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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PUNISHMENT

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Astrology, 236:Mosaic code and imposed through the medium of punishment for infringement. This has been a probablyAutobiography, 26:by spurts of rebellion and consequent punishment. As I have watched the life of my own three girlsBethlehem, 200:Christ. Men are definitely saved from eternal punishment for their sins by the death of Christ uponBethlehem, 216:the correctness of the judgment and of his punishment. He stated that he received the due reward ofBethlehem, 235:taught the doctrine of hell-fire and eternal punishment, and then tried to fit it in to the generalDiscipleship2, 63:also faced with the problem of absorbing more "punishment" (is not that the word I want, myExternalisation, 207:but she has within herself the seeds of her own punishment; these seeds will not come to fruitionExternalisation, 207:seeds will not come to fruition if excessive punishment is inflicted from outside. ThreeExternalisation, 469:through life, to some vague place of eternal punishment. To this vast multitude (probably theFire, 77:within the action of the wheel, with perhaps a punishment for the great duties neglected for longHealing, 316:in other lives and are in the nature of punishment or retributive karma. To bring this about, theHealing, 401:solution, or to a process of eternal punishment, thus at the same time arguing for a form ofInitiation, 83:and thereby incur the working of the law in punishment. They may, and do, by this fall injure theInitiation, 83:with a less advanced man; his retribution and punishment will be equally greater. Inevitably heInitiation, 146:pledges never to reveal, on pain of summary punishment, any occult secret, or to express in wordsMagic, 114:has to be bought. Apprehension comes by the punishment that follows an ill-judged act. TheirMagic, 114:days. Men have erred grievously in the past. Punishment and transmutation are the natural workingMagic, 637:himself lacks. This is, in itself, a sufficient punishment, and quickly brings the honest discipleMeditation, 125:character with mud. It carries with it its own punishment, for on the inner planes the discipleRays, 381:giving us the first example of the fear-and-punishment psychology which - from that time on - has
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