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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PULSATION

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Astrology, 312:basic and fundamental theme underlying systemic pulsation. There are certain things which I wouldAstrology, 351:heart of our solar system and thus controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is.Destiny, 136:intensified activity which are like the beat or pulsation of the heart and these periods lastDiscipleship1, 98:have seen you fail. This I do through noting the pulsation of your light - not in watching theDiscipleship1, 98:exists at times something which resembles a pulsation in the relation between teacher and pupil - aDiscipleship2, 511:the intensity of your devotion and the psychic pulsation of your solar plexus. [512] You willFire, 199:of every form, of every vibration, and of every pulsation of the not-self; then, through theFire, 770:group or any group unit makes itself felt as a pulsation, or access of energy, emanating from theFire, 784:or heart of the sphere where it produces that pulsation at the center which characterizes the sun,Fire, 818:emanating from a central point, which, in its pulsation or radiations produces three majorFire, 946:in motion, and kept in active vibration, by the pulsation of still greater centers. Every form isFire, 971:and desire produce what might be called a pulsation in the organizing form of the idea, and itFire, 1047:purely objective side is in question. A cyclic pulsation, which is the cause of every evolutionaryMagic, 9:of manifestation returns. Within the vibratory pulsation of the one manifesting Life all the lesserMagic, 461:process; energy which is flowing forth in the pulsation of the one Life, and its rhythmic andMagic, 512:and expands". The underlying thought is that of pulsation, of diastole and systole, of ebb andMagic, 513:that each planetary Logos has a different pulsation, a varying periodic interlude, and His OwnMagic, 514:rhythmic beat and vibration and its own peculiar pulsation. Some lives change their rhythm and modeMeditation, 74:the measure be slow; the others are alive; pulsation can be seen, but there is no circularPatanjali, 333:upon primordial substance and setting up a pulsation, a vibration, a rhythm. Then the [334] word orPsychology2, 39:world, to the rhythm of the times. Note the pulsation in the heart of that which is divine. RetirePsychology2, 245:contact which set the rhythm and determine the pulsation of the life of God as it steadily beatsRays, 336:is permissible. They serve to show the steady pulsation of the evolutionary rhythm which permeates
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