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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHICAL

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Astrology, 40:the potencies of triple evolution, mental, psychical, and spiritual. These Triads of Life areAstrology, 122:becoming constantly more sensitive to these psychical impressions, swept by desire which everAstrology, 123:nature into the higher manifestation. The lower psychical powers into the higher spiritualAtom, 54:talks principally upon what we might call the psychical evolution, or the gradual demonstration andAtom, 63:form, and attains liberation plus [63] developed psychical quality and graded expansions ofAutobiography, 86:my years and, secondly, I was undergoing acute psychical disturbance. When there were catastrophiesBethlehem, 10:total of physical organisms, of vital force, of psychical states or emotional conditions, and ofBethlehem, 243:concerns the material nature, the body, with its psychical faculties and its mental processes. ThisDestiny, 44:with the spiritualistic movement and the psychical research groups, would seek for and find theDestiny, 47:of consciousness is as follows: The world of psychical living. This requires the recognition, byDiscipleship1, 63:he must be able to know their condition (mental, psychical and physical) when he chooses so toDiscipleship1, 110:of a rounded out equipment; it will be of a psychical nature which can identify itself with theDiscipleship1, 219:are to be found in the transference of the psychical energy you wield from the solar plexus centerDiscipleship1, 222:sometimes with disastrous results (oft of a psychical nature) upon yourself. Your emotional natureDiscipleship1, 274:has been established between Your inner, psychical nature. Your soul. Your brain. This should beDiscipleship2, 65:is apt to produce violent strain. The extreme psychical tension affecting the Hierarchy puts anEducation, 128:of these can manifest either in their animal, psychical, mental or spiritual forms. That concerningEducation, 129:the process whereby each gives to each along psychical lines, and it is one of the rudimentaryExternalisation, 13:expression. I appeal to such movements as the Psychical Research Societies in the world and theExternalisation, 506:His effort. And He has much to do with various psychical research movements throughout the world.Fire, 81:takes place in the body of Yagna Purusha, or the psychical body of nature. Humanity takenFire, 437:the energizing factor in matter. Viewed from the psychical point of view it is the qualitativeFire, 438:Being by the ray influence. Entity Force Centers Psychical Manifestation Physical Manifestation 1.Fire, 438:objectively through the color which is His psychical display, and ensouls the matter of [439] aFire, 439:repulse this particular type of force. A psychical manifestation of this can be seen in the dyingFire, 443:them Body; in the other He gives them their psychical value, and finally through them all HeFire, 449:51 They have in India an ancient system of psychical teaching called Yoga, in which the recitationFire, 473:easier transmission of spiritual or psychical force from the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhicFire, 545:spokes of the wheel, deal specifically with the psychical aspect, or the development ofFire, 548:physical centers on etheric levels but upon the psychical centers, such as the Ego in the causalFire, 611:the nature of consciousness, and the laws of psychical unfoldment he is studying the nature of theFire, 696:it will be two and one. This refers only to the psychical development. Let me illustrate: TheFire, 894:planes to stand revealed. All this physico-psychical occurrence is possible to man owing to certainFire, 1157:of energy from the Pleiades which come in as the psychical force demonstrating through the solarFire, 1158:Later as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolution proceeds (I use the word "psychical"Fire, 1158:psychical evolution proceeds (I use the word "psychical" here in its higher connotation) and heFire, 1199:potencies [1199] of triple evolution, mental, psychical, and spiritual. These Triads of Life areFire, 1255:of the soul in its various aspects (mental, psychical, and spiritual) is making much headway now inHealing, 57:in some part of the mechanism. Inhibitions, psychical starvation, and those accumulated subjectiveHealing, 397:of some form of survival, established by the psychical research groups, immortality or theHealing, 398:this general term, I class also the various psychical research groups and exempt all sincereInitiation, 59:which, through his disciples, is stimulating the Psychical Research groups everywhere, and he itIntellect, 52:life, especially of life manifested in psychical activities; the vehicle of individual existence,Intellect, 53:at death, a subtle body, formed of the psychical apparatus, including the senses." - Radhakrishnan,Intellect, 79:to reveal the Self, and not simply to reveal the psychical and body natures. Intellect, 84:potency demonstrating in what is regarded as the psychical world - the world of illusion, ofIntellect, 84:higher correspondences of the lower physical and psychical powers are brought [85] into functioningIntellect, 102:level of evolutionary advance; and thirdly, as a psychical attribute that