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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PSYCHOLOGY

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Externalisation, 428:of time. This negative nation, with its arrogant psychology (one of the great paradoxes of theExternalisation, 451:physical. For long these evil forces have used psychology in order to reach the ends they had inExternalisation, 452:of factual history, or of nations and their psychology; humanity is still controlled by racial andExternalisation, 543:to have meaning through the teaching of modern psychology; there was the revelation of the TenExternalisation, 651:courage, organization, [651] business acumen, psychology and persistence; it needs trained workersFire, xii:of a scheme of cosmology, philosophy, and psychology which may perhaps be employed for a generationFire, xii:step forward in the understanding of the true psychology. It is an elucidation of the relationFire, xii:of mind, with consciousness and with the higher psychology, and less with matter as we know of itFire, 260:D., I, 42-44.) and with the evolving concept of psychology, make the revealed three and the dawningFire, 380:His greater sphere, the study of extra-systemic psychology and astronomy, and the consideration ofFire, 463:at this time, stories which deal with the psychology of animals, and with their mental attitude toFire, 504:of people: Those who are interested in the true psychology, or in the evolution of the psyche;Fire, 547:the next step ahead for the students of occult psychology. Much will be eventually ascertainedFire, 548:of group problems. [548] The study of occult psychology involves a true conception of the nature ofFire, 606:appreciation by the human family of the study of psychology, even though as yet they are butFire, 809:and fifty years have transpired. The Science of Psychology. The psychoanalytic theories whichFire, 854:Nevertheless, they are the basis of the true psychology, and the grounds of all true activity. TheFire, 984:it. - Isis Unveiled, II, 635. Magic is occult psychology. - Isis Unveiled, I, 612-616. The astralFire, 1191:mystery, but which will unfold as the true psychology is studied, and which will eventually embodyFire, 1208:the main difficulty for the student of divine psychology lies. The whole subject concerns theFire, 1209:human and subhuman - and only when the true psychology is better understood will the subject takeFire, 1255:therefore in the training for [1255] this post psychology is the basic subject, though it is aFire, 1255:psychology is the basic subject, though it is a psychology inconceivable as yet to us. EveryGlamour, 2:etheric bodies are based. It is not intelligent psychology, and a loving desire to help. ThatGlamour, 45:glamor in most cases. It has its roots in mass psychology and is one of the indications thatGlamour, 118:of his problem and the method of release. The psychology of the future will direct attention to theGlamour, 181:will unlock some door in the realm of science, psychology or religion. This door, when opened, willGlamour, 213:(often expressing itself in what is called mob psychology) is everywhere recognized and feared asGlamour, 272:A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, Esoteric Psychology, pp. 345-401. Healingworlds, and the new and vast science of psychology is his response to this growing interest.Healing, 17:in the right direction. The tendency to combine psychology with the outer physical treatment isHealing, 32:surgery, and allied groups. Through the use of psychology. Through the activity of the soul. I haveHealing, 40:but - until he is an initiate - something of psychology, something of the work of a magneticHealing, 42:and spiritual healing, aided by the science of psychology. Some day there must come cooperation inHealing, 43:for much of the truth of the teachings of modern psychology. Psychologists have discovered (orHealing, 69:established through a right and true science of psychology and the development of the faculty ofHealing, 107:object for scientific control. The science of psychology will work here. The activity aspect, whichHealing, 159:angle than from the physical. Modern psychology, when allied to medicine, recognizes that thisHealing, 190:It is for this reason that the science of psychology will, during the next two centuries, dominateHealing, 193:of disease or disharmony. He begins with the psychology which the soul teaches and commences withHealing, 302:enlarge upon the difficulties here (In Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II, A Treatise on the Seven Rays).Healing, 331:the next great step in the field of true psychology and of healing. The whole subject is profoundlyHealing, 338:still academically lacking. Much of the inherent psychology is grasped, but a gap still existsHealing, 381:which will inevitably come of orthodox medicine, psychology and spiritual methods of healing, willHealing, 506:are not so objectively familiar but which even psychology admits exist and which we believe mustHealing, 701:statements which will become clearer as esoteric psychology emerges as a definite educationalHercules, 92:things that is often forgotten by students of psychology and those who probe the unfoldingHercules, 186:stables. I want to give you an idea of his psychology. He had climbed up to the top of theInitiation, 187:and therefore in the training for this post psychology is the basic subject, though it is aInitiation, 187:psychology is the basic subject, though it is a psychology inconceivable as yet to us. EveryInitiation, 195:to study their origin, to realize their own true psychology occultly understood, and to become,Intellect, 5:Yoga joins with the sober elements of Western psychology and a sane system of ethics. No one ofIntellect, 55:And what some people mean when they speak of 'a psychology without a soul' is a psychology otherIntellect, 55:they speak of 'a psychology without a soul' is a psychology other than dualistic... There is,Intellect, 71:- Maréchal, Joseph, S. J., Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, pages 32, 101. To take theIntellect, 98:- Maréchal, Joseph, S. J., Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, page 166. Here we have theIntellect, 106:real." - Maréchal, Joseph, S. J., Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, page 90. The questionIntellect, 121:and uses at will. Dr. McDougall points out in Psychology, the Science of Behavior ...that ourIntellect, 121:normal or supernormal. - McDougall, William, Psychology, the Science of Behavior. In the firstIntellect, 129:the soul looms before man. The day when the word Psychology will return to its original meaning isIntellect, 150:in a clearer light." - Grensted, Rev. L.W., Psychology and God, pages 203-204. [151] It is hereIntellect, 161:the word is totally ignored in some books on psychology, and those often by the biggest men in theIntellect, 162:beings. Father Maréchal, in Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, defines the intuitiveIntellect, 162:- Maréchal, Joseph, S. J., Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, page 98. One of the mostIntellect, 190:- Maréchal, Joseph, S. J., Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, pages 312-313. Patanjali, theMagic, 5:are intended to: Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental and emotionalMagic, 5:as distinguished from mental and emotional psychology. Make clear the nature of the soul of man andMagic, 15:fields of science, of economics, of philosophy, psychology or elsewhere is but the registering byMagic, 30:characteristics which produce a man's peculiar psychology. This is the result of the interplayMagic, 147:Little by little, using the language of modern psychology, within the outer form, which is theMagic, 149:in this thought lies hid the secret of esoteric psychology. The man is stabilized in the spiritualMagic, 241:work through religious agencies, through mass psychology, and the misuse and misapplication ofMagic, 315:It is in this fact that the roots of mass psychology and of mob rule lie. Also the roots of publicMagic, 336:of the coming cycle will be an outgrowth of psychology. It will be the emergence of a new factorMagic, 337:of thought, roughly speaking in the field of psychology. The mechanistic, laying the emphasis uponMagic, 424:interest in dreams from the standpoint of psychology and the investigation of their probable sourceMagic, 439:forth". This will constitute a new branch of psychology and its true exponent for [440] our ageMagic, 452:characteristics which produce a man's peculiar psychology. This is the result of the interplayMagic, 493:indication [493] of the first steps in esoteric psychology, and have dealt primarily with theMagic, 493:the astral body. Later on in this century, the psychology of the mind, its nature and modificationsMagic, 628:inner Ruler, and out of our newest science, psychology, will emerge a knowledge of the assertiveMagic, 629:4. Self-Assertion Assertion of the Self Psychology. 5. Enquiry Intuition Education. Magic, 630:until it conforms to their immediate mass psychology, or their chosen counselors. The true discipleMeditation, 37:through the study of divine telepathy, systemic psychology and the knowledge of the laws of fire.Meditation, 51:fourth is emerging somewhat through the study of psychology and mental science. The other threeMeditation, 245:be known and slightly studied. In the study of psychology and in the comprehension of nervousMeditation, 249:both by the schools of medicine and by chairs of psychology. Certain prophecies I may here makeProblems, 10:At present this is not so, and a very different psychology rules. Nations seek and demand the bestProblems, 56:future, education will make a far wider use of psychology than heretofore. A trend in thisProblems, 58:needed changes will be brought about in human psychology as a whole. The creative aptitude of thePsychology1 Esoteric Psychology I - Foreword Foreword "Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul onPsychology1, xviii: Esoteric Psychology I - Foreword In the books already published three basic lines of teaching canPsychology1, xxi:was the idea of a great Life with Its own psychology and ideas. It was an attempt to give aPsychology1, xxi:on Cosmic Fire. Just as the first dealt with the psychology of Deity, the work of the Macrocosm,Psychology1, xxi:so this book constitutes a treatise on the psychology of a Son of God and the work of thePsychology1, xxii:values, laying the foundation for that new psychology which is much needed, and so dealingPsychology1, xxiii: Esoteric Psychology I - Foreword We shall seek to avoid as far as possible those loosePsychology1, xxv: Esoteric Psychology I - Section One - I. Introductory Remarks SECTION ONE - CHAPTER ONE I.Psychology1, 4:our knowledge as to the nature of man. Modern psychology, experimental and academic, has done muchPsychology1, 5:fixations which he undoubtedly is. Medical psychology has also given us much, and we have learnt
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