeDiscipleship1, 49:need. You had not regarded this as one of the psychic powers, my brother, had you? I refer not hereDiscipleship1, 50:the right seasons for action - a most difficult psychic power to master, my brothers, but one whichDiscipleship1, 51:attainment? 3. I have defined for you the psychic powers. I listed six of them. Please study themDiscipleship1, 81:or responsiveness to the spiritual and higher psychic "gift waves" - as Tibetan occultists callDiscipleship1, 108:its effect upon the animation of your vital and psychic bodies... Discipleship1, 109:should be looked for, in your case, in the psychic consciousness. It is in this department of yourDiscipleship1, 109:years has been such that the free play of the psychic forces has been inhibited. You are of an ageDiscipleship1, 109:seek - under my supervision - for a measure of psychic unfoldment. But along that line we willDiscipleship1, 109:we will simply follow the method of a general psychic "washing" or purging by the means of theDiscipleship1, 110:a most careful spiritual diary, noting every psychic happening, recording each time you may tune inDiscipleship1, 110:the future. Work at the development of a greater psychic response to life itself and to that innerDiscipleship1, 110:careful analysis of the condition of your psychic centers - from the solar plexus upwards. You areDiscipleship1, 110:You are passing through a dual process of psychic detachment and, at the same time, of psychicDiscipleship1, 110:of psychic detachment and, at the same time, of psychic unfoldment. You need to remember that theDiscipleship1, 111:place in order to round out and enrich your psychic and emotional life. There is a real danger toDiscipleship1, 111:the emotions and of sensitive response to subtle psychic phenomena as necessarily retrogressive inDiscipleship1, 111:can (and often does) mark a pathway fraught with psychic disaster. At the same time, it canDiscipleship1, 111:the aspirational objectives of the devotee. The psychic life of a disciple is a definite part ofDiscipleship1, 111:in the world of glamor and illusion. The psychic powers are valuable aids to service when rightlyDiscipleship1, 111:particular group of disciples to be prepared for psychic work. My reason is that under your outerDiscipleship1, 111:mental polarization there exists a powerful psychic body at a relatively high state of development.Discipleship1, 111:in earlier lives. So strong have been your psychic tendencies that your soul chose in this life toDiscipleship1, 111:upon the mind aspect. It was, however, your past psychic links which led you into the organization
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