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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PUPIL

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Autobiography, 190:Prater, an old associate of W.Q. Judge and a pupil of H.P.Blavatsky came to my class one day andAutobiography, 190:and happiness to know Mr. Prater. Another old pupil of Madame Blavatsky and Col.Olcott, Miss SarahAutobiography, 191:the classes were under attack. He was an old pupil of H.P.B. and his writings are to be found inAutobiography, 260:ether, and the vibration of the vehicles of the pupil being maintained at the required height, theDiscipleship1, 98:and any final severance comes entirely from the pupil. There may be a temporary suspension ofDiscipleship1, 98:a pulsation in the relation between teacher and pupil - a withdrawing and a coming forward whereDiscipleship1, 98:the fluctuations of contact are ended and the pupil is stabilized and becomes a "steadilyDiscipleship1, 178:to take the light which is in you and in the pupil, and apply it to the enlightening of physicalDiscipleship1, 347:does not necessarily mean an easier type of pupil; it often means the reverse. The Teacher has notDiscipleship1, 544:I have stood to you in relation of teacher to pupil for some time, and that relation is now to beDiscipleship1, 740:must stage situations in order to develop the pupil is contrary to occult law. The moment, however,Discipleship2, 511:the teacher and leader, may be aware but the pupil remains unmoved when presented with them. HeEducation, 111:Where the [111] teacher is wise and the pupil intelligent, much then becomes possible. I would askFire, 173:and blinded by symbol) and then of leaving the pupil to follow his own deductions. DiscriminationFire, 868:of light. It involves, on the part of the pupil, the following recognitions: That the hint may beFire, 1130:cycle (though not in all cycles) is to teach His pupil how to reconcile all these factors, how toFire, 1131:a lengthy and laborious one, is to let the pupil find out each step of the way for himself, toFire, 1265:and it corresponds in an occult sense to the pupil of the eye. The real home of these greatHercules, 58:watching from afar, spoke to his seeking pupil these clear words, the first words spoken to himInitiation, 13:It is in the nature of that experience wherein a pupil in a school realizes suddenly that he hasInitiation, 13:taken. Each initiation marks the passing of the pupil in the Hall of Wisdom into a higher class,Initiation, 15:of a definite point in evolution reached by the pupil, and gives two things: An expansion ofInitiation, 190:and it corresponds, in an occult sense, to the pupil of the eye. The real home of these greatMagic, 179:of information imparted: Direct from Master to pupil; from disciple to disciple; from student toMagic, 310:purely instinctual animal life. For the advanced pupil in the world, the solar plexus is largelyMagic, 344:at stake and the consciousness that, for a pupil of the Master, nothing comes to pass but what canMagic, 348:Age and the Future Everything depends upon the pupil's ability to grasp the inner meaning of allMagic, 351:the work to be done, much in the same way as a pupil is shown by his master the lesson to beMagic, 351:and on the physical. In the Hall of Learning the pupil is taught nightly for a short time beforeMagic, 352:been mastered, a further one is set, and when a pupil has learnt a particular series of lessons heMagic, 594:the aspirant is told that "when the pupil is ready, the Master will appear". He then settlesMagic, 596:exit in the head. Such teachers are found by the pupil when he has carried forward his life workMeditation, 14:be carried on suited to the temperament of the pupil, and having certain attributes that make thatMeditation, 14:teacher in the choice of method suitable for the pupil. Later, when the teacher comes and theMeditation, 15:ones. They are as follows: [15] The Ray of the pupil's Ego, or Higher Self. The Ray of hisMeditation, 44:6. The Groups, Inner and Outer, with which the Pupil is Affiliated The point for considerationMeditation, 47:group, which is of importance in the life of the pupil, is his family group, involving its specialMeditation, 47:pedigree and the inherent characteristics of the pupil, both from the point of view of finding theMeditation, 47:meditation there will be records kept as to the pupil's forbears, his family history, the progressMeditation, 48:or just prior to taking Initiation will the pupil be permitted to retire for periods of any length.Meditation, 49:work will be considered, the capacity of the pupil to progress with his fellows will be fostered,Meditation, 59:of Solomon's Temple will be discovered, and the pupil will develop the faculties of the causalMeditation, 60:exists on the part of the teacher, and when the pupil has himself reached a point where he isMeditation, 65:the absence of a teacher and the defects of the pupil, all that is now possible is to sound theMeditation, 80:inner center. Later the teacher can train the pupil in the safe awakening of the inner fire, in itsMeditation, 91:1. Dangers inherent in the Personality of the pupil. They can, as you foresee, be grouped under theMeditation, 91:2. Dangers arising from the karma of the pupil, and from his environment. These also may beMeditation, 92:call evil; such dangers consist in attack on the pupil by extraneous entities on some one plane.Meditation, 92:disastrous possibilities, and to caution the pupil against results that are to be [93] reached byMeditation, 114:training has this in view, - to give to the pupil some seed thought which (when