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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHOLOGISTS

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Autobiography, 164:of the Tibetan has greatly intrigued people and psychologists everywhere. They dispute as to whatBethlehem, 10:of a select few in every nation. He is, as the psychologists have indicated, a sum total ofBethlehem, 73:human nature, and this truth is endorsed by the psychologists through their investigations andBethlehem, 88:they constitute his "response apparatus," as the psychologists call it. We know that man is aBethlehem, 138:and this in itself presents a problem with which psychologists are constantly confronted.Bethlehem, 193:marked inferiority complex with which today psychologists have to deal. Against this sense of sin,Bethlehem, 204:a failure of faith and a refusal of love. The psychologists do not escape from this view of sinDiscipleship1, XIV:spiritual ego and not the personal ego of the psychologists. We have not felt it wise to give theDiscipleship1, 39:garment or form under the Law of Rebirth. 8. The Psychologists will form this next group and theyDiscipleship1, 149:therefore, less physical distress. The great psychologists always become World Saviors, because theDiscipleship1, 643:group to which you belong - the group of the new psychologists upon the inner side - may recedeDiscipleship1, 644:by the instruction of certain carefully chosen psychologists whose knowledge and whose grasp ofDiscipleship2, 438:into the Past and the subconscious mind (as the psychologists inadequately call it) is revealed toDiscipleship2, 518:of the World Saviors; they become the divine Psychologists and World Teachers. The Christ combinedDiscipleship2, 544:to bewilder the subconscious nature, as the psychologists call it; it may lie in a half-realizedEducation, 5:receptive mind, the mind as dealt with by the psychologists. The individualized mind, the Son ofExternalisation, 372:a problem of education. Educators and psychologists of vision in every country must be mobilizedExternalisation, 386:of child welfare, doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychologists and educators; it will require muchFire, 1254:say that the planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and therefore in the training for [1255]Healing, 40:who are called general practitioners, are good psychologists and they have also a sound knowledgeHealing, 43:the truth of the teachings of modern psychology. Psychologists have discovered (or ratherHealing, 64:large number of people are called upon to face. Psychologists, social workers, physicians, and allHealing, 66:rays are predisposed to certain disorders. The psychologists are right in their basicHealing, 117:largely lacking at this time, as so few trained psychologists and psychiatrists recognize the factHealing, 118:been made along this line by spiritually minded psychologists and educators. The system of helpingHealing, 254:Physicians and surgeons - orthodox and academic. Psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists.Healing, 316:tendency among the most forward-looking psychologists today, to handle these cases on theHealing, 367:their elementary stages through the work of the psychologists of the world. Hercules, 51:they may succeed, but the experience of psychologists and teachers is that where inhibition and aHercules, 100:body and physical sheath. In the language of the psychologists, man is a self, a continuation ofHercules, 110:and mental deficiency. Many endocrinologists and psychologists have expressed themselves alongInitiation, 187:say that the Planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and therefore in the training for thisIntellect, 8:studied, and much headway has been made by psychologists in understanding the processes ofIntellect, 12:Man, the machine. The mechanistic school of psychologists have placed us deeply in their debt [13]Intellect, 15:is the function of the educators and of the psychologists. They must lead him up to the door of theIntellect, 75:has presented to us some of its ways of use. The psychologists have told us much about our mentalIntellect, 101:accept what is presented to it. The ideas of the psychologists and of science as to the nature ofIntellect, 148:to [148] the psychopathic cases with which our psychologists are constantly dealing. But it can beIntellect, 178:meditation practices confer, the problem of the psychologists as to the nature of the Self, theIntellect, 180:are engrossing the attention [180] of psychologists everywhere. Amongst them are many schools ofIntellect, 212:have been told by certain reputable schools of psychologists and endocrinologists - here are to beIntellect, 237:up, by those who know the rules and who are good psychologists, to suit the needs of differingMagic, 86:during the past fifty years, and the work of the psychologists marks its highest point. When thisMagic, 219:the creative arts are deemed of vital interest. Psychologists are giving the entire matter muchMagic, 243:appreciating the significance of the terms, the psychologists have sensed these cycles and callMagic, 315:to be found here, but it will be long before the psychologists of the academic schools willMagic, 336:of the soul. The mechanistic school of psychologists has served and is serving an invaluableMagic, 337:said, is "aware of awareness". This school of psychologists recognizes the structure but goesMagic, 337:I might call the vitalists, or that group of psychologists who, admitting the fact of theMagic, 411:emergence, they are the groups of