pervades all naturalIntellect, 102:animals, and reference also to that universal psychical consciousness which pervades the animateIntellect, 102:aware of the world of physical phenomena and of psychical life in which he is immersed. Not onlyIntellect, 180:world, and some of those which govern the psychical. The laws of the spiritual realm, so-called,Intellect, 181:behind us the veils of the physical body and the psychical nature, may we not be able now to passIntellect, 221:spiritual development. It has much to do with psychical development, and its practice leads to muchIntellect, 221:from the contacts of both the physical and the psychical, he is torn in two directions, and gets noMagic, 250:entirely submerged in the interests of the lower psychical experiences. It is here that many worthyPatanjali, 60:increasingly in the creative, magical and psychical work of manifestation, with the object ever inPatanjali, 109:reached by mental and emotional energies, is a psychical state, just as the mind picture of a stagePatanjali, 109:picture of a stage with the actors on it, is a psychical state or field. When the pure vision, asPatanjali, 109:a sage, has still an element of illusion, a thin psychical veil, however pure and luminous thatPsychology1, 55:It constitutes the spiritual entity, a conscious psychical being, a son of God, possessing life,Psychology1, 380:of consciousness is as follows: The world of psychical living. This requires the recognition, byPsychology2, 228:qualitative tendencies which determine the Psychical life of all forms - from a universe to an atomPsychology2, 232:consciousness is the psyche or soul, producing psychical life; it is awareness - subhuman, humanPsychology2, 235:for himself the emergence of the instinctual psychical nature of Deity in world affairs and in hisPsychology2, 235:must ever remember that he himself possesses a psychical nature which is a part of a greater whole,Psychology2, 235:instinct to synthesis (concerning as it does the psychical nature of Deity) has nothing to do withPsychology2, 235:basic trends which we are considering are purely psychical or psychological in nature. ThePsychology2, 235:comprehension of the nature of these compelling psychical attributes of God should enable a man toPsychology2, 235:should enable a man to throw the weight of his psychical aspiration on the side of these emergingPsychology2, 235:of God. They carry with them the seeds of psychical material life from an earlier universe. TherePsychology2, 237:hard task. The imposition of a sensed, divine, psychical attribute upon the form life (with its ownPsychology2, 237:attribute upon the form life (with its own psychical habits) will test the powers of any disciple.Psychology2, 335:of expert diagnosis from certain physical and psychical characteristics which indicate the qualityPsychology2, 336:nervous system has paralleled that of the inner psychical apparatus, and the glandular equipmentPsychology2, 473:of spiritual phenomena instead of in terms of psychical phenomena. He regards it all as wonderful,Psychology2, 565:realization (in contradistinction to that of psychical realization), they interpret some episode,Psychology2, 582:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics The psychical difficulties, which eventually are many, fallSoul, 24:and pragmatic... "The mentalists insist that psychical activity is not the mere reflection ofSoul, 40:[40] seems more specifically related to the psychical development incident to the normal, orSoul, 50:various subsidiary effects, both physical and psychical, are well recognized and much studied, andSoul, 55:various types of energy flow, producing his psychical activity. These nuclei are related to theSoul, 55:the cerebro-spinal system, and the base of this psychical activity, or the seat of the soul nature,Soul, 55:centers will function fully and produce perfect psychical unfoldment and a perfect mechanism. ThisSoul, 55:it will be seen, accounts fully for the psychical nature of man, both in its higher and in itsSoul, 66:be a psychic entity; but it probably subserves psychical purposes, just as matter does. ProfessorsSoul, 73:called dualists, assumed the reality of both the psychical and the physical, but allowed each itsSoul, 73:life, especially of life manifested in psychical activities; the vehicle of individual existence,Soul, 80:that the soul is not a substance, but that the psychical processes occur in substance, and theySoul, 80:other hand, the conscientialists also regarded psychical processes as 'events' which they hadSoul, 82:principle of the universe, the atman as the psychical, the fundamental thought of the entireSoul, 83:at death, a subtle body, formed of the psychical apparatus, including the senses." - Radhakrishnan,Soul, 90:of Ethology has come into being. The relation of psychical qualities to the brain has become theSoul, 131:the threefold lower nature, the sumtotal of psychical and mental states. Through this method it isSoul, 138:investigation in these matters lies open to all psychical investigators, and when the hypothesis ofSoul, 139:stimulation of certain physiological and lower psychical processes. As man evolves, however, theSoul, 141:grasped; the effects, physiological as well as psychical, will warrant close study. It is
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