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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHIC

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Fire, 264:the material forms. Sevenfold subjectivity - the psychic evolution. Sevenfold spirituality - theFire, 268:seven groups of human entities who form Their psychic centers. These groups are on their own planeFire, 268:his seven centers, which are the key to his psychic evolution. A man is also developingFire, 268:What I seek to emphasize is the fact of the psychic development, and also that subjective evolutionFire, 283:quality, with the attractive measure. It is the psychic element. The physical is the meeting groundFire, 305:the aforementioned manifestations is of a psychic nature (using the word psychic in its true sense,Fire, 305:is of a psychic nature (using the word psychic in its true sense, as having reference to theFire, 308:the development of a conscious control, and a psychic awareness within certain set limits. HavingFire, 313:They are the objective manifestations of the psychic nature, which (in a solar Logos, for instance)Fire, 329:must it be remembered that the analogy is of a psychic nature, and demonstrates in work, activity,Fire, 336:493; II, 111, 112.) Manas, therefore, is the psychic effect of Their united group work, and showsFire, 359:magnetic interplay is little realized, and the psychic flow from one scheme to another is littleFire, 362:root-race, and brought about that stupendous psychic event - the opening of the door of InitiationFire, 365:the forms which they occupy. The whole matter is psychic, and based on the unity of the animaFire, 367:we call Venus, and the Logos of our scheme. This psychic interaction has its cyclic ebb and flow,Fire, 443:always upon the development of the middle or psychic aspect. [444] The Aspects and EvolutionFire, 449:Learned Brahmans tell me that the illimitable psychic potentiality of the Sanskrit charms, orFire, 449:purifying its grossness, stimulating its psychic powers out of the normal state of latency, andFire, 455:and the rapid growth therefore of recognized psychic powers among the people. This psychism, beingFire, 476:man, especially the Christian, recognizes the psychic quality of this transmutative power, andFire, 478:found that all radiations, such as magnetism or psychic exhalation, are but the transmuting processFire, 552:are His physical manifestation, and His quality, psychic nature, aroma, emanation or magnetism, asFire, 553:concerns the magnetic effect upon Him of their psychic emanation. This, in view of the fact thatFire, 567:do I usually formulate thoughts? What is the psychic quality of my thought-forms? With whatFire, 603:he can only understand by a consideration of His psychic emanation as it can be sensed and viewedFire, 603:reveals his nature as his life progresses; his psychic quality unfolds as the years slip away, andFire, 604:do we come to a fuller understanding of the psychic nature of the Logos, for we stand then in theFire, 606:itself, and the driving force of evolution, of psychic development and of consciousness. This factFire, 606:substance, which is but a result, emanating from psychic causes. These three numbers are the basisFire, 610:of the evolutionary process, or the cause of the psychic unfoldment of the Logos, and He is thatFire, 623:types of force affect substance, but with a psychic intent, being themselves swayed and actuatedFire, 629:upon. The seven Rays are the sumtotal of the psychic nature of the Logos, as it radiates throughFire, 631:making the forty-nine aspects of the logoic psychic nature, as it shews itself on the cosmicFire, 631:each through seven lesser Entities, Who form the psychic centers in Their body in the same mannerFire, 631:same manner as They - in Their turn - form the psychic centers in the logoic vahan or vehicle. EachFire, 632:Will or purpose, and through the power of Their psychic nature. Thus They are occupied in buildingFire, 632:cooperate with the devas; both manifest will, psychic quality and intelligent activity as theyFire, 635:of the body of consciousness per se. From the psychic standpoint of occult physiology, they have aFire, 674:found to be dependent upon this fact. When the psychic nature of the planetary Logos is understoodFire, 674:This color or quality is dependent upon the psychic nature of any particular planetary Logos, andFire, 747:in the next round. In Them have to be stored the psychic seeds of knowledge which will be availableFire, 747:there is, on subtler levels, a gathering in of psychic force, and its storing with Those preparedFire, 747:through a septenate as do these storers of the psychic life-forces. Again for such cosmic EntitiesFire, 857:centers in man. It is through the centers that psychic energy flows. Students should carefully bearFire, 858:that the etheric centers are the source of man's psychic energy, and are therefore affected by theFire, 858:the etheric centers, and produces every type of psychic energy of the true kind. The energy flowingFire, 858:with that of animal man) that egoic or psychic force pours through his centers in such a way as toFire, 859:with, showing a definite relation to the basic psychic lotuses on egoic levels. Twelve multipliedFire, 860:safely to follow along the line of the true psychic unfoldment: The fact that the energy startsFire, 865:are to be the recipients of "soul or the higher psychic energy." The final hint which