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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHIC

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Discipleship1, 111:whose work is predominantly carried out on psychic and astral levels. This should be proof to youDiscipleship1, 111:be proof to you of the accuracy of my diagnosis. Psychic unfoldment, when not originating in theDiscipleship1, 115:in which you persist in the face of much psychic disappointment, if I may call it so, and the factDiscipleship1, 187:of the masses whom you see around you. The psychic atmosphere of the countries in which you work isDiscipleship1, 187:which can assail you as you react to the massed psychic impression. Release yourself from [188] itDiscipleship1, 204:to make you very intuitive, though not at all psychic. It gives you - again if you so choose -Discipleship1, 284:sensed vision. Cultivate the waiting attitude of psychic attentiveness, and when you hear theDiscipleship1, 284:of some kind, preserving the spirit of psychic drama which informs all such events. Forget not theDiscipleship1, 286:been for you a great stimulation of the entire psychic nature during the past six months, due toDiscipleship1, 287:the effect of increased integration and to the psychic atmosphere in which you live. Your residenceDiscipleship1, 287:in which you live. Your residence is in a great psychic center. This all indicates a step forward,Discipleship1, 441:upon your personality and applying to your psychic nature. The first discipline you undertookDiscipleship1, 441:of bewilderment, as all entry into the world of psychic events and psychic phenomena inevitablyDiscipleship1, 441:all entry into the world of psychic events and psychic phenomena inevitably [442] must. The focusDiscipleship1, 442:play of adolescent minds and emotions upon your psychic equipment has given you the stimulationDiscipleship1, 442:group and for the gradual development of your psychic powers. As you work at this problem, will youDiscipleship1, 468:focusing of your personality ray which is the psychic cause of the headaches to which you have beenDiscipleship1, 487:though you realize it not. But so great is your psychic fatigue that you see not the gains. YouDiscipleship1, 634:your ancient love for astral wandering and for psychic phenomena. This tendency to astralism is aDiscipleship1, 637:your ancient love for astral wandering and for psychic phenomena." This proved true and thisDiscipleship1, 642:function more easily along the line of astral or psychic healing; and still others will bring aboutDiscipleship1, 642:the Full Moon. I refer not here to lower psychic phenomena, but to certain spiritual occurrencesDiscipleship1, 689:world need and world demand for spiritual and psychic aid rank paramount in their consciousness.Discipleship1, 704:the many problems of character, the pressures of psychic unfoldment and the pettiness ofDiscipleship1, 709:being but he is also a mystic, an occultist, a psychic and a disciple. And - because of all theseDiscipleship1, 733:disciple. They have their astral or lower psychic counterparts. They are, in this case, not allDiscipleship1, 741:the Chela on the Thread." The whole question of psychic sensitivity of the higher kind is involvedDiscipleship1, 741:and definitely the undesirability of the lower psychic experiences. This has been done as the needDiscipleship1, 741:that the aboriginal races and animals are all psychic and register that which the more mental typesDiscipleship1, 741:to enforce the warnings and awaken the average psychic to the undesirability of his astral life.Discipleship1, 742:the lower powers demonstrating until the higher psychic faculties are functioning; then the lowerDiscipleship1, 742:psychism rules? I am not asking you to cultivate psychic powers, but I do ask you to holdDiscipleship1, 742:an easy one but its compensations are adequate. Psychic sensitivity is involved in theDiscipleship1, 777:having also a profound dislike of every form of psychic writing and of psychic work. Later, sheDiscipleship1, 777:dislike of every form of psychic writing and of psychic work. Later, she changed her mind when IDiscipleship1, 779:it is my dharma to make public. The average psychic and medium is not usually of a high-gradeDiscipleship1, 779:work of the future) that one could do definitely psychic work and be of a real intelligence. SheDiscipleship2, 114:points of light is connected with the lower psychic and astral life, and the other is brought intoDiscipleship2, 114:expressive of the life of the astral or lower psychic body, and the other waiting to be broughtDiscipleship2, 114:life makes the disciple sensitive to the higher "psychic gift waves" (as the Tibetan occultistsDiscipleship2, 163:and initiated the seething emotional and psychic turmoil in which humanity today finds itself. TheDiscipleship2, 243:situation with its inevitable all-enveloping psychic atmosphere, its attendant strains and itsDiscipleship2, 377:of mankind. [377] I cannot here deal with psychic construction, with astral impulses or glamorous,Discipleship2, 460:therefore, upon the physical plane from all psychic impressions, via the solar plexus, and seekDiscipleship2, 460:process with care in your life. Your extreme psychic sensitivity and impressionability (of a veryDiscipleship2, 464:do, that in the pressure and anxiety and in your psychic participation in the fate of your countryDiscipleship2, 465:your inner spiritual orientation and your fixed psychic determination adequate to the undertaking?Discipleship2, 465:the undertaking? Can you do it with your present psychic equipment, or must you build new bodiesDiscipleship2, 492:- to detach themselves from the general psychic condition. Yet the aim of each pledged andDiscipleship2, 511:by the