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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHOLOGICAL

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Psychology2, 229:being is both limited and conditioned by the psychological equipment with which he enters intoPsychology2, 229:before we proceed with our study of the seven psychological tendencies of Deity. We have spokenPsychology2, 231:the divine nature and the first of the great psychological aspects of God is the tendency toPsychology2, 232:In connection with man, we have the following psychological expressions postulated: Instinct, lyingPsychology2, 235:which we are considering are purely psychical or psychological in nature. The comprehension of thePsychology2, 243:life of the Soul - are in their nature basically psychological. For that reason, they warrant ourPsychology2, 294:comprehended. Speaking technically, the extreme psychological position (as it is expressed in thePsychology2, 297:or of divine energy, creating a most interesting psychological problem. The soul (1st ray) and thePsychology2, 297:In the lower expression of the man whose psychological chart we are considering, the psychologistPsychology2, 300:the inner planes is [300] connected with these psychological charts or these life patterns. He isPsychology2, 300:an accepted disciple. The chart of his general psychological condition at the time he took thePsychology2, 314:essential for right understanding and eventual psychological usefulness, that we remember [315]Psychology2, 318:of the Bodies We can approach another psychological problem in the same manner. Much is beingPsychology2, 320:preserve, as far as possible, the thought of the psychological implications, considering this wholePsychology2, 320:in sentiency (as you well know) lies the entire psychological problem. It is always and in everyPsychology2, 324:his environment is proceeding apace, and the psychological adjustment of man to his field ofPsychology2, 325:man and his problems from the standpoint of the psychological development of his problems. Psychology2, 326:postulate we lay the foundation for our future psychological investigations. We are not herePsychology2, 327:upon the upward arc. It is the same in the psychological history of the human being. There too wePsychology2, 336:people, and those who constitute the people with psychological problems of our present time andPsychology2, 341:of completing. It concerns education, the psychological training of aspirants and disciples, andPsychology2, 344:carefully in mind, because all the many modern psychological problems are founded upon [345] ThePsychology2, 345:personality effects, producing the problems and psychological dilemmas of the highly developedPsychology2, 401:of academic psychology, and putting the human psychological problem so plainly that real help mayPsychology2, 419:such as this. It is not easy for the scientific psychological investigator to accept the premise ofPsychology2, 427:cleavages. These basic premises are: That any psychological difficulty is universal and not unique.Psychology2, 427:human unit progress. In the last analysis, psychological crises are indicative of progressive stepsPsychology2, 431:releasing agent in any moment of crisis or any psychological problem case. The recognition ofPsychology2, 436:difficulty and the man becomes in need of sound psychological help. Correct information along thePsychology2, 437:when a man has succeeded (alone or with academic psychological aid) in healing or bridging certainPsychology2, 438:and the cure for many ills, particularly of a psychological nature, is the recognition of this.Psychology2, 439:several incarnations); but it can cause definite psychological problems, and create in the man'sPsychology2, 440:mean different things according to the school of psychological thought to which the studentPsychology2, 444:studies to be made in this new approach to the psychological field will be to discover: Which rays,Psychology2, 447:the expansions of consciousness. A wide field of psychological investigation lies ahead inPsychology2, 448:come to what is the most interesting part of our psychological study, for we will take up andPsychology2, 453:to deal. [453] Certain physiological and psychological problems which are based up the capacity,Psychology2, 454:from a narrow crystallized sectarianism to that psychological phenomenon called idée fixe. They arePsychology2, 456:and development. People tainted with this psychological trouble of blind adherence to ideas and ofPsychology2, 456:is not often regarded as constituting a psychological problem until the time comes when the man isPsychology2, 456:or unbalanced. It is, nevertheless, definitely a psychological disorder of a most definite kind,Psychology2, 456:teacher is often regarded as a definite means of psychological salvation, for it tends to extrovertPsychology2, 457:view or possibilities, that moment the seeds of psychological trouble can be duly noted and the manPsychology2, 457:dominance, that moment the man becomes a psychological problem. This is peculiarly one of thePsychology2, 459:of insanity, being incurable, will not-permit of psychological help. All that can be done is thePsychology2, 464:do so. The necessary adjustments must be made or psychological, psychopathic, and nervousPsychology2, 467:into our little world of daily living, other psychological dangers eventuate. We are in danger ofPsychology2, 484:his participation in various roles. Much of the psychological difficulties found in esoteric groupsPsychology2, 487:there is some immediate understanding of the psychological conditions and possibilities and thatPsychology2, 487:shall have to pass through a cycle of profound, psychological, and racial disturbance before thePsychology2, 487:factors today are, for instance, having a deep psychological effect upon humanity: The suspense,Psychology2, 493:of inspiration and of revelation but, for the psychological purposes of our present study, thePsychology2, 494:daily life, of the religious life, and of the psychological life (such as it was) was founded on aPsychology2, 498:three main ways in which the person who seeks psychological aid can be helped and this is true ofPsychology2, 500:and poor sleeping capacity but have no deep psychological significance or spiritual meaning. ThesePsychology2, 502:leave him, and that the ghost of his mental and psychological disorder will then be laid. UnlessPsychology2, 518:themes to be dealt with in all systems of psychological and esoteric service to humanity, and willPsychology2, 519:physical ills and a large number of undesirable psychological conditions will then be traced toPsychology2, 520:or the spiritual life) and a large number of our psychological difficulties are connected with thisPsychology2, 529:adrenal glands, when stimulated, produce (as a psychological result of a physical happening) anPsychology2, 530:the mystic, causing difficulties of a definitely psychological nature and frequently pathologicalPsychology2, 530:note consequently, the series of - transference, psychological difficulty and pathological results.Psychology2, 535:connected with the pituitary body and psychological trouble emanating from this importantPsychology2, 536:heart and upon the metabolism of the body. The psychological effects are well-known and recognized.Psychology2, 542:a better understanding of man's physical and psychological natures, and a new approach - both toPsychology2, 546:and controlled by the same correct occult and psychological knowledge. The ills with which we arePsychology2, 550:humanity produces both good and bad effects, and psychological as well as physiological reactions.Psychology2, 553:and many problems and above everything else much psychological difficulty. 6. The activity of thePsychology2, 555:its power is mostly seen in its [555] pronounced psychological effects. With these I shall proceedPsychology2, 573:as pathological in nature or as indicating psychological trouble of a serious kind. However, we arePsychology2, 575:wrestling with difficulties and pathological and psychological troubles which will be based onPsychology2, 600:also in many cases to serious if unrecognized psychological trouble. The vision absorbed thePsychology2, 600:place (and this is somewhat unusual) serious psychological difficulties are apt to be found. ThesePsychology2, 604:Mystics 4. Detachment. This is one of the major psychological difficulties which leads to thePsychology2, 620:and disease is not of so serious a nature as psychological. [621] Psychology2, 622:the difficulties connected with the various psychological "cleavages" with which we have earlierPsychology2, 624:result of this condition, producing diseases and psychological difficulties which are not onlyPsychology2, 624:power of the Hierarchy and its freedom from any psychological problems inherent in group work andPsychology2, 625:complicated and disastrous the physiological and psychological effects. Humanity as a whole isPsychology2, 705:shall first discuss are as follows: What are the psychological advantages of somewhat understandingPsychology2, 707:feeling and of inner moods and those emotionally psychological reactions which govern the bulk ofPsychology2, 708:people of the world. These are predominantly psychological in character and may remain submerged inPsychology2, 708:work out as physiological effect with a definite psychological basis. These forms of physicalPsychology2, 708:of the distinction between those neurotic and psychological troubles which are based on personalityPsychology2, 708:will very frequently lead to definite psychological trouble. It might be well to add here a word ofPsychology2, 709:be made from the standpoint of modern, academic, psychological research, but the fact of the soulRays, 46:nature and based on loving understanding) at the psychological moment (right timing), or that exactRays, 135:upheaval of the "soil" of the world - spiritual, psychological and physical - all this disruptionRays, 252:to show the importance of this teaching from the psychological angle, because the new psychology isRays, 324:the necessity of understanding the limitations - psychological and physical - which restrict man'sReappearance, 135:of this theme and the wide extent of the psychological area in which the mass of men now live, IReappearance, 169:the people who are their associates and with the psychological and physical equipment with whichReappearance, 180:and for us all to know about it. It is like the psychological cleansing of the subconscious toSoulp. 97. Our attitude toward the philosophical and psychological thought of the East is, for the mostSoulof Eastern thought from our philosophical and psychological books, - this, and another thing. TheSoul, 10:the region, namely, of their philosophical and psychological thinking?" If for no other reason,Soul, 11:which may eventually lead to physiological and psychological research that will be of [12] profoundSoul, 13:desires grow out of the present position of psychological teaching in the world. There are todaySoul, 83:associated ignorance (avidya). The ego is the psychological unity of that stream of consciousSoul, 140:increasing soul energy at each point. The psychological effects of this transfer of consciousness
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