brooded over in theMeditation, 115:produce much fruit of real value, and which the pupil can then conscientiously consider his own.Meditation, 115:revered. One thing that is oft overlooked by the pupil when he enters upon the path of probationMeditation, 129:of color and of sound. Later on, when the pupil has passed the portal of initiation, such knowledgeMeditation, 140:is given, point by point slowly laid before the pupil, and only as each step is taken and eachMeditation, 140:drops a hint, and touches some high light. The pupil follows the point emphasized, and finds onMeditation, 154:National or group karma occasionally involves a pupil, and upsets somewhat the plans, but this isMeditation, 155:point in meditation, nevertheless, when the pupil has made the desired progress and covered certainMeditation, 155:attainment can be ascertained by a review of the pupil's causal body) and when a foundation ofMeditation, 155:destroy, the Teacher may impart to the earnest pupil instructions whereby he can build in mentalMeditation, 155:will be imparted gradually, and at times the pupil (this especially at first) may not be in theMeditation, 155:attained may do their work even though the pupil is unconscious of the fact. Later - especiallyMeditation, 155:in action aimed at are the part of the wise pupil. The effects then are sure, and carry no karmaMeditation, 156:dealt with through special forms, and when the pupil has strenuously cultivated the quality ofMeditation, 156:emotional matter will accomplish. The aim of the pupil who treads the Path is to build an emotionalMeditation, 157:somewhat the desired figure, and when the pupil recognizes practically all the time that he is notMeditation, 157:These forms are for three objects: They put the pupil in direct contact with his own ray, eitherMeditation, 158:occult and the mystic paths in the life of the pupil. Should he be on the mystic path he will workMeditation, 158:These forms are taught by the Teacher to the pupil. You will find that though I have imparted butMeditation, 161:fact to be grasped here is that only when the pupil has an intelligent appreciation of the troubleMeditation, 162:body - those seven centers with [162] which the pupil has to do - will come the power to heal theMeditation, 164:achieved, before the privilege is afforded the pupil of being custodian of a mantram whereby he mayMeditation, 165:three initiations and may not be sounded by the pupil before that time without permission, thoughMeditation, 165:Mantrams, or formulas of words, sung by the pupil, which have direct effect on one of the threeMeditation, 190:the sincerity, and the capacity of the pupil on the path to stand firm in suffering. [191] NowMeditation, 208:The effects of colors: On the bodies of the pupil. On groups and on group work. On the environment.Meditation, 210:of corruption, and must be neutralized by the pupil of the Great Ones by the admission of theMeditation, 232:can be apprehended sufficiently to permit the pupil to realize the absolute necessity of steadilyMeditation, 237:I give depends upon the intuition of the pupil. Therefore, when I say that color has certainMeditation, 253:to a Master entails: From the standpoint of the pupil? From the standpoint of the Master? MethodsMeditation, 254:to Them entail: From the standpoint of the pupil? From the standpoint of the Master? Methods ofMeditation, 265:and rather lengthily from the viewpoint of the pupil. We have in these letters given a broadMeditation, 265:relationship which exists between Master and pupil. That relationship exists in four grades, inMeditation, 267:or shorter according to the earnestness of the pupil) the frequency of the times of contactMeditation, 268:the Master, for, as you have been told, the pupil has to raise himself from his world (the lower)Meditation, 269:emphasis is laid at times upon that which the pupil will get when he becomes an accepted discipleMeditation, 269:to the eyes of the watching Hierarchy that the pupil has somewhat to give. He must show that hisMeditation, 271:dealing with the work of the Master with the pupil. Suffice it to say, that as the term ofMeditation, 272:point of view. In this way He will develop His pupil's discrimination and judgment, and lighten HisMeditation, 273:to a Master entails from the standpoint of a pupil. We have seen that that access is a gradualMeditation, 274:intimacy, and to an attitude that places the pupil within the aura and close to the heart of hisMeditation, 274:on His side. The Relationship of Master and Pupil As you have frequently been told, the attentionMeditation, 274:his reaction to that vibration. The choice of a pupil by a Master is governed by past karma and byMeditation, 274:What is it that a Master has to do with a pupil? By enumerating the chief things to be done we mayMeditation, 274:of the scope of His work: He has to accustom the pupil to raise his rate of vibration till he canMeditation, 274:high vibration becomes the stable measure of the pupil's bodies. He has to assist the pupil toMeditation, 274:of the pupil's bodies. He has to assist the pupil to effect the transfer of polarization from theMeditation, 275:has to watch over the work accomplished by the pupil whilst making the channel between higher andMeditation, 275:is itself eventually done away with when the pupil takes the fourth initiation and can freelyMeditation, 275:their correct awakening, and He later aids the pupil to work consciously through those centers, andMeditation, 275:the head center. He superintends the work of the pupil on different planes and makes records of the
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