intensity of your devotion and the psychic pulsation of your solar plexus. [512] You willDiscipleship2, 529:suspense on behalf of others and the general psychic atmosphere in which they are forced to dwell.Discipleship2, 575:the centers are first studied objectively, psychic exercises are undertaken in order really toDiscipleship2, 734:1940 Your glamor is, as you know, that of psychic sensitivity. Like S.C.P. you function on theDiscipleship2, 734:the intuition and for the control of the lower psychic nature. This psychic glamor does not undulyDiscipleship2, 734:the control of the lower psychic nature. This psychic glamor does not unduly distort your point ofDiscipleship2, 734:element to you. You neither like nor desire this psychic sensitivity or the knowledge which itDiscipleship2, 734:liberation. In this problem of the glamor of psychic sensitivity, you can do much to solve it byDiscipleship2, 735:an expressed ambition for the achievement of psychic harmony between the soul of form and the soulDiscipleship2, 746:this proves upsetting and may lead to a psychic crisis. You move in another direction and areDiscipleship2, 746:register and again withdraw, conscious always of psychic atmospheres and conditions. What then toDiscipleship2, 747:to learn to protect yourself from people, in a psychic sense. This protection can be applied inDiscipleship2, 748:task you are peculiarly equipped and hence the psychic difficulties which have for some yearsDiscipleship2, 749:for you have been in the past somewhat prone to psychic fear, though a very great improvement inEducation, 32:upon this knowledge that all future intelligent psychic unfoldment must be based. Externalisationmechanism, with a consequent effect upon the psychic nature, producing an abnormal sensitivity andExternalisationnature, producing an abnormal sensitivity and psychic awareness. It would be of value here toExternalisation, 4:states of reaction and the letting loose of psychic forces which today menace the uncontrolled andExternalisation, 4:to any inflow of energy, and a tremendous psychic stimulation is at this time going on, withExternalisation, 5:crime on every hand, by the display of the lower psychic powers, by the apparent deterioration ofExternalisation, 8:after control and mastery from the lower type of psychic, who is controlled and mastered. It isExternalisation, 8:All are expressions of God. There are certain psychic powers which men share in common with theExternalisation, 9:are becoming "awake" and active. But the higher psychic powers, such as spiritual perception withExternalisation, 9:always include the lesser, but the purely animal psychic does not include the higher. That betweenExternalisation, 9:out of the present critical period, and thus the psychic and spiritual growth of man be fosteredExternalisation, 13:off from physical communication. This type of psychic can communicate with both groups and theirExternalisation, 13:to all who are interested in the growth of psychic knowledge to study, and think, and experiment,Externalisation, 13:and learn until such time as the entire level of psychic phenomena has been lifted out of itsExternalisation, 14:analysis of the type and character of the psychic, and then the application of differentiated andExternalisation, 14:to cease. The goal for the low-grade negative psychic should be the training of the mind and theExternalisation, 14:instruction given to the intelligent medium and psychic should lead him to a full understanding ofExternalisation, 15:themselves for the expression of the higher psychic powers - spiritual perception and telepathy.Externalisation, 19:of sleep or undue interest in and emphasis upon psychic experience will upset the mental balanceExternalisation, 19:not concentrate their interest upon their own psychic development. Let them train their minds withExternalisation, 40:'false' imagination and the work of the lower psychic nature. Its instrument of creative work isExternalisation, 46:in the realm of psychological readjustments and psychic disentanglements, and - only incidentallyExternalisation, 46:threefold - psychological, bringing in the soul; psychic, releasing the lower psychic nature fromExternalisation, 46:in the soul; psychic, releasing the lower psychic nature from illusion so that the psyche or soulExternalisation, 46:as the result of the inner psychological and psychic adjustments. This triple healing activity isExternalisation, 172:apt to produce a condition of negativity and a psychic preoccupation with the immediate situationExternalisation, 313:and aspirants are spending their time fighting a psychic sensitivity, evoked by world conditions;Externalisation, 314:as far as you can or should, anything (mental, psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinderExternalisation, 516:must be given to the developing of the higher psychic powers, and through the trained expression ofExternalisation, 517:the footsteps of the [517] Christ, the greatest Psychic of all time. Hospitals and schools willExternalisation, 587:open mind as regards the growth of true psychic powers. He deplores and represses all negativeExternalisation, 681:for the development of a truly spiritual and psychic sensitivity, plus the unfoldment of theFire, 209:the incidental pain. Second. A development of psychic faculty that again may lead to temporaryFire, 216:as the Law of Attraction led to the sevenfold psychic differentiation of the Sons of Mind, and theFire, 243:viewed principally from the subjective or psychic angle. Fire, 262:But the exoteric form is paralleled by a psychic development which we call the seven principles.Fire, 263:intelligence. Latent love-wisdom. [263] (The psychic nature of the Monad is twofold.) The principle
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