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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PUBLIC

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Problems, 181:group, but through the weight of a trained public opinion - an opinion which will be based onPsychology1, xix:that by thinking this book into the minds of the public, by expressing before your fellow men thePsychology1, xxiv:are undertaking. It may be of more general and public value than any other of my writings. I shallPsychology1, xxiv:abstract truths in such a way that the general public, with its profound interest in the soul, mayPsychology1, 174:necessary to make the needed impact upon the public consciousness. There has been, and there stillPsychology1, 180:Great ideas are dinned into the ear of the public without cessation - theories as to dictatorship,Psychology1, 180:or that group of thinkers are presented to the public, leaving them no time for consideration, orPsychology1, 187:a change in the attitudes of mankind and in public opinion, if they measure up by an act of thePsychology1, 201:He is the born leader in any and every public career, one to trust and lean on, one to defend thePsychology1, 232:humanity, become the inspiration of the thinking public in the succeeding generation, and thePsychology1, 298:been presented and kept before the mind of the public, they will finally lead to such an educationPsychology1, 298:they will finally lead to such an education of public opinion that the needed activities willPsychology1, 298:But the first step is the education of the public, and their grasp of the four essential laws. AnyPsychology1, 298:of a ruling from without. The training of the public consciousness must therefore go steadilyPsychology1, 300:must be laid down, and to which the general public must be educated, is that all souls incarnatePsychology1, 368:with the New Group of World Servers. If public opinion is educated in the new ideals, the momentumPsychology1, 391:The formulation of a theory. [391] The growth of public opinion. The imposition of a growingPsychology2, 12:group work, and the training of an enlightened public opinion in these concepts. By the preparationPsychology2, 53:This crisis is not recognized by the general public and is only dimly sensed, from its evidencedPsychology2, 114:are, as yet, only dimly sensed by the thinking public. Humanity itself must apply the necessaryPsychology2, 185:to the mass ideas - called sometimes public opinion - of the rapidly evolving human mentality.Psychology2, 318:contending. Therefore, the emerging into the public consciousness (through the teaching of certainPsychology2, 385:given has not before been so explicitly made public and has hitherto only been communicated orally.Psychology2, 542:heart centers, keep Themselves withdrawn from public life and much human contact? These twoPsychology2, 564:around themselves, and the willingness of the public to listen to them and to pay money for thePsychology2, 576:well nigh planetary in its radius of influence. Public opinion, with its determining andPsychology2, 582:the scenes and not for demonstration before the public. The majority of psychics today are solarPsychology2, 591:treatise is intended primarily for the general public and will be widely read during the nextPsychology2, 636:known methods to reach and educate the general public, and thus stir up the bourgeoisie toPsychology2, 636:the power of the press, of the radio, and of the public platforms is in their hands. TheirPsychology2, 640:dictatorships, rearmament defense tactics, public education, secret diplomacy, isolationism, - suchPsychology2, 651:these two groups, there is a steadily growing public which is becoming increasingly responsive toPsychology2, 652:the world to act in unison, and so to influence public opinion that there can be a world widePsychology2, 655:the underlying principles and the education of public opinion along the new lines. They will seekPsychology2, 655:is the method of education; they will mould public opinion and foster mutual good will andPsychology2, 656:the mind and purpose of God, and the intelligent public. They constitute the "brain trust" of thePsychology2, 658:they are evoking a mental response from the public and the world. They are, therefore, placing thePsychology2, 659:of common endeavor and seek to interpret to the public the trend of the present world efforts asPsychology2, 660:with its work, it can make real changes in the public consciousness during the next few years andPsychology2, 660:few years and eventually can swing the mass of public opinion behind it. It can go forward to aPsychology2, 660:presented constantly and clearly to the thinking public. The form in which this must be done andPsychology2, 661:training in efficiency in the work of moulding public opinion, in the circulation of ideas and inPsychology2, 663:as a concrete demonstrated factor, before the public. Psychology2, 664:such a weight of thought and such a momentous public opinion that they will eventually be in aPsychology2, 667:for the expansion of these ideas. The general public must be educated as to the aims and objectivesPsychology2, 668:and readapted for the use of the general public for it is only through constant reiteration thatPsychology2, 668:ideas which potently emphasize one angle of public opinion and one aspect of life, there mustPsychology2, 670:of these ideas by an ignorant and dissatisfied public opinion. We live in an era of extremes, - ofPsychology2, 671:Attack by one party upon another party in public, national or political