can be given,Fire, 885:twofold manner, that is, in a material and in a psychic sense. The material effect, or the resultFire, 886:to the central point for force substance. In a psychic sense the result of the downflow is aFire, 886:acquisition (through that stimulation) of the psychic powers latent in man. His three higherFire, 893:is not purely a physical one, but it is also psychic. When the real nature and method of theFire, 895:the physical bodies with their centers, and the psychic nature. The bird kingdom is specificallyFire, 896:connected with wisdom, and therefore with the psychic nature of God, of men, and of devas. TheFire, 898:is, in occultism, no dissociating the physico-psychic natures, for the latter determines theFire, 902:all life upon the earth. Thus again can the psychic laws of love be seen at work in the devaFire, 918:of their combination, their interplay, and their psychic action and reaction. During the greatFire, 941:by a third stage of evolution, in which the psychic nature of man is to demonstrate through theFire, 1022:eventuate in the rapid growth of unconscious psychic phenomena, in the spread of mental science,Fire, 1175:is under consideration) the "seven grades of psychic knowledge or the seven divisions of the fieldFire, 1254:with the logoic third eye. Deva hearing. Psychic correlation. All the senses are, as we know,Fire, 1256:order to make itself conscious, and to produce psychic awareness. The whole science of mantra yogaFire, 1257:Attributes - cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychic correlation. Source - Betelgeuse, via the signGlamour, 54:unsettled opinions, glamor, misunderstandings, psychic bewilderment, the dominance of the lowerGlamour, 54:psychic bewilderment, the dominance of the lower psychic powers, and many other forms of the worldGlamour, 61:and as a result of his sensitivity to the "psychic gift waves," as the Tibetan teaching calls them.Glamour, 91:potent, and the Dweller embodies all the psychic and mental forces which down the ages have beenGlamour, 122:of vague artistic perception. The glamor of psychic perception instead of intuition. The glamor ofGlamour, 191:cooperator with the Plan because the world of psychic meaning becomes real to him and he knows whatGlamour, 194:The five senses bring physical plane knowledge; psychic sensitivity brings a knowledge of theGlamour, 195:They, in their turn, produce the many results in psychic sensitivity, of which hierarchicalGlamour, 254:a sound which, carried on the breath, produces psychic results which indicate to the gullible theirGlamour, 258:be in no way concerned with thought but will be psychic in nature. They can then produce lastingGlamour, 258:psychic in nature. They can then produce lasting psychic trouble, for the emanating source of theHealing, 106:for the life force uses the blood stream and psychic force works through the nervous system. TheseHealing, 165:in the head are closely related to the soul or psychic nature (higher and lower). The two eyes areHealing, 184:to the path of consciousness and of sensitive psychic unfoldment. The third is the path of pureHealing, 236:The growth of telepathic registration and of the psychic powers such as clairvoyance andHealing, 236:and the higher initiates can ascertain the psychic state and physical condition of humanity, itsHealing, 289:defects and their assets, and their general psychic and psychological tendencies are inherited fromHealing, 342:result of hallucination, astral visions, [342] psychic urges, and those misinterpretations of life,Healing, 474:but its presence will later be recognized. A psychic tremor is established which has the effect ofHealing, 483:health and sanitation measure. Those unhealthy, psychic spots, called cemeteries, will eventuallyHealing, 503:purpose; this result is largely astral or psychic and serves to dissipate some of the envelopingHealing, 551:advanced healer, he will not use any form of psychic perception but will react immediately uponHealing, 605:more lasting, and there is no sense or period of psychic shock, which can be the case if suddenHercules, 6:of discipleship, it has been defined as "a psychic resolvent, which eats away all dross and leavesHercules, 67:the higher teacher, and Busiris, the lower or psychic teacher; and thus we again have emphasizedHercules, 74:may take the form of the more common aspect of psychic phenomena. The aspirant becomes interestedHercules, 74:environment, the still greater confusion of the psychic plane, and so falls into the snares andHercules, 74:upon all aspirants to forego all interest in psychic phenomena, and to shut out as steadily as theyHercules, 75:seekers; and having escaped from the world of psychic and pseudo-spiritual glamor, he began toHercules, 158:intuition, and you begin to be intuitive, not psychic. Then Hercules passed into that difficultHercules, 176:in Virgo. Then there is the raising up of the psychic nature from below the diaphragm. You are noHercules, 176:second initiation, the raising up of the lower psychic nature, on which we have to work so thatHercules, 178:the materiality that holds us down; the lower psychic nature that causes such destruction; fearHercules, 198:dog representing the matter aspect and the psychic nature. You see why Hercules spared theHercules, 198:of the cattle but the two-headed dog, the psychic-emotional nature and the matter aspect, Hercules
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