philosophers, psychologists and business men. The group ofMagic, 411:of knowledge. The two most modern groups are the psychologists [412] who work under the DelphicMagic, 527:the millions of unused brain cells which the psychologists and scientists tell us we possess but doMagic, 592:this in its turn will definitely affect what the psychologists call "behavior". There are four ofMagic, 626:to activity of some kind. As you know the psychologists list five main and dominant instincts, andMeditation, 160:which is now beginning to be studied by our psychologists to the unclean criminal emotion thatPatanjali, 15:another. It is generally conceded among occult psychologists, that there are three modes ofProblems, 41:to report that little has been planned by the psychologists and neurologists along this needed linePsychology1, 4:as people are studied in the laboratories of the psychologists and the psychoanalysts in connectionPsychology1, 5:The indebtedness of the world to the trained psychologists cannot be estimated, but unless there isPsychology1, 99:be the result of the study and analysis, by the psychologists of the world, of the nature of geniusPsychology1, 101:of the fact of the self. The problem of the psychologists is to comprehend the relationship or thePsychology1, 119:and complexes which tax the ingenuity of trained psychologists to solve. The initiate Paul referredPsychology1, 119:go in their thousands to the clinics of the psychologists, carrying with them the burden of theirPsychology1, 119:with them the burden of their dual natures; and psychologists in their thousands recognize [120]Psychology1, 128:It is this study that will vivify and awaken psychologists to the true understanding of man. EveryPsychology1, 160:most difficult to handle. When, for instance, psychologists realize that it is the play of soulPsychology1, 161:gods, and a spiritual power. Hence the value to psychologists in these modern days (temporarily atPsychology1, 321:and therefore bring in other factors which psychologists will have to consider as time goes on. YouPsychology1, 330:how all-inclusive it is. I commend it to modern psychologists for study. Psychology1, 360:Of this attitude the academic materialistic psychologists are the exponents. The seventh ray willPsychology2, 9:esotericists; hence likewise the work of the psychologists as they seek to interpret man and hencePsychology2, 63:the conclusions of the materialistic school of psychologists with the introspectionist school andPsychology2, 151:influences - the natural and spiritual laws. If psychologists would accept the three basic laws ofPsychology2, 154:impetus of attraction for the not-self. Other psychologists speak of this dominant activity as thePsychology2, 212:types will cause much bewilderment to our psychologists. It should here be pointed out thatPsychology2, 294:will fall into its rightful place. Materialistic psychologists have been dealing with the substancePsychology2, 299:call to your attention the increasing use by the psychologists and thinkers of the race of the wordPsychology2, 317:instance, the emphasis which is laid by certain psychologists upon the idea that all that we havePsychology2, 318:(through the teaching of certain schools of psychologists) of knowledge anent this wish life andPsychology2, 334:by: These four types of experts - educators, psychologists, churchmen and physicians - will work inPsychology2, 413:of the entire personality. Only when modern psychologists add to the amazingly interestingPsychology2, 428:is a statement of an immutable fact. When modern psychologists comprehend more fully the creativePsychology2, 433:producing the resultant behavior and conduct, psychologists will have to study the followingPsychology2, 462:promising the outlook can be if educators and psychologists (particularly those who specialize inPsychology2, 477:of these people find their way into the hands of psychologists and psychiatrists; many are to bePsychology2, 493:importance in the minds of certain prominent psychologists and in certain schools of psychology. ItPsychology2, 494:only appear and right techniques be used when psychologists ascertain (as a first and neededPsychology2, 495:drawn forth at times from their patients by psychologists (thus revealing a wish life and an astralPsychology2, 499:an understanding as to the three systems which psychologists could elaborate and develop in orderPsychology2, 499:and unfolding with great rapidity. At present, psychologists are using the lowest type of aid forPsychology2, 502:frequency and of much damaging value. Until psychologists recognize the actuality of the life ofPsychology2, 517:aided by the age-old religious consciousness. Psychologists would do well to study their patientsPsychology2, 518:it is of vital importance to educators, psychologists, parents and esotericists. There is, however,Psychology2, 538:many of the difficulties known to physicians and psychologists. The result is ever an over-activityPsychology2, 590:friends, and of the consulting physicians and psychologists. Their trouble is not mental but isPsychology2, 705:egoic ray? What intelligent use can be made by psychologists of the fact, if the soul ray isRays, 514:is admitted by thinkers, scientists and psychologists. Soul, 15:foreign to it, we have the view of most learned psychologists at the present time. From theirSoul, 16:and charges and the freely floating force of the psychologists, to which has been given the nameSoul, 25:is outlined for us by Dr. Prince as follows: "Psychologists are divided into three camps - the
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