life, or of one group ofPsychology2, 673:made practical in action. Thirdly, the general public must be educated in these principles.Psychology2, 675:the work is carried forward along these lines, public opinion will be forced to recognize thePsychology2, 677:attitudes, to foster the growth of a true public opinion through the education of the thinkingPsychology2, 677:should govern the race and to familiarize the public with the immediate possibilities. By thesePsychology2, 679:Servers should then be in a position to mould public opinion. Psychology2, 680:can begin to make a definite impact upon the public consciousness. In this way the contacting ofPsychology2, 683:to see that, if this work of educating public opinion is pursued, and the finding of the men ofPsychology2, 683:purity; the process of thus educating the public must go forward with diligence and tact, andPsychology2, 692:who use this Invocation, and to familiarize the public with the ideals for which the New Group ofPsychology2, 693:is of paramount importance. The arranging of public meetings on as large a scale as possible, to bePsychology2, 693:by this that meetings should be held for the public at some time during the eighteen hours whichPsychology2, 693:of the vortex of force generated earlier at the public meetings, and so throw the weight of thePsychology2, 693:public meetings, and so throw the weight of the public demand for peace and light on the side ofPsychology2, 694:Great Invocation which is desired. The general public must be urged, through all possible agencies,Psychology2, 695:easier for the Guides of the race to impress the public consciousness, and so sway public opinion.Psychology2, 695:to impress the public consciousness, and so sway public opinion. Thus humanity can be more [696]Psychology2, 698:are as yet only dimly sensed by the thinking public. Then humanity itself will apply the necessaryPsychology2, 742:felt. It will be a force which can mould public opinion through the expression of intelligent lovePsychology2, 750:for right action and for the effort to reach the public rests upon the aspirants and disciples ofPsychology2, 751:is needed to enable us to reach the interested public. It is your meditation and intense innerRays, 18:In the first thesis which I presented to the public I outlined the Rules for Applicants,Rays, 24:Rays and will, therefore, go out to the general public who will not understand, but thus the neededRays, 45:It is associated in the minds of the reading public with the thought of nerves, with points ofRays, 51:a purely exoteric one of accustoming the general public to the fact of its existence. This has beenRays, 51:of the OM, its frequent use by these groups in public, and by those intent upon meditation. TheRays, 71:hence was not nearly so popular with the general public, though in reality much more powerful andRays, 83:however, that some knowledge begin to reach the public anent the highest spiritual center to whichRays, 88:the paralleling development of an enlightened public opinion, which is (speaking esoterically)Rays, 121:of thought and due process of educating the public consciousness until that consciousness becomesRays, 121:conviction and demonstrates as an immovable public opinion. This sense of synthesis is one of theRays, 121:of the new world and the trainers of future public opinion. The labels and the names whereby theseRays, 135:come the emergence of the Hierarchy into the public consciousness; all this had to do its work uponRays, 209:from the angle of the unwitting, general public, the publication of Discipleship in the New AgeRays, 250:Truth which have been given by me to the public. If these new phases of the teaching have beenRays, 250:of the teaching have been later given to the public by other occult groups, it will have beenRays, 250:among occult groups or the interested public, but as a simple statement of fact and as a protectionRays, 252:making. If esoteric teaching is eventually to be public in its presentation, it will be given outRays, 275:has been done, and the idea is familiar to the public, this activity Will form an important part ofRays, 299:- we brought to the attention of the general public the fact of the existence of the New Group ofRays, 323:serve to bring this whole subject much closer to public understanding. In the instructions now toRays, 325:all aspirants has long been given and has become public property; it has meant very little for mostRays, 336:and cannot constitute a danger to the general public. Students in the immediate future will have toRays, 342:I have had the responsibility of bringing to public attention, and so correcting the erroneousRays, 396:convey but little. I wrote then for the general public. I will now endeavor to convey some of theRays, 402:Triangles will not be understood by the general public, but some of you who read this willRays, 409:because the book was written for the general public and thus only a few ideas were indicated toRays, 413:but little can be communicated to the general public. I may, however, tell you certain things whichRays, 423:germ of possible enlightenment to the general public. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is not written forRays, 423:on Cosmic Fire is not written for the general public; it is strictly a presentation of truth forRays, 482:it has not been given out before to the general public. There are two things which it is essentialRays, 511:third initiation. Hence the giving out to the public of the teaching upon the antahkarana. 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