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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHIC

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Psychology2, 559:soul. The following tabulation of the developing psychic powers as they blend in consciousnessPsychology2, 559:idealism. Spiritual discernement. 3. Lower psychic powers. The human correspondences. HigherPsychology2, 559:powers. The human correspondences. Higher psychic powers. a. Clairvoyance. Extension throughPsychology2, 563:with all the instincts. That the lower psychic powers, inherent in the animal nature, are in everyPsychology2, 564:automatically include the lesser. The lower psychic powers are shared with the animal kingdom andPsychology2, 567:are three groups of people who use the lower psychic powers, either consciously or unconsciously:Psychology2, 570:a circle from the standpoint [570] of the higher psychic powers would note around each sitter aPsychology2, 573:Mystics We are considering the unfoldment of the psychic powers, producing conditions in thePsychology2, 574:and aid of humanity. The development of the psychic powers is basically due at this time (for thePsychology2, 574:changing fields as evolution proceeds) to the psychic becoming aware of a field or fields ofPsychology2, 574:racial scale, as also in animals, there is much psychic perception because the sacral centerPsychology2, 574:life and the solar plexus center governs the psychic nature. In these cases, all the higher centersPsychology2, 574:The solar plexus is to the worlds of lower psychic perception what the brain is intended to be inPsychology2, 574:brain is intended to be in the worlds of higher psychic understanding. In the one case, you have aPsychology2, 574:as one. In between these stages of low grade psychic life and the spiritual perception of thePsychology2, 574:major categories: The unfoldment and use of the psychic powers, both higher and lower. This is thePsychology2, 578:of glamor and by the stimulation of the lower psychic powers. Their particular point of attack atPsychology2, 578:the intensification or stimulation of the psychic mechanism, so that the lower psychic powersPsychology2, 578:of the psychic mechanism, so that the lower psychic powers become abnormally developed andPsychology2, 579:effort by the dark forces to stimulate the lower psychic powers seems able to reach no deeper intoPsychology2, 579:recognize the existence or the usefulness of the psychic powers. This is a point to be remembered. Psychology2, 579:the expression "the premature awakening" of the psychic powers. By that I mean the abnormalPsychology2, 579:uppermost, then the possession of these lower psychic powers becomes a hindrance and aPsychology2, 580:upon the physical plane. This relegation of the psychic powers to a position below the threshold ofPsychology2, 581:is not intended that the Aryan race should be a psychic race. Their goal is bringing the mindPsychology2, 581:plexus - the major center, governing all lower psychic unfoldment. Just as certain transferencesPsychology2, 581:is physical-etheric-astral. This is the stage of psychic development. The ajna center between thePsychology2, 581:It is in this latter stage that the higher psychic faculties come into play and the lower powersPsychology2, 582:be noted, however, that the average modern psychic or medium does not come under this category, forPsychology2, 582:proved interesting and exciting to the average psychic is eventually forced below the threshold ofPsychology2, 583:awakening of the centers. In these cases, the psychic has no control whatsoever over his powers. HePsychology2, 583:that men should express all that is in them. The psychic then lives altogether in the world ofPsychology2, 583:altogether in the world of glamor and of lower psychic phenomena. What he sees and relates is trulyPsychology2, 583:It is seldom of a high order because the psychic is not of a high order of mentality or influencePsychology2, 584:not a telepathic rapport but a solar plexus, a psychic rapport. The subject is too abstruse forPsychology2, 584:conditions and to atmospheres, surrounding the psychic. This sensitivity is of a somewhat inchoatePsychology2, 584:will not react. So the sensitive will register psychic awareness of a more general nature than thatPsychology2, 584:defined powers. We have consequently: Physical Psychic Higher Correspondence a. HearingPsychology2, 585:which is mental in nature. Sensitivity or the psychic sense of touch is etheric in nature, isPsychology2, 585:Let us now consider how the abuse of the lower psychic powers may be arrested temporarily untilPsychology2, 585:control. The prime difficulty of the natural psychic and of the man who is born as a medium is hisPsychology2, 585:powers is deemed highly undesirable. Lack of psychic control should also be relegated to the samePsychology2, 586:The [586] medium is either in trance or his psychic powers are brought into expression through thePsychology2, 586:of consciousness between the physical and the psychic or astral planes. How can this be changed,Psychology2, 586:to spiritual orientation on the part of the psychic. By a course of intellectual training and ofPsychology2, 586:centers above the diaphragm. It is well known in psychic circles that mental training does bring toPsychology2, 586:that mental training does bring to a close the psychic cycle. There are three ancient rules which -Psychology2, 587:to bring to an end temporarily the then normal psychic emphasis and start the flow of the forces toPsychology2, 587:follow, particularly in the case of the average psychic, and this for two reasons; first, he doesPsychology2, 588:will be made. [588] The above rules apply to the psychic who is willing enough and intelligentPsychology2, 588:to function normally; he distrusts and fears his psychic powers of sight and hearing. There is noPsychology2, 589:can be translated. The idea is that the average psychic regards the solar plexus and throat centersPsychology2, 589:nature of the centers of force so that the Aryan psychic has some intelligent background upon whichPsychology2, 589:and a decentralization of the interests of the psychic. This decentralization is technicallyPsychology2, 589:practical hint may be useful here. When the psychic is at the Aryan stage of unfoldment and is notPsychology2, 590:of energy and greatly aids in freeing of the psychic from the astral plane. I would point out herePsychology2, 590:astral plane. I would point out here that the psychic with the Atlantean consciousness (and theyPsychology2, 590:is functioning normally when displaying the psychic faculties, though along an arc ofPsychology2, 590:used. Where there is a violent fight against the psychic activity going on, or where there is aPsychology2, 590:control, then it is essential that at times the psychic should be forced to take a long rest inPsychology2, 591:the possibility of these premises. [591] When psychic difficulties arise in the case of thePsychology2, 592:in evolution more easily established and the psychic situation infallibly indicated. The intricacyPsychology2, 593:is permitted and no lack of power - physical, psychic, mental and spiritual - is to be found in anyPsychology2, 593:in the heart) reveals this. The rhythm of the psychic life. This is, in reality, the revelation ofPsychology2, 598:with the problems and the difficulties of the psychic powers as they unfold in humanity and on aPsychology2, 598:As evolution proceeds, the human and animal psychic faculties become available to the disciple.Psychology2, 598:open the door to a new understanding of the psychic faculties. Psychology and medicine would bePsychology2, 598:more problems which are related to the higher psychic powers but are of a more advanced kind andPsychology2, 608:tangible forms. This is physiological and not a psychic power and is quite different toPsychology2, 613:out of the development and the unfoldment of the psychic powers brings me to a wide generalization,Psychology2, 613:be many exceptions: The appearance of the lower psychic powers usually indicates that the man whoPsychology2, 613:here only dealing with the abnormalities of the psychic science) is on the third ray or that thePsychology2, 613:with which we have been dealing, - the psychic powers, the problems incident to the [614] mysticalPsychology2, 614:the investigator and the physician. Psychic sensitivity, mystical duality, and dominating power -Psychology2, 614:between the eyebrows - in the disciple, for psychic sensitivity is related to the heart, mysticalRays, 31:the purifying and the reorganizing of the entire psychic and emotional life, as the result of itsRays, 41:with consciousness or with even the higher psychic sensitivity. It consists of pure identificationRays, 332:the [332] planet; they will put the ordinary psychic powers (today so stupidly approached and soRays, 427:LOGOS Attributes Cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychic correlation Source Betelgeuse, via theRays, 436:are." It is here that the non-disciple and the psychic go wrong, for their interpretation is almostRays, 450:upon this knowledge that all future intelligent psychic unfoldment must be based. In the aboveRays, 477:world cycle were, however, all of them extremely psychic and mediumistic; they were "sensitives,"Rays, 481:of the initiate. When buddhi reigns, the lower psychic nature fades out. When the antahkarana isRays, 576:discovers that his emotional nature, his lower psychic faculties, his astral development and theRays, 578:which the task of reorganizing the emotional and psychic life of humanity will take place; thisReappearance, 105:Vyasa's work from the mists and glamors and the psychic dishonesty with which it is now surrounded.Reappearance, 123:they are also closely related to the despised psychic powers (today so stupidly approached andSoul, 10:for every outer manifestation, the inner, or psychic force that thus manifests [11] itself.Soul, 11:physiological behavior. Is there likewise a psychic counterpart of this behavior? It seems a queerSoul, 11:century materialism, we do speak of the psychic counterpart of that physiological organ we call theSoul, 11:organ we call the brain. Why not, then, the psychic counterparts of the thyroid, adrenals, and theSoul, 11:learn to extend our thought of what the psychic life of the individual is far beyond the ratherSoul, 21:"the physical appearance of the individual, his psychic traits, or what might be called theSoul, 41:but confining our discussion to their mental and psychic effects. 1. The Pineal Gland - location,Soul, 52:can be the instruments through which a perfect psychic nature can function. But are all theseSoul, 52:which functions through the whole physical and psychic mechanism? Was not St. Paul, in short, rightSoul, 66:frame of things, no one supposes it be a psychic entity; but it probably subserves psychicalSoul, 66:Professors Tait and Balfour Stewart surmised a psychic significance for the ether of space so longSoul, 70:according to the 'place' thus stressed the psychic organism actually shifts its center, and thusSoul, 94:states of subtle matter: Prana or life matter Psychic matter Mental matter Spiritual